Hedfuzy Release New Track ‘The Lost Star’



Hedfuzy are a progressive rock/metal project all done by one man. Mr Pat Byrne. Drums are provided by Keith McCoy, and Pat does everything else including vocals. 

His self titled album released in 2016 was critically acclaimed and gained a big following. A few gigs namely Siege Of Limerick with friends Graham Keane, Keith McCoy among others were then events as this is basically a one man project. Making live shows a rarity is always going to make any gig special…

Easily one of the top Prog acts in this country. Their music mightn’t be heavy enough for some of our followers, but those who like prog will really appreciate this track. 

Check it out here and head over to their Facebook page where all links can be found. We shall also link his YouTube channel to check out more of the mans excellent music! 



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hedfuzy/

YouTube Channel: Hedfuzy


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