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MammothFest have today released this statement. A raw and true tail of the music business. We have now put an advert on our site which we shall be keeping until the festival has passed. At no cost I will add. This festival needs support and it’s opening doors for Irish bands so very important we support this event.  

MAMMOTHFEST SUMMER SALE – upto 33% off weekend tickets for a limited time – £40 + booking fee, last chance to secure savings in 2018. 

IMPORTANT STATEMENT FROM MF MD STEVE DICKSON – For those of you, that’s most of you, unaware, I have been unwell for a while so I have been unable to give much time to MAMMOTHFEST. In fact it’s partly because of the overwhelming pressures of MAMMOTHFEST over the years that I have become unwell. I’m pretty broken from it all…

So this following message has taken me 3 hours to write and I still find it hard to hit the send button but it’s time to say something. I don’t cope well with stress (who does) and with other personal matters i feel it is time to lay my cards on the table. 

Over the past 10 years, accumulating business debts to over £50,000, I have found it hard to find the energy to go any further. I have prioritised MAMMOTHFEST over family on the grounds my efforts will be rewarded and I can put back but this has never happened. I have since separated from my ex and my daughter is now sometimes living 40 Miles away partly due to my mistakes. I’m not saying it is all MAMMOTHFESTs fault or all mine, life… however it is mine to deal with and I accept full responsibility, but it has become so hard again I feel it is time to be open about my position. There is so much more I could go into but my shit is exactly that and I am not looking for sympathy but I want to ask for help, which is incredibly hard for me to do because it’s essentially admitting defeat which I never wanted to have to do.

I have been diagnosed with emotional unstable personality disorder. However the are solutions and I am working towards managing this bastard now I know. I still don’t really understand what it is but I’m hard as nails and will sort it. 

It seems on reflection, i have been putting on increasingly expensive events, Parties for others to enjoy, which I am very proud of in one respect, but at my cost in the hope returns would improve and it’s got to the point where something needs to change, now I am aware of this reality. 

Last year the “glass ceiling” Brightons metal scene has, clearly presented itself to us and caused us to lose a considerable sum of money. In 2017 we were blessed by an investor coming in to inject some cash into the business with a view to creating a larger event with greater costs but also a greater profit potential. Numbers were good and we were meticulous in our finances but despite all we still fell well short of expectations/calculations so we lost money again leading me to dip considerably in mind and mood. Wtf do i/We have to do to make this work? We have tried everything pretty much now. 

2018, we are so proud to have the mighty Decapitated and so many other stunning bands and of course the event will go ahead, but it MAYBE the last MAMMOTHFEST event we put on? 

In order for us to proceed in 2019 we need to see considerable, I mean sell out level support for this year’s event or my losses over the years will become to much for me to be daft enough to consider investing in again. I gave my bollox, I don’t feel I can do much more. Meh.

Now I put it to you all; if you give a fuck about live metal music in brighton or locally, get a ticket asap, show your support and help me/us turn this around. Not interested, don’t get a ticket, no problem. We simply offer a service, no one is obliged to support us but I cant justify another year losses as I’m sure you all can understand, now I am being open. 

This is, I hope, not to be interpreted in some passive aggressive manner but in an honest straight up cards down position about my health and life. 

If the people’s actions show us you want us to carry on we will but from here the numbers will do the talking because I am not prepared to carry this level of pressure or expect my team to work for free again so hard for another year, any more unless there is justification, despite how much I/we love this whole project and anyone that knows me knows I am utterly dedicated to the cause. 😔

Below are 3 ticket links… 0% discount, 25% discount and 33% discount. If full price is to much for you, get a cheaper ticket if you want. 

Standard price:…
25% off –…
33% off –…

I feel ashamed almost to have to post this; feeling failure hurts real bad but having opened up to my team recently about my realities and feeling a sense of support and understanding from them; along with the desire to ask for help (rather than do something silly which has entered my head a lot recently) and talk about my difficulties I hope I will not only get some help from the metal community but also show to others that it is ok to be open about mental health challenges and that there are other ways out. I partly say this in the wake of mark and his taking of his own life recently which is fucking awful, why did he feel he could not talk to anyone? Well, i will. It really hit home and made me think there must be another way forward. I believe there is but I admit to needing help. 

I am very proud of our achievements to date, ok the money had not married up but our events and efforts as a team have been impeccable, my team are incredible, i love them so much and we have brought some absolute legends to brighton which I know we all share proudly. 

Part of me is ready to call it a day and focus on my health. That said, if the people want us to carry on then you know what to do. I dunno. 

Why am I posting this? I recognise fully this could be the demise or it could be the turning point. Either way I now have nothing more to lose so fuck it. 

Shit or bust time. 

Sorry to let everyone down, I have done my best but is time to be open. 

If anyone wants to help awesome. Don’t care how, pm me. 

Whatever happens 2018 will be a banger 


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