Oracle Release Official Lyric Video ‘Serpentine’




Oracle are a five piece groove metal band that hail from Belfast, Northern Ireland. They play high energy, groove laden metal which is oozing with riffs, harsh vocals and filthy rhythms.

Oracle formed in March 2015, and released their debut single “Take my blood” in August of the same year. Taking the response from this positively, Oracle went under a vicious writing period to develop their sound and tone their stage craft.

Bouncing back from their writing break, Oracle released new single “Burn the nameless” which tackles hierarchy and false media coverage, on the 3rd of March 2017.

On the 6th of February 2018, Oracle released their debut music video for “No God Waits For You” which was premiered exclusively on Burning Metal Irl.

This March they released their highly anticipated first E.P “Tales of Pythia”, five tracks that touch on topics which are political, mythological, spiritual and occultic, whilst also dealing with issues that are relevant to their personal lives. Tales of Pythia is based on the idea that we all live in a prophetic time where a lot of people remain in a state of blissful ignorance,and are too busy occupied with materialistic and secondary distractions to care. Oracle proceeded to win the 2018 Belfast leg of Metal to the Masses, which means that they will be gracing the mighty Bloodstock this summer.

Oracle will release new single “Serpentine” on the 26/07/2018, ahead of them taking to the New Blood stage at Bloodstock Open Air on August 11th.

Serpentine is about the elite that control our lives and mindsets, its about struggling with society, and the depression that comes with day to day life. In today’s political climate their is mass confusion and increased restrictions on freedom of speech. Serpentine is a metaphor for the mental prison that many find themselves in and how it can be conquered with awareness.



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