Irish Metal Roundup: August 2019

Our roundup of releases from the Irish scene for August 2019.
We normally do news also, but I had a mental month and spent half the month offline basically. Bloodstock and more in there. I despise phones, so it was just concentrate on getting the releases for this month.
I may just cut the news out and leave it at just releases going forward. We’ll see how it goes as I’m not as busy going forward…

Anyway, hopefully we got all the releases for August. Please let us know if we missed anything…

XERO – This Endless Fall

XERO really go all out when releasing anything, and they upped the bar again with This Endless Fall. Allan Atkins (Judas Priest) & Shawn Bowen (Neurotica, Meatspace, Didges Christ Superdrum).
A band doing everything right so hopefully they can continue their growth…


Coroza – Chaliceburner

Cork based Coroza released their debut album ‘Chaliceburner’. A mix of doom, sludge with a heavy blues feel. In regards to this genre, it’s among the best released this year in this country. An absolutely brilliant album!
Get to know this band if you don’t know them as of yet.


Infectious – Visions

Dublin based Infectious released their debut music video ‘Visions’ which is their lead single from their debut EP ‘Visions’.
A young band heading in the right direction. I’ve seen some live footage and these lads aren’t fucking around! A modern metal band to keep an eye on!


THVS – Palisades

Sounding like every 90’s band that didn’t get signed. THVS are here, and they are here to play Heavy Pop.
Moving away from their hardcore roots with this track and embracing their full on new Heavy Pop direction.
This kind of stuff was rampant in the 90’s and to hear it again in 2019 is refreshing. People playing music they like and don’t care if you don’t…
Bloody brilliant!


Strangers With Guns – Degenerate Art

In Dublin based Strangers With Guns own words ‘If you reflect on 90s “Grunge” and ask why people stopped making that sort of music, you might dig us.’
A great way to describe their sound, but there’s more. There’s a real Primus feel at times along with bands such as The Pixies. It’s a throwback album in many regards, but that’s not a criticism. It’s bringing back great old sounds that you don’t normally hear now. I personally love this album, so that’s all that matters to me!
In all seriousness, if you are older and want a trip down memory lane but with new tracks? Get on this!


Death Can Wait – Left

Death Can Wait released their debut single ‘Left’ from their forthcoming debut untitled as of now EP. I saw this band earlier this Summer.While it was obvious it was among the bands first gigs, I saw enough that day. I saw raw potential and with the release of their debut single ‘Left’ I’m thinking I may have been right! I’m not some sort of Septic Peg, but over the years this has happened many times. You can just tell a band has something in the tank and the right work ethic to bring it to fruition.
A band I’ll be keeping a close eye on as they’re doing everything right and heading firmly in the right direction!


Wardomized – …A Heated Exchange

Belfast based Wardomized released their album …A Heated Exchange via Sudden Strike Records.
This is pure filth! In the best possible way of course. A top Grindcore album that stands among the best released this year in that particular genre. An absolute beast of an album!
Note: Putting this album on again held up my progress here by around half an hour…


Noosed – Noosed

Galway based Death/Sludge/Noise project Noosed released their first Demo ‘Noosed’. This is fucking horrible in every way and I absolutely adore it! The production is shit and it’s the kind of thing you could use for torture methods…
The samples are great and it’s a real old school heavy D.I.Y release. Nothing fancy here. Just brutal heaviness! Brilliance!


Cursed Sun – MDK 187

Welcome to the purge!
Cursed Sun released their latest video/single ‘MDK 187. They really took risks with this video in regards to content that may offend some fucking snowflake… It suits the song and it’s a great D.I.Y video and proof a good video can be done on a budget if you’re creative in your approach.
This band really knocked it out of the park with this track and as a longtime fan of this band, I’m damned well impressed.
Burn it down!!!
(Video wouldn’t embed…)


Brand New Dead Things – The Great Distraction (F.C.K.T.R.M.P) 

Brand New Dead Things released their latest single ‘ The Great Distraction (F.C.K.T.R.M.P)’. This band do and always have reminded me of Soundgarden. Their vocalist has a great range and reminds me of Chris in regards to his vocal style. This is possibly their strongest track to date? I’m a longtime fan of this band and was really impressed by this track. Check this band out if you don’t know them and especially if you’re a fan of Soundgarden. You’ll dig this without doubt!  


Atheos – Ruins Monarch

Atheos have continued their comeback after a lengthy hiatus. They released a second track from their forthcoming album ‘Words Of Eroding Worlds’.
On the strength of this track, I’m really looking forward to this album! This band always released material of the highest quality so I expect this to be a blinder!
One of the most underrated death metal bands in the country without doubt. Hopefully this album goes far and wide upon release.


Ascend The Hollow – Vessels

Ascend The Hollow released their third video/single ‘Vessels’ from their acclaimed album ‘Echoes Of Existence’. If you like this particular track? Just check out the album! It’s brilliant! A top class cyber metal release.


Otheria – The Phoenix Rising

Otheria are a Symphonic Metal band hailing from Belfast and released their debut single ‘The Phoenix Rising’ last month. There’s not many bands like this in Ireland so it’s refreshing to see. Their vocalist has some voice! Great range hits all the notes! They’re the kind of band you’d see at a European festival basically. So, lets hope they get some traction in Europe. A band with a shit ton of potential here. The guitar work on this track is also of the highest quality. All goes to plan, they will go far I reckon! File under one to watch!


Ophelias Wrath – Ophelia

Dublin based Ophelias Wrath are an old school NWOBHM influenced band, and this track reminds me of old school Saxon. A track fans of classic heavy metal will love. Great lead guitar work and the vocals work to perfection in regards to their style. Nice to see a band tip their hat to times gone by and honor their legacy.
(Video wouldn’t embed…_


Lady Axe – Bane

In their own words.
In the vein of old Judas Priest, BANE addresses the oppression of women in religion, deeming them witches out of fear. Feminine power is the bane of the patriarchal systems and women or witches are a threat.
Featuring Black Metal artist Anushka Draven (Dunkelheit) on lead guitar and drums, this is the first single off the upcoming LadyAxe EP. All vocals and guitars by Natasha Danzig (LadyAxe)


That’s our round up for August 2019 concluded. Again, if we missed anything? Please make us aware as we always update these even if long after publishing them. They’ll all drop individually again In December as the year concludes.
If you liked this? Give it a share. It helps the bands reach new people and we make nothing from this financially!
Same again next month!

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