Hedfuzy Release New Album ‘Waves’



Irish prog rock/metal band Hedfuzy have released their new album ‘Waves’. Their first as a full band with their new line up. Hedfuzy’s previous album was Pat Byrne’s creation. He played Guitar, Bass and done the vocals himself with the help of others for drum parts. With Waves he recruited a full line up and shall be bringing this to the live circuit in the hope of reaching more people. 

Since then they have signed with Hostile Media and as of today dropped the almighty ‘Waves’. The future is bright for them and they have delivered what will be one of the best Irish prog releases of 2019 without absolute doubt! 

Don’t take my word for it though. Stream it in full here! 


Buy ‘Waves’: http://www.hostilemedia.net/

Hedfuzy Online




As of now, Hedfuzy are first in the Irish metal Itunes chart. 





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