Introducing: State Of Anxiety

Formed in Kent, UK. State Of Anxiety play old school Thrash metal with a groove element. They clearly don’t take it seriously so to speak! From what I’ve heard, the musicianship displayed by these lads took years and years of practice and clearly very serious about their craft. They have that ‘not serious’ vibe throughout their music though if that makes any sense! It is Thrash metal afterall….

Back to the musicianship. For a band that just dropped their debut video a few months ago and working on a debut album, it’s far beyond what most new bands produce! Musically these lads are extremely tight and also extremely good! 

Before I speak about their debut video which shall be linked here for you to check out. The band sent me on a few demos from their forthcoming album, and I have to say it’s sounding excellent! There’s improvement in very regard that I may have had minor gripes with on their first single. Which is great as I don’t have to focus on those points now as they have already rectified them. 

That’s not to say the track I’m about to review is in any way bad! It’s far from it! I just noticed a few minor flaws here and there… 

The track itself is just over seven minutes long and at no point drags. Their influences are noticeable to see and there’s riffs etc in there you’ve heard before. None of which bothered me as it’s such a good song and a few familiar sounds only added to the song in my mind.

The Guitar and Bass are excellent, but I particularly liked the drumming in this release.  Why? It’s just solid drumming and doesn’t interfere with the overall sound. The guitar is the main sonic focus as it should be on such a song with the Bass filling in nicely with solid Thrash drumming holding it all together.  

Overall, a solid song start to finish and one I really enjoyed. Especially the cheesy lyrics. Love me some cheese!

This band are on the right track for certain and as I previously mentioned the demo stuff for the album is sounding amazing. I’ll be keeping a firm eye on this bands development.

One to watch!!



State Of Anxiety are: 

Warren Holmes – Vocals
Dio Fernandes – Lead/Rhythm
Luke Hutchinson – Rhythm/Lead 
Lukus Karslake – Bass 
Isaac Ambrose – Drums









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