Meat Train Release Their Second Album ‘Random Acts Of Carnage’ Via Contagion Records



“…death metal that will make you feel sick to your stomach…”

The Meat Train rolls on through the darkness, bringing its carnival of grotesque horrors and bloodlust to town after town after town…

Originally formed in 2011 by the duo of guitarists, Mike Pearson and Chas Fenoughty, Meat Train took their name from the Clive Barker short story, The Midnight Meat Train and their inspiration from the tale’s bizarre, dark brutality. As soon as their line-up was complete Meat Train took their festering, filthy death metal to the stage. The experienced musicians, who collectively boast past experience with Winter Of Torment, Thus Defiled and an array of other UK underground talent, lock together to form an intimidating war machine in the live arena. Right from the start it was obvious that the Meat Train was too powerful a proposition to be trapped on the usual circuit of pubs and clubs and very quickly the offers began to flood in from the furthest corners of the globe…

With just one album under their belts Meat Train found themselves flying out to destinations as far afield as Thailand, The Philippines and Vietnam – blazing a bloody trail into territories most bands can only imagine playing. They even headlined the prestigious Nepal Deathfest in Kathmandu, decimating the audience with a performance no attendee will ever forget.

The band have just released their second album ‘Random Acts Of Carnage’, a record constructed from a set of songs that completely eclipse all their previous endeavours.At the same time Meat Train are honing their image and stage presentation, making sure that any future live encounters with these blood thirsty beasts will be even more unforgettable, with a sense of danger you can almost taste. When the Meat Train rolls into town, you better be ready…

The first thing I really noticed about this band is the fact you can’t compare them to anyone. They have their own sound and vibe that I can imagine will translate very well in a live setting.

The band recently release a new music video ‘Block 11’ which we have included here. Any video that begins with the quote; “Those Who Cannot Remember The Past Are Condemned To Repeat It” is always a great introduction… 

They also have a track on the album called ‘Redneck Zombies’ which has redneck style Banjo playing at the start and random intervals throughout. Which I absolutely loved! 

I could write a lot about this album here, but it has to be heard to be believed! Which I strongly suggest fans of Death, Grindcore, Gore metal do at their earliest interval. 

Easily one of my favourite albums released this year! It won’t be for everyone, but those who ‘get it’ are going to love this album! 



Link to their Facebook page where all links and details can be found:



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