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More sad news in regards to festivals this Summer. We lost the outdoor version of ROLL yesterday and today we are reporting about this. The irony here is the fact I was going to replace the ROLL advert on our site with a Heavy Scotland one. Didn’t think this would be happening today… 

They released this statement. 

Heavy Scotland Guests –

It is with an enormous amount of regret that we will have to cancel Heavy Scotland 2018. We are incredibly grateful to all of our guests who have supported us and allowed us to grow past our first year.

We understand this will impact a lot of our guests and wish to extend our sincerest apologies. We have explored every possible alternative and worked our hearts out to ensure the festival can stay alive. We imagine everyone understands how tough it is to grow a festival and we were encouraged by the feedback and reviews from last year and a small growth in our second year. Unfortunately the growth was not substantial enough to encourage our investors to help us bring 2018 to fruition. We appreciate a lot of people will still buy tickets between now and the event, however despite lowering our costs and working harder to obtain sponsorship and funding, we are unable to sustain the festival any longer.

Our ticket partner will issue full refunds. We will have these details ASAP, please bear with us as we confirm the exact details. We will share this information with you as our first priority.

We will do our best to answer your emails in a timely manner, but with a small team please allow us some time to get back to you. We will answer emails but have chosen not to respond to comments on Facebook regarding this matter as we do not think our team will be able to cope with the demand.

We had a dream to help grow the Scottish metal scene and to give Scottish bands a platform in to the international scene whilst creating an epic weekend-long celebration of metal. We are overwhelmingly sad that we can not move forward and would like to extend a final thank you to everyone who supported us along the way. Despite having only run for one year this has been a seven year journey for us. Our hearts are heavy.


-Team HS

Another sign of how tough it’s getting now. There’s many factors, Sponsorship is hard to find as companies are either struggling and can’t spare any capital or global juggernauts that don’t need to sponsor anyone. There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground now…

The world is still in a recession. People are living week to week in the higher case and anything from a cinema night to a music festival becomes a luxury. Disposable income is limited and people are saving it now rather than spend as they once would.

The crowd also wants the finished article immediately.  A festival is instantly compared to Bloodstock, Wacken, Donnington or any of the long established big boys. They all started small and grew organically. People won’t buy into that now though in the higher case. You have to give them the names or they won’t attend. Which straight away puts you in shark infested waters and at high risk of financial ruin. 

Music events are struggling for attendance in the UK and Ireland. Fact I hate to say, but attendances are dropping. For all the reasons I mentioned above and the fact people in cities are spoilt for choice. That’s where the events take place, and people outside cities can’t afford travel, accommodation etc etc.  It’s all adding up…. 

No sense in pointing fingers though. The world is changing and the way people access films/music have changed. The money isn’t there and things are getting harder. We face another fucking car insurance hike here again and things keep sneaking up. How could the common man or woman have any disposable income? 

We wish the team behind Heavy Scotland well and hope they stay involved in music on some level. There’s always ways to stay involved and live outside the high risk zone. Best of luck to them all regardless! 

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