Oblivion Set To Release Self Titled Album On January 21st



CA based Death Metal Juggernaut Oblivion have returned with their third album the self titled “Oblivion.” This album, a sequel to last year’s release “The Path Towards” expands on Oblivion’s vision of a world run amok by artificial intelligence. Although lyrically the subject matter is a continuation of “The Path Towards” this effort is stylistically different and, if anything, sonically closer to their debut “Called To Rise.” 

Following their first two critically acclaimed albums , this third installment aims to build from the momentum of their previous works. Speaking about the direction of this album, Oblivion Founder Ted O’Neill said, “One of the hallmarks of the Oblivion sound has been the blending of many styles of extreme music. Encompassing elements of Black Metal, OSDM, Technical Death Metal as well as Classical music that may be thought of as Modern Chamber Music. Nick Vasallo’s background as a PhD in music theory and his experience as a classical composer gives us a huge boost in creating our material. So, for this album we really wanted Nick to go all the way with it and do what he does best. He is tremendous at creating tension, counter point and brutal arrangements while maintaining a structure that is still accessible. On that same note Ben Orum is a great writer in his own respect. Ben brings to the table the ability to create crushing rhythms and massive chord progressions that create the backbone of many of the songs. Luis “The Human Drum Machine” Martinez is just a unique talent with an eclectic style that blends perfectly with what we do. So, the idea was to really have everyone bring to the table their best skills and blend it all together. I think people are going to love this album. It’s very diverse but doesn’t lose focus. It’s brutally heavy throughout but not fatiguing. It’s dark and in spots bleak but not depressing as it is LOADED with hook after hook and tons of groove.” 

Both their debut “Called to Rise” and sophomore release “The Path Towards…” received album of the year consideration citing this eclectic ability as one of the bands great strengths. This release takes that element even deeper into the blending of styles as Oblivion push even further into the extreme. 

The album’s opener “True Awakenings” is a blending of the great classic sounds while not losing integrity of the modern style of death metal. Tracks 2 and 3 (Fear What is Unknown, Forgotten Brotherhood) display memorable riffs showcasing the fact that death metal, even when employing technical elements, can still have distinctive style, deep hooks and groove. The album pushes forward with “Witnessing a Glorious Dawn” and “Insurrection” meshing classic OSDM vibes with a decidedly modern approach. The instrumental “Alien Among Us” and the songs “Threshold” and “Expand the Hive” push to a level of darkness, foreboding and horror that Oblivion has only dabbled with in the past. The album closes with the black metal influenced “Negative Mass”, the sequel to “Multiverse” which closed their debut album “Called to Rise.” 

Says O’Neill, “We hope you enjoy this album and see our vision. With the mountain of great music out there today we believe we are unique and deserve a listen. I believe this to be our best effort to date, we look forward to getting this release out and in the hands of our fans and future fans!” 

I rated The Path Towards… very highly and regarded it as one of the best albums released that year. From what I have heard so far, this is even better! 2019 is going to get off to flying start with the release of their self titled third album for absolute sure! 

It’s going to be an album of the year contender for absolute sure and I’m very much looking forward to hearing the complete album. 

For now stream True Awakening, Forgotten Brotherhood, Witnessing A Glorious Dawn and Threshold here. 

The band also recently premiered their new single ‘Witnessing A Glorious Dawn’ via Slam Worldwide

Thank you SLAM WORLDWIDE for premiering our new single “Witnessing A Glorious Dawn”
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Quote from vocalist Nick Vasallo:
“As we were finishing the sequel to “The Path Towards…” we thought we were done writing, I thought I was done writing! Then we heard news of William Tolley from Internal Bleeding passing away on duty. They were one of the first slam bands I’ve ever heard, Ben gave me “Driven to Conquer” and it really influenced my early riffs. I bumped their tunes while at work, went home and wrote the song in one night. Sent it to the guys and they loved it. This is the tribute song to William Tolley and Internal Bleeding.” ~ Nick



Produced by Nick Vasallo and Zack Ohren.

Composed by Nick Vasallo from March 22 to April 14, 2017.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, CA from July 23 to July 28, 2017.

Artwork by Michał Karcz.

Layout by Ben Orum.

OBLIVION logo by Adam Pierce.

Album concept by Victor Dods, Gentleman Mathematician.

Ben Orum is endorsed by Ibanez, Ernie Ball, Mesa boogie, Fractal Audio, In Tune guitar picks, WeNeedMerch.com, VIPmerch.com and ENGL.

Ted O’Neill is endorsed by KxK Guitars.

All songs published by Nick Vasallo Publishing (ASCAP) © 2017.

Album: Self-Titled Releases: January 21, 2019

Genre: Death Metal

Location: Bay Area, California

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/obllvlon

Twitter: https://twitter.com/obtainoblivion

Bandcamp: https://obtainoblivion.bandcamp.com


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