Irish Progressive Metal Band Sectile Release New Track ‘Invisible Threads’ From Their Forthcoming Self Titled Debut EP



Sectile were officially formed in November 2016 in Dublin, Ireland. Initial ideas were developed several months before when longtime friends, guitarist Mark O’Reilly and bassist Cormac Hennigan, collaborated on their shared interest in both the heaviest and lightest elements of metal. With a few demos in the bag they began recruitment of other bandmates, firstly finding singer Gabriel Gaba.

The project remained as an online collaboration for several months until the boys drafted drummer Zachary Newman. It was then that the band began to hone in on their common ground – a sound that explores punishing and groovy metal riffing, complemented with delicate, bluesy passages. It wasn’t long before they added talented guitarist Michael Sheridan to complete their ranks and add his signature skill to mix.

They have now released ‘Invisible Threads’ are a taste of what’s to come when their debut self titled EP is unleashed upon us all. Which points to a very positive release! 

I’ve already heard the full EP and it’s among my favourite releases of 2017 by an Irish band. It’s a fantastic EP! We’ll do a more detailed break down upon our review closer to release. 

For now, indulge yourself in this excellent track! Top drawer Prog metal. 






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