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Lock Horns are a Northern Irish progressive metal outfit. For people who want their music cranked to the max with a stage performance to match. Lock Horns have just released their independent album entitled ‘Molṑn labé’, which translated from Greek means ‘Come and take them’. 

I’ve listened to the album multiple times as of now and it’s easily one of my favourite releases this year. The lads are well thought of within the Belfast scene and have already reached the final of the Belfast based Bloodstock Metal To The Masses competition on two occasions. After listening to their debut album it becomes very apparent why they are on the rise! It’s a real tour de force and an album I always listen to in its entirety. 



We spoke to them recently about their future plans and aspirations for the band. 

BM: Can you please tell us about the bands formation and how Lock Horns came to be. 

LH: We all studied together in Bangor Co. Down. The band formed in mid/late 2015. Corey and myself were in one class, Rhys and Alex were in another. I had planned on doing a web series about metal and recording mini segments of riffs. Corey wanted some covers made, so I decided to produce them in exchange for him to play on the tracks I was writing. After jamming together the potential was there, I knew we needed to start a band. Alex and I had been in a previous project together so I knew he was the front man for the job. Only piece of the puzzle was left finding a Bassist and it just so happened that Alex knew Rhys and that was that… Lock Horns was formed. 



BM: Who as a band are your main musical influences? 

LH: As we’ve progressed there has been a sharing of influences throughout the band. The influences that I know are unanimous are Meshuggah, Gojira, Lamb Of God and Pantera. On our newest album there are elements of each members direct influences, which I feel has led to an album that is in its own lane in terms of genre especially from Northern Ireland that I’ve heard. 


BM: That all sounds great as a band will always thrive as a democracy. It’s also very much an album of it’s own genre to my ears. I’d find it very difficult to describe your sound to someone. 

As you have been building a name for yourself in Belfast. Have you any plans for an Irish tour and beyond? 

LH:  Definitely, with the release of our album ‘Molon Labe’ we need to spread the word. I’ve started to plan Irish dates, I’m hesitant to say a particular month as of now. It will be dependent  of the availability of venues and making sure a run of 4/5 shows can be secured consecutively. 


BM: Sounds great! 

The album was delayed, was there any particular reason for that or was it just a matter of timing. 

LH: Since the band formed, it’s all about quality. Quality of how a music video should look, the photos we use to present ourselves, how our live show should be… Quality is everything! The delay was necessary for us to end with the product that is ‘Molon Labe’. I feel strongly if we were to have released it when we had originally planned the outcome would have been unsatisfactory and the reception would have fallen flat. I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved and I believe stands up any metal album period. 



BM: Sounds to me like you’re doing everything right and made the correct call. The album is excellent and you really do present yourselves very well. You debut video ‘Wendigo’ was amazing for a young bands first video. Better than a lot of established bands in my view. 

Are you working on new material and is it similar or different to the album? 


LH: Ideas are starting to be thrown about, it’s hard to tell where the next album will go. I’m always conscious when writing of trying to push the ideas to the extreme of what’s expected and been done before. The track ‘Machines’ off Molon Labe is in a Drop F# tuning, every other track is tuned to a Drop C#. It’s very possible that our next album could be on a 7 string but no promises as of yet! 


BM: You already have two Bloodstock Metal To the Masses finals under your belt. Will you be reentering again next year? 


LH: I think so, every show is a chance to grow and hone our stage skills. If we can do that with the potential of hitting the Bloodstock stage. We’re game! 



BM: Have you considered the possibility of entering the MammothFest competition in Cork next year or the possibly the Dublin based MTTM competition to enhance your exposure? 


LH: MammothFest is on the list definitely. We’ll be down that neck of the woods very soon though! 


BM: What’s your hopes for this album? 


LH: That it keeps spreading, there is always someone new to discover it and that is the plan… That people keep discovering it wither it be today or in 2020 by friends or fellow metal heads sharing it. 


BM: Anything you would like to add? 


LH: Our debut album ‘Molon Labe’ is available to buy on Itunes and stream on Spotify. Check it out! Thank you to those who have shared the album and supported us to this point by coming to live shows, sharing content and buying merchandise. 


BM: We thank the band for taking the time to speak with us and we wish them massive success with this amazing album. In a just and fair world, they will go very far! 



Stream or download ‘Molon Labe’ now:




Debut music video Wendigo. 



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