Irish Metal Roundup June 2019

Our round up of all things heavy within the Irish community.
I’m fairly confident we have all the releases here. The news? Maybe…
It was a quiet month in that regard. I heard about things that are happening, but not on social media as of now so…
Releases first and then the few news pieces I’m aware of this month that were put online.
Any shares appreciated with this post as it’s helping out multiple bands hopefully reach new people.


Svet Kant – The Visage Unbiased

Svet Kant released their album ‘The Visage Unbiased’ on the final day of May on Spotify. The album was however released to International distribution via Wormholedeath this month.
A fantastic experimental metal album in which this band have come of age.
Check this album out if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it!


Scorn Them – God Ends Here

Scorn Them formed in 2018 and appeared from nowhere last month with their debut EP ‘God Ends Here’.
It’s also a massive statement of intent and an excellent debut release. I’m very much looking forward to this bands development. If this is anything to go by…


Gravefields – Embrace The Void

Gravefields are a two man death/black metal project.
They were previously releasing material under a different name and more a tribute to classic Swedish death metal. With this release their went their own way and created an exceptional album. One death/black metal fans should really check out!


Spirit Ruiner – Cannibalistic Vegetarian

Spirit Ruiner released their debut music video ‘Cannibalistic Vegetarian’ from their excellent debut EP Vol 1.
The video was made by TWKOM Media.
The band have also announced their second EP Vol 2 is out this month so keep an eye on their page if this interests you.


Skypilot – The Affront

Born in 2002, Skypilot have been following their own distinct path through the past 17 yers. Drawing their influences from a wide and varied collection of bands and genres Skypilot simply play what feels right, making them notoriously hard to pigeon hole into any one area of the rock music spectrum.
They released their excellent album ‘The Affront’ last month.


Ketos – Temptations

Ketos released their latest music video ‘Temptations’. This time it’s a lyric video which was created by Very Metal Art.
Another excellent track from their amazing album ‘First Strike’. An album I strongly suggest checking out if you haven’t.

Stone Sea – Slice Of Depth

Stone Sea have returned. It was quite an unexpected one at that too! Their debut EP was very different to this track. They have now molded themselves into a sludge/doom band.
On the basis of this track, they’re heading in the right direction for sure!


Creep – Aurora

Dublin based Creep released their latest single ‘Aurora’. Full of riffs and a top class hard rock/metal track. A band firmly on the rise in the Dublin scene. A real Alice In Chains vibe off them too. A good thing!


Dead Label – Triggered

Dead Label released their second video/single with their new line up aka Triggered.
It’s definitely among their best tracks to date. The addition of a second guitarist has really beefed up their sound. Their growth shows no sign of slowing down either…


Ascend The Hollow – Echoes Of Existence

Ascend The Hollow released their debut album since re-branding from their previous band.
It’s an excellent album and getting great reviews. All deserved too!
Easily one of the best Irish based metal release this year!


Aponym – Live At The Paranoid Pit

Cork based Progressive Metal/Post-metal band Aponym released their live EP ‘Live At The Paranoid Pit’ which features a previously unreleased track ‘Berserker’.


Acid Age – The Burning Of Rome

Acid Age play a fusion of jazz and thrash/death metal. It sounds mental, and it is! In the best possible way though!
You’re either going to like this band or you’re not basically…


Zephire – Malice (Demo)

Limerick based Zephire released two demos last month. Malice and Awake. Both are very raw of course, but good markers for them to work from. I’ve seen them live and I was impressed by them. One to watch!


New Age Messiah – Afterwill (Demo)

New Age Messiah are from Limerick and building their name the old fashioned way. Good promoters and put on great live shows.
This is a demo so very raw of course and a marker to work from. A young band doing everything right!



Svet Kant Sign To US Based Booking Agency DEATH BY METAL MMB

They released this statement.

We are super happy on how our new album “The Visage Unbiased” is doing so far. We wanted to specially thanks to everyone who shared it, streamed it and downloaded it.

On a side note, we are extremely excited to announce an international partnership with American booking/management agency DEATH BY METAL MMB. We will work hard together to book gigs, festivals, and tours over in the USA. 

Go check them out and keep on ROTTING in the free world!

Ten Ton Slug Record New Material

They released this statement.

Thanks a million to Ciaran Culhane for a great weekend recording!

Fresh Slime inbound!



That concludes our round up for June 2019. I may have missed something newsworthy, but I’m pretty confident on the releases. If not, I’ll amend this post.
Same again next month and please share this post if you enjoyed it. Our site is not monetised in any way. You’ll be helping the Irish scene…

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