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Indominus have changed a lot since their previously released LP ‘Legion Within’. Their previous vocalist Alan has long since left the band and they have decided to continue as a four piece with Guitarist Simon now handling vocal duties. 

We were sent on an advance of their track ‘Ambivalence Stood Still’ to review and I’m happy they did as I’m a fan of this band for a long time now. I was also very happy when this track delivered! An evolution? Yes! In the best possible way though! 

While Legion Within was a very ambitious release, judging from this track they are simplifying the formula. It’s still progressive in musical style, but a lot more direct. The amazing lead guitar work is still there of course and there’s many great leads/solos in this track. There’s also a great breakdown at intervals that really get the head going. 

This track is definitely a progressive death metal song to my ears and I’m liking their new direction. Their previous material was very good, but as I previously said this is a lot direct and to the point. It’s still Indominus, but different of course as the vocals have changed and it’s a lot more direct in style. 

All in all it’s a track filled with Solid drumming, great Bass playing and some truly excellent guitar work. It’s also a real grower and gets better with repeat listens. 

I’m looking forward to the EP even more now! 



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