Liam & Dave From Sixth Extinction List Their Favourite Pantera Songs As Darrell Lance ‘Dimebag’ Abbott’s Anniversary Nears



On December 8th the great Dimebag Darrell’s life was cut short by a crazed gunman who apparently blamed him for the split of legendary band Pantera. Those who know the real story are well aware the band came to an end due to Phil and his personal demons brought on by agonising pain and refusal to get back surgery. The man feel deeper and deeper and with no contact at this point, Darrell and his brother Vinnie went on to form Damage Plan as they just wanted to stay on the road playing heavy music. 

An interview with a mentally fragile Phil probably didn’t help by saying Darrell should be severely beaten. The last words he ever spoke about his longtime friend, and without doubt haunts the man to this day! 

On Saturday December 9th, Damage Inc. Galway are holding Galways first ever remembrance night and Sixth Extinction are the headline act. The band like many of their age group were of course heavily influenced by the great Pantera and today we bring you Liam and Dave’s personal choices of songs that resonated with them to the most. 



 5 Minutes Alone

One of the first songs that got under my skin from Pantera. I was in a band a ling time ago and we used to cover Pantera songs. This was the second one we did. And i couldn’t get enough of it. Loved it from day one and still do. Its a powerhouse!


A New level

The first song we covered!! The song caught hold with an epic riff and wouldn’t let go. A proper neck breaker! Really enjoyed playin this one!


Cemetery Gates

An amazing song. Nobody can deny that i think, a vocal display of pure mastery!! Just shows how diverse Pantera were, they were dialled in with each other and everything they touched was gold!


Suicide Note pt 1

Love this one. Diving deeper into Phils head after his problems, puts it on his sleeve and embraces it with this solid beauty of a song! A quality delivery all round. Atmospheric and potent.


Drag The Waters

This one got me with its grit. The song is just dirty with crunch! Never gets old! Too many huge songs to pick from but this is worthy of making the cut! For anyone that hasn’t heard it. Listen to it and you’ll understand!




Cowboys From Hell

What got me into Pantera was the home videos ,by the time this song comes on ,you are already a lifelong fan . The first thing that struck me about the band from this song / vid is that they didn’t take themselves too seriously ,which you don’t see a lot of bands doing . An absolute beast of a riff to introduce the band too. 



A pure example of less is more in the riff department . A couple of notes can become a signature song just like that. Its still an absolute belter!



I’m Broken 

When I was able to afford my first big stereo ,that was the song I tested it on .. and it survived , that’s quality control right there ! One of the many songs full of riffs to make anyone start Tim Allen grunting , a great simple video to go with it too , a band in its prime enjoying itself .



Immortally Insane 

This would be considered dark and atmospheric by Pantera standards , that’s awesome slow grooving riff really holds it together , you get an impression of where Pantera could have headed musically .




No Pantera list would be complete without this absolute belter on it ! A perfect mix of thrash and groove crammed with riffs and with a savage outro (on the same par as Sepultura’s Dead Embryonic Cells)


That concludes the lads list. I think you’ll agree they are excellent tracks and hard to argue with these choices. Even if another track was mentioned? There’d be many, many more to consider such was the quality of the bands output! 






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