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Imperative PR are proud to bring you a very special release from Belfast metallers Oracle, in the form of brand new EP Live At Bloodstock. The best live releases are those that capture a moment in time; the excitement, the sweat, the volume and adrenaline. They hold forever the sound of a band on fire, giving everything to a receptive audience who give everything back in their turn. Close your eyes and turn up the volume and you could almost be there, reliving a treasured memory or getting as close to sharing the experience as possible. Live At Bloodstock is one of those releases…

On Saturday August 11th 2018 Oracle exploded onto the New Blood stage at the UKs premiere metal festival, Bloodstock Open Air. They owned Bloodstock that day, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts, minds and memories of all who saw them. Vocalist Jason Kerr was a man possessed from the moment he stepped out in front of the Bloodstock crowd and the riffs from Connor McDonald and Jake Dornan just kept coming, a relentless onslaught of irresistible, gritty metal. Behind it all drummer Rhys Fraser and bassist Chief brought the thunder, crushing ribcages and imploding internal organs. And the whole glorious performance was captured on audio and film.

Now, on November 28th Oracle are offering those recordings to everyone, a gift to their fans who shared that day with them and to the fans who will hear this recording and flock to their banner. Live At Bloodstock is available directly from the Oracle Bandcamp page as a free digital download, with exclusive cover art and the professionally shot video footage is streaming on the Oracle Youtubechannel. Download the EP, watch the footage and remember the day that Oracle’s star truly began to rise…



Track Listing:

1 – No God Waits For You
2 – The High Priestess
3 – Sky Burns Red
4 – Serpentine
5 – Burn The Nameless



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Recorded at Bloodstock Open Air 2018

Mixed and Mastered by JSR Audio


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