Indominus – Legion Within EP Review 

Legion Within

Belfast based Indominus are a newly formed band that are set to release their debut EP very soon. I am honoured to be asked to do this review and also be one of the first people outside the band to actually hear the finished product. 
Three members of this band were previously together and decided to form a new band, bringing in a new drummer and rhythm guitarist. Their previous band was evolving and moving in a new direction, so decided a full on reboot was the way to go!
The change has clearly breathed new life into them as this is without doubt their strongest material to date!

The EP opens with “Leeches”, a song clearly written lyrically about the current state of society. The song kicks off and almost instantly greeted with some fantastic lead guitar work which is a trademark of this EP. Simon really is a fantastic lead player! The song carries along in a solid fashion with some fantastic drumming and great time changes. There’s slower parts but it’s in the most part goes all out with a fantastic riff around the half way point. It then hits a great down beat slow head banging moment, speeds back up and finishes with some great lead work. A damn good way to start this EP!     

“Backbone” is next and has a very familiar old school Sepultura type opening which instantly hooked me! The song then continues on in old school death metal mentality and delivery. Full of riffs, great drumming and vocals. As is the norm throughout this EP more fantastic lead work and I can imagine this song will go down really well in a live environment. Possibly my favourite song on the EP, but that could change again tomorrow… 

We now reach the half way point of this EP and “Shadow” gets straight into it and pulls no punches. There’s a few time changes in this one, bit man do they work!! It’s haunting in delivery at times and vocals only add to it.! It then builds back up again with a great riff leading into more amazing lead guitar work. Follows along the changing path and finishes off in great style with some great lyrics. Can I change my mind on the favourite song on the EP? 

“Fragile Existence” then kicks in and is probably the most straight forward song on the EP and also the shortest at 2:07. It kicks off and keeps going at a steady pace throughout. The song concludes with more great lead work and finishes in fine style. Not a lot more I can say here other than it’s short, fast, steady and relentless.  Job done! 

Title track “Legion Within” concludes this EP and starts with again, more fantastic lead work leading into a great break down that gets the head banging automatically. Back into some more fantastic lead work and haunting vocals. It then shifts gears and starts a slow heavy build up that speeds up just nicely and drops up and down the gears with ease. Then song then concluded with some more amazing lead work leading into a great heavy double bass drum driven outro and vocals. 

In conclusion, I think it’s pretty obvious I really, really like this EP. I would say though upon hearing this EP at first you have to give it more than one listen. For no other reason than there’s so much going on it takes more than one play through to fully absorb. Always a good sign in my opinion as it really encourages repeat plays and every time you’ll hear something else and start to appreciate it more.
Also considering this is the bands first work it really bodes well for their next release and then can only get better as they grow as a band. I’m looking forward to seeing this material live and looking forward to their future.  
Indominus, I salute you! 


Check out their EP teaser here and subscribe to their YouTube channel. 

Indominus are: 

Pointy – Lead Vocals 
Simon – Lead Guitar 
Mark – Bass 
Logan – Guitar 
Nathan – Drums 

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Catch them live at Monsters of Rot VI


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