Dublin based Horrenda started as an experimental black metal solo project of Darragh “Outis” O’Connor in 2015. Most of the writing was done while playing with Theories Divide in which he split from in 2015, although still playing with Axial Symmetry and Saint Slaughter. The man doesn’t stop! 
In September 2015, Darragh released the project’s first two releases “Ecthra” and “Bellum Civile”.  He played bass, guitars, keys and did the vocals on all the demo tracks.Very soon after these releases dropped on Bandcamp, Horrenda were asked to be a part of the Wulfrune Worxwil/Vinland Wulf Warfield French label. Wulfrune Worxwil put out special cassette editions of “Ecthra” and “Bellum Civile” in November 2015.
In 2016, Horrenda stepped it up a notch and became and full live band focused on faster heavier material for their live sound. Darragh changed the tone of the band into something more akin to a mix of Mayhem, Darkthrone and the genre of Black gaze. Covering topics such as Irish mythology, politics and Irish history.
The project found a drummer (and later bassist) in Daragh “Créachta” Kenny (MORALITY, SVET KANT). Max “Urât” Bevan (EMETOPHILE and KOMANA) joined as a studio member. In April 2016, the outfit was completed with Arron “Nomad” O’ Shaughnessy on  Lead Vocals.
Horrenda were then signed to Depressive Illusions Records in 2016 and they released the “Neronian Times” demo in April 2016.
That’s their already impressive bio after such a short space of time. It’s also great to see a down and dirty Black metal band appearing here in Ireland. It’s a genre that’s very rare here now in many regards. This type of music was a trend in the 90’s, so they’re clearly doing it for the love of the music and have played quite a few gigs this year in Dublin already. 
If you’re a fan of old school Black metal? You’re going to love this band! The genre has became very melodic I suppose in many regards and this sound is quite unique now to hear from a young band. 

Check out EYE here. This is a high quality live recording and showcases their horrible nasty sound. But in the best possible way! 

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Download link to their Bandcamp page! 

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