Irish Heavyweights Nautilus Release Long Awaited Album ‘The Wrath Of The Sea’



Its being a long time coming, but Nautilus have finally released their long awaited album ‘The Wrath Of The Sea’. The album itself was recorded at the end of 2015 and was scheduled for release in mid 2016. 

The band were at the time in full flight and getting ready to take things up a notch with this release, then it was announced that Cloaky and Conor were both leaving the band and the country! Initially they were looking for a new drummer/guitarist but after that all went quiet.

Since then, Cathal is now a member of Aeternum  Vale and Alan is Bass player with zhOra. They announced last month via the Nautilus facebook page that the album was set for release on September 29th to great delight! 

After listening to the album, I’m firmly reminded as to why I absolutely loved this band! They were in my opinion one of the best bands in this country at any period in time… 

It’s an absolute work of art and a shame in hindsight things didn’t go according to plan. Things can change in life though as I know all too well myself personally! 

The album is now finally among us and available to stream in full at a link I shall post below. We’ll include their song ‘Curse The Sea’ here a direct link, and if you like the sound of that? Get onto the album. You’ll love it! 

This is without doubt among my favourite albums released this year! I knew the lads had something in the tank back then, but this is beyond my expectations! Its an incredible body of work and an instant classic in my humble opinion. 

 With the band now set to come back out of hibernation with two new members onboard. We shall be reminded yet again of how good this band are! 

Nautilus are back!!




Facebook Page where their Bandcamp link can be found:



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