Irish Metal Roundup May 2019

Time for our May round up for the Irish heavy music scene. As usual releases and news. No battle of the bands competitions, gig announcements etc. Just the main news and releases.

I’ve had a really busy month with staff off for final exams and starting the Iron Mountain Metal Festival so I’ve definitely missed news this month. I think I’ve got all the releases? But most of the news was missed I am sure…


Svet Kant – The Visage Unbiased

Dublin based experimental/prog metal band Svet Kant released their excellent album ‘The Visage Unbiased’ via Wormholedeath. This album is a real statement of intent and should send them to the next level.


Hedfuzy – Black River

Progressive roack/metal band Hedfuzy released their first music video. They have released lyric videos etc before, but this is their first full on music video. A great choice as ‘Black River’ is one of the strongest tracks on their acclaimed album ‘Waves’ which is out now via Hostile Media.

Sadly, the video will not embed on here for some reason. Makes no sense as all the others do…
Hit the link to view the video.

AeSect – Blind Faith

Dublin based AeSect released their comeback single ‘Blind Faith’ with their new vocalist. After a few Metal To The Masses final appearances in the past they are set to perform in the New Blood stage at Bloodstock Festival this coming August.
This band could have realistically called it a day a couple of years back, but kept plugging away. Their determination and persistence has reaped the rewards…


Two Tales Of Woe – Bloodwood

Two Tales Of Woe released their excellent EP ‘Bloodwood’. The sound of a band going back to their roots but more. A band of heavily experienced musicians producing something amazing! As good as a release I will hear all year…


Ketos – Escape The Chains

Belfast based Ketos released their latest video ‘Escape The Chains’ from their excellent album ‘First Strike’ which is out now via Hostile Media.
This will be music video of the year for me come the years end from the Irish scene without doubt. I’m a big video game/console collector so this hit the right nerve with me. So many classic games here as such. An amazing video!

Ascend The Hollow – Prisoners Of The Storm

They released this statement.

Dear all,

We are thrilled to finally reveal our first music video from the upcoming album “Echoes Of Existence”, coming out on June 7th via Dr. Music Records / Dr. Music Promotion

The video was shot, directed & edited by Photography by Olga Kuzmenkowith the help and assistance from Al O’Dalaigh & John Yeates. Olga did an amazing job bringing our concept into stunning visuals, which we hope will empower those amongst you who suffer from anxiety & depression.

Our minds can be our worst enemy, our own prison, our dark place. As we struggle to break free, our eyes turn black to all that’s worth living for. Can you relate…?

Whenever you feel like your inner storm is ripping you apart, just remember this: You are not the prisoner; you are the storm.

There is no shame admitting that you suffer from a mental illness. No shame admitting that you struggle sometimes. No shame admitting that you take medication, or go to therapy, or manage in other ways. Break the stigma. Share this video along with your powerful story. #IAmStorm



GREYFACE dropped their debut single/video this month in Yin and really got people talking… I was really impressed by them. They mix modern/nu metal influences with their own unique theatrical approach.
A band with all the tools to go far and one I’ll be watching with great interest as they develop.
One to watch here!!

THVS – Neon Demons

They are THVS and they play pop music.
Neon Demons is taken from their debut EP ‘Plague Widows’ and a top class hardcore/metal release.
The lads are really going all out at present and getting in peoples faces. Exactly what you have to do to get your name out. I’m looking forward to their development…

Facebook: http://

Skypilot – Superdupernaut

Born in 2002, Skypilot have been following their own distinct path through the past 17 yrs. Drawing their influences from a wide and varied collection of bands and genres Skypilot simply play what feels right, making them notoriously hard to pigeon hole into any one area of the rock music spectrum.

This approach has served them well so far. Numerous tours have come and gone with bands such as End Of Level Boss, Firebird, Gentlemens Pistols and Suns of Thunder. Full UK tours with fellow NI band Stand-Up Guy saw Skypilot cement their reputation on the mainland and win new fans wherever they played. More high profile gigs followed with the like of Brant Bjork and the Bros, Planet of Zeus and the mighty Corrosion Of Conformity, shows that boosted the bands profile and proved Skypilot are comfortable in the big venues as well as the regular club stages. With 4 EP’s and a full length debut album under their belt, Skypilot show no signs of slowing down. 2017 saw them play extensively in support of their 4 tracker, “EP4”.

