LA’S Psych Doom Metal Trio MOAB Pay Tribute To Fallen Member On New Album ‘TROUGH’




LA psych doom trio MOAB will release their long awaited 3rd full-length album, Trough, on October 19th with Falling Dome Records. Today, the band has revealed the record’s first new song, “Skeptics Lament”. 


“Opening the album, this song sets the stage lyrically and sonically for the entire record. We wanted to make to it big, melodic and twisty. I think we achieved that.” – Andrew Giacumakis


Moab’s debut single from upcoming album Trough, Skeptics Lament, culminates the band’s progression into rarified crafters of sonic heft. Twisting melodies surrounded by haunting atmospheres, searing vocals and instrumental interplay, all entrenched in the weighty concrete foundation of riff and hook. Get hooked.


Equal parts dirge and grace, Moab earned critical praise with their first two albums Ab Ovo (Kemado) and Billow (ScionAV), establishing themselves as underground darlings of LA’s heavy music scene. A unique ability to blend atmosphere and melody into an incessant dark riff and drum attack, Moab creates a sonic massage and listenability that few other metal bands wield. 


2018 finds the Los Angeles based trio set to release their 3rd full length album Trough, a record steeped in loss with the passing of drummer Erik Herzog mid-way through its production. A gifted drummer and founding member of the band, his untimely passing had the band considering retirement. But with encouragement from family and friends to finish the album and let Erik’s final work be heard, the band refocused and committed to the album’s completion. Remaining band members Andrew Giacumakis and Joe Fuentes, joined by Brad Davis (Fu Manchu) filling the void on drums, are set to play select shows in support of the album’s release.


“Trough is a significant album for us in several ways. We lost our brother and friend (drummer Erik Herzog) during it’s making. That was a tough blow. We considered calling it quits but ultimately decided it would be better to finish the album and let Erik’s final work be heard. The album also is very much a collaborative effort with all members of Moab past and present playing on different songs. We thought it a fitting way to say goodbye to our friend. We think it’s good and hopefully others will too.” – Andrew Giacumakis


1. Skeptics Lament 4:09
2. Into The Sea Swine 3:38
3. All Automatons 3:40
4. Moss Grows Where No One Goes 4:53
5. The Onus 3:37
6. Medieval Moan 2:38
7. Fifty Thousand Tons 3:19
8. The Will Is Weak 4:21
9. Turnin’ Slow 4:48
10. Fend For Dawn 4:07




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