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Master The Crown are a Metal band from Leeds, U.K. 
Fusing styles such as Metal-Core, Nu-Metal and Alternative, they have created their own fresh and unique spin on modern metal.

The band take inspiration from metal hard hitters like, Deftones, Gojira and Architects to name a few.

Formed in September 2017, at Leeds College of Music, Master The Crown have a strong love and dedication to the metal scene. The Lads infuse their repertoire of both originals and covers with the same strength and passion that they show for the genre on a daily basis.

The band have just released their debut single “Meet Your Maker” available on all major platforms.

A very young bunch of lads that are not even a band two years release their debut video/single. What was I sent on this time…. My sometime cynical nature was very much quashed and I was firmly reminded that I shouldn’t be judgemental at times. 

They are very much what you would expect from the new wave of metalcore bands with hardcore influences, but these lads are good. Very fucking good! One thing I really liked about this track was the clearly audible Bass. They’ve got a seriously talented Bass player too might I add. This track follows the perfect formula for this particular type of metal. They have the launching start, heavy vocals with some excellent melodic vocals in the chorus. Their use of dual vocals throughout is really good. There’s also some really good lead guitar in this track. One particular part I liked was the heavy vocals over the lead guitar work and man do the rhythm section hold it together properly throughout.   

I’m seriously impressed by this band. Excellent lead guitar work, a top rhythm section and great vocals. They can also clearly write a good song and understand structure far beyond their years. 

File under massive potential. 

One most certainly to watch!  










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