Irish Death Metal Act Fleshwolf Release Second Single The Rot On March 31st

FLESHWOLF is a new one-man Death Metal project from Northern Ireland, strongly influenced by classic Swedish Death Metal.

The Rot is the second single release, following on from the well received debut single “Trench”, and is available from all major streaming and digital services from 31 March 2019.

Dedicated to all who have been chained to the shackles of debt and consumerism, “The Rot” explores a life of expected servitude under the shallow and fickle tactics employed by the factory and office’s self-righteous “management”.

FLESHWOLF is the sound of a Boss HM2 Heavy Metal pedal and thirty years in the underground metal scene. Taking his punk DIY ethos to it’s logical conclusion, Marty wrote and played all instruments (except drums which are drum patterns played by Joe Babiak (Altitudes & Attitude)), as well as recording and mixing the album himself.


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