Noosed Release EP Butcher

Galway based Noosed have released their new mini-album Butcher.

‘Noosed create an aggressive blend of Noise/Grind/Crust/Sludge which is a direct response to the state of the world they live in. They believe humanity is staring through the hangman’s noose and try to reflect this sentiment in their music.’

This album is excellent! Full on filthy/horrible Grind/Crust/Sludge with a very raw feel. No polish job here. Pure undiluted filth! In the best possible way of course.

There’s many samples to include the hanging scene from the Omen. “Look at me Damien. It’s all for you!”
Which adds another dimension to their sound and makes the album better as a result.

This project showed a lot of potential at demo phase and has firmly delivered!

Trepanation Recordings:

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