Irish Metal March Round Up 2019

Time for our slightly late March round up of releases and news from the Irish heavy music scene. There may be things missing in this one as of now. I had a crazily busy month and don’t use a smartphone unless I have to… Hate them!
Same as usual. News and releases. No gig announcements, battle of the bands competitions etc. We will be covering Irish festivals that are announced though.
Releases first.


Ketos – Harmacist

Belfast based Ketos released their first single/video Harmacist from their forthcoming album ‘First Strike’, out 26th April 2019 via Hostile Media.

Elder Druid – Rouge Mystic

The original music video for ‘Rogue Mystic’ was created by Gryphus Visuals in 2017 and featured the audio recording from our debut EP ‘Magicka’.
They decided to replace the audio with the updated (and much heavier sounding) version of ‘Rogue Mystic’ from our debut album ‘Carmina Satanae’ so here it is, 2 years later…


The Crawling – Rancid Harmony

The Crawling released their second video/single ‘Rancid Harmony’ from their excellent album ‘Wolves And The Hideous White’. As usual an excellent D.I.Y video this band have became known for.


Axecatcher – Second Hand Grief

Metallic Hardcore band Axecatcher released their latest EP ‘Second Hand Grief’. They’re among the best in the country in regards to this particular genre and should be better known. So… 😉


Fleshwolf – The Rot

The Rot” is the second single release from one-man Irish death metal act Fleshwolf. Following on from the well received debut single “Trench” it is available from all major streaming and digital services since 31st March 2019.


Antidotes – Alone

Dublin based Antidotes released their comeback single with their new line up ‘Alone’. Only the beginning so expect to hear a lot more about them this year.


Vircolac – Masque

After 5 years of roaming city streets like a pack of rabid dogs, Vircolac is set to release its debut full length album titled Masque on Sepulchral Voice Records in Europe and Dark Descent Records in the US.

Following on from 2016’s The Cursed Travails of the Demeter EP, Masque celebrates a bolder edge mixing more visceral and vicious aural assaults with with a foreboding and obtrusive atmosphere throughout the 36 minutes of the recording.

The album title reflects the myriad masks we as human beings hide behind and the cover represents what is ultimately left once the mask of flesh is finally removed. Whether pauper or opulently venal, the end is the same for us all.

Thematically, the album reflects two different strands of story telling, with side A adopting a starkly defiant tone throughout. Side B then takes a moodier assessment of the obsequious venality that governs the world we inhabit and inherit. The conclusion of this being the mass industrialized slaughter of much of Europe’s young in the great war.

Masque is a direct statement of purpose by Vircolac and is the culmination of half a decade of steadfast belief in the continual relevance and importance of Death Metal. 

While Death Metal appears to continually be a retrospective genre, Vircolac are intent on bringing fresh, vital and energised song writing to the fore, making the genre still contemporary and relevant. 


The Quarry – The Longest Night

The Quarry released their debut single ‘The Longest Night’. A very promising Death/Black metal track. A band we have been meaning to do a feature on but due to time restraints not as of yet…


Dyrmoon – Damned To Ashes

Black metal band Dyrmoon released their first single ‘Damned To Ashes’ from their forthcoming album Umbra Perpetua.


Waylander – Ériú’s Wheel

Folk metal icons Waylander released their long awaited album ‘Ériú’s Wheel’ to both massive critical and fans delight. They released this statement.
It’s finally here! We would like to introduce you to ‘Eriu’s Wheel’, a concept album following the pagan wheel of the year and corresponding festivals.
Please listen to it as a whole, letting the changing of seasons and shifts in atmosphere take you on a journey as the album progresses.
If you enjoy the album, or any particular song resonates with you, please let us know. -Clan Waylander-


Legion Of Wolves – Heavy Mass Of Murder

Long standing Death Metal band Legion Of Wolves released a new music video ‘Heavy Mass Of Murder’ from their acclaimed album ‘Bringers Of The Dark Sleep’. The video was produced by Gavin Doyle of Symmetry Industry Studios…
The band have since announced their tenth anniversary gig on October 19th in Fibber Magees, Dublin.


MU CEPHEI – Mantras Of The Uninformed Mind

Doom metal band MU CEPHEI released their debut album Mantras Of The Uninformed Mind. The lads are rehearsing and plan to get back on the live circuit this year. A top class release!


Archaós – Liberation

Alt-Metal band Archaos released their second EP ‘Liberation’.


Strangers With Guns – Problem Is You

Dublin based Strangers With Guns released their debut single ‘Problem Is You’ A real guitar driven alt rock/metal track and shows signs of promise for their future releases…
They remind me of The Pixies, so that’s a good thing!


My Soul Divine – Among The Giants

My Soul Divine released their debut single ‘Among The Giants’ and it’s an absolute banger. A top class technical death metal release. If this is a sign of what’s to come? Their future material is going to be immense!



Metal United World Wide – Cork

Metal United World Wide is a community project for the Metal World.

Last year on May 5th 2018 all over the world there were metal shows in the same night under the same banner. 41 countries, 62 cities and 411 bands.

The aim is to unite the world under the same banner and over time get every country involved in this.

Line Up:

God Alone.
Elder Druid
Kill all the gentlemen
Slung From A Tree
Black Shuck

Zealot Cult Announce US Dates

They released this statement.

We can finally announce that we will be travelling west across the Atlantic this summer to play a number of shows on the U.S.East coast in June. Absolutely buzzing to say the least. Limerick Death Metal world tour…. Big thanks to Zakk Mild Hasan Chauhan Ripping HeadachesMeatlocker for the invite and help making it happen. Left Cross will be helping us feel welcome too! See you stateside to sink some beers and bang some heads!!!

20/06/19 – Washington DC
21/06/19 – Brooklyn NY
22/06/19 – New Jersey

That’s our March 2019 round up. Again, I may have missed things this month but it’s hard to balance everything at times and this will of course take a backseat as it’s a hobby project and not my form of income.

Same again next month but hopefully on time…

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