Introducing: Peasant To A King. Hardcore/Metal From Athlone



The midlands used to be a real breeding ground for Metal/Heavy music bands and musicians. Over the years, we’ve had local lads going on to play in bands such as ‘Only Fumes And Corpses’, ‘Bacchus’, ‘Putrefaction’, ‘Deadly Circus Fire’, ‘Abaddon Incarnate’ as a few examples. There’s many more…. 

As far as I know, these lads are the only metal band now in this region. A complete lack of places to play is a massive factor also. Outside what the Amp Promotions lads in Mullingar put on in the past, there’s only been four metal events in Athlone/Roscommon in the last twenty years and I put them all on myself. I’m also 38 years old…

Peasant To A King are hopefully going to help change all that though. If they were to get a venue onboard as a local band, then maybe something could start happening again… 

For now, the lads have just recently dropped their debut release  ‘Requiem’, and I’m very impressed! The signs are clear this band have a lot of potential. It’s excellent by all regards as a debut release and a band I’ll be keeping an eye on as they progress. I shall also recommend them to promoters around the country when they’re ready… 

One to watch! 

Check out Requiem here! 




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