Not content to rest on their laurels, 2019 will see the release of the bands second full-length album, entitled “The Affront”. They’ll be taking their music on the road and keeping it there throughout 2019 in support of this much anticipated release, so keep an eye out for and Northern Ireland’s favourite vaguely proggy, kinda stoner-ish, big grooving 3 piece!


ZOMBIFIED – Whom The Gods Notice They Destroy

Belfast based Death metal band ZOMBIFIED released their long awaited new album ‘Whom The Gods Notice They Destroy’. A top class old school death metal release. The time spent on this album was worth the wait as it’s excellent both technically and has some fantastic lead guitar work.

Wilde Nights – Tonight We Die

Wilde Nights are a two piece Goth metal band that while both from this island are now based in the UK. Both in different locations also. They’ve been working away on this project for a while with their debut EP coming later this year. If this song is anything to go by, this is going to be a very good EP. Bands like HIM aren’t really as popular now so it’s a refreshing sound in 2019.

Dyrmoon – Umbra Perpetua

Black metal band Dyrmoon have released their second album ‘Umbra Perpetua’ of their planning trilogy of albums.

This is an excellent release and a top class atmospheric black metal album.



Gourd – Moldering Aberrations

Noisy doom merchants GOURD have released their latest EP ‘Moldering Aberrations’ via Cursed Monk Records.

This is noisy horrible stuff but for what it is, it’s also very good.

Not one for fans of melody or happiness…

Fleshwolf – Deathstare

FLESHWOLF is a new one-man Death Metal project from Northern Ireland, strongly influenced by classic Swedish Death Metal.

Deathstare” is the third single release, following on from the well received singles “Trench” and “The Rot”, and is available from all major streaming and digital services from 31 May 2019.

Inspired by Jon Ronson’s book The Men Who Stare at Goats, Deathstare expands on modern military organisations exploring the weaponisation of telekinesis and other exotic techniques. A topic that is as bizarre as it is frightening.


The Last Vinci – Nemesis

The Last Vinci released their comeback single ‘Nemesis’. This band were very quiet for a few years and now back with a bang.

They play their own blend of alternative music and done a great job here!


The Gore Club – Sinners

The Gore Club are a new Cork based porject and just released their debut single ‘Sinners’.

It’s hard for me to describe them to be honest. I’ll go with darkwave with other influences. It’s a very interesting track and I’m looking forward to their forthcoming release on the 30th.


We Stole Saturday – Seeing Ghosts

We Stole Saturday are a new metalcore band and one I’m very impressed by!
The remind me of other bands in this genre, but the good ones!
A band with a very bright future!



Khora Release Album Artwok

New Black metal project Khora have released the artwork for their forthcoming album TIMAEUS.

We’re proud to reveal the final artwork of TIMAEUS, our upcoming full-length debut.

Logo and Font by Christophe Szpajdel – Lord Of The Logos
Additional Logo+Font design Katie Abrahamson


Death Of A Salesman Announce Farewell Gig

Death Of A Salesman have announced their final gig. A shame as this band were excellent. Nothing else to say really. Check them out here!

Wardomized Announce New Bass Player

Statement from the band.

We would like to announce our new bass player! Jonny McKee who also plays in Deathgrip HC Punk ! He will be playing his first show in July 19th with us when we play Mchughs, Belfast supporting Lawfucker

29/06/19 – Banshee Labyrinth, Edinbrugh supporting Warwound Official

30/06/19 – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow

19/07/19 – Mchughs Bar, Belfast supporting Lawfucker


The Enigma Division Announce Keyboardist Derek Sherinian Will Be On Their Album

Bands statement.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Enigma Division are incredibly proud to finally reveal that Legendary keyboardist Derek Sherinian will be playing on our upcoming debut release in November.

Derek is most known as keyboardist to Dream Theater, the founder of Planet X and also one of the founding members of Black Country Communion and Sons Of Apollo.

Other notable acts include Kiss, Alice Cooper, Steve Lukather, Allan Holdsworth, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai to name only a few.

The work Derek has done for this album so far is nothing short of exceptional and it truly has been a dream come true for all of us in The Enigma Division to work with one of our musical heroes.

It’s safe to say that you guys are in for a serious musical experience.


That’s the May round up. I know I’ve missed a couple of things this month…. It’s pretty much all the releases and some news. If I missed anything please let us know and I’ll amend the post.

Same again next month!

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