Imrama Release First Full Demo EP ‘Katyn’



Imrama are a band on the rise this year. They’ve been making their name the old fashioned way by playing gigs around the country and already starting to establish themselves as one of Limerick’s best up and coming bands. 

They have today released their first recorded material with their demo Katyn, which I would regard as a debut EP personally. The production is very good here in regards to a demo recording.  As they have Black metal elements, it sounds fine to my ears. They have thrash aspects to their music, but this is a black metal release in my humble opinion. 

The demo consists of four tracks. All of which are very strong for a debut release. With their unique dual vocals, I say with all honesty no other band in Ireland sounds like them!  Eoin’s screams really sets their sound apart from the rest and it definitely adds a dimension to their sound. 

The guitar work on this release is top drawer. There’s some great lead work and solos. Drummer Sebastian also holds it together very well. All in all, the musicianship on this release is as good as any Irish release this year. 

I had heard a few live recordings and the signs were good for this band. After hearing their first recorded material I now can say this band have massive potential. They have all the tools required to take the next step and I’m very much looking forward to what they do next! 

File under massive potential. 

One most certainly to watch! 




Photography by: Gillian Homes… Jason O Donnell…

Recorded by: Dominic @musichub

Preformed by:

Artur Falborski – Guitars, Vocals

Sebastian Garowy – Drums

Jack Ahearn – Guitars

Eoin O Connor – Bass, Vocals




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