Order Sixty Six, Alpheidae, Call To Arms, Theories Divide Live Review 16/07/16
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I was invited by Dublin based Death Row Promotions to review this showcase night, and very happily accepted their invitation. Always an honour to be invited to such a night as it included some amazing Irish talent.  
12 Gauge Outrage sadly had to pull out of the event. A band I hadn’t caught live yet, but I’m sure another opportunity shall arise at some point. Pull out and Arise in one sentence? That’s the mandatory childish humour out of the way now anyway! 

The night kicked off with Dublin based Order Sixty Six. A band I have followed online for about a year now as their demo track “Lifeless” suggested this band had a lot of potential. After catching them live for the first time. I’m very much convinced these lads are very much on the right track. They put on a fantastic live show despite been a man down on the night and one of their guitarists took on Bass duty for the night. The band are clearly influenced by bands such as Despised Icon among others, but they have enough style and substance in their music to not sound generic or wearing their influences on their sleave.  I spoke to the lads after their set and they told me they are constantly writing new material and hope to start work on a professional recording when they feel they have the material they are all happy with. 
If you can, I’d suggest checking this band out live. They put on a great show and have a quality vocalist who can switch around from guttural to screams and more. Great guitar tones and Bass. Nothing really spectacular happening in regards to drums but the man keeps a good solid beat and does exactly what a good drummer says on the tin.
Overall, I was very impressed by this band and they are heading in the right direction for sure. Very much one to watch! 

Check out their Demo for “Lifeless” here.  

Next up were Dublin based Alpheidae and for me personally, band of the night! Bit of a premature.. NO!!! The lads took no prisoners and launched straight into their latest single “Altruist” setting the bar so high James Cameroon was nowhere in sight! Next up “I in all” and followed by “Ultimate Thule” which starts in the vein of Faith No More and then goes all out in regards to heaviness. I have to compliment their drummer Zach Parkinson. The man is an absolute machine. He can go from slower in style to insanely fast in an instant.  Anyone that ever played drums knows that’s a real skill and very hard to perform. When you’ve got that as your backbone this band can really come to life. Solos, riffs, breakdowns, time changes, harmonics, dynamics, there’s so much going on in their music and it’s all excellent. They concluded their fantastic set with “New Beginning” and proved why this band are a force to be reckoned with.
Probably one of the best bands in the country in my opinion. Check them out live if you haven’t! Absolutely incredible! 

Check out Altruist here. 

Call To Arms were the penultimate band of the evening and proved why they are very highly regarded in the Irish scene and continue to grow in popularity. They all have a great stage presence for such a young band and frontman Dean Donnelly is a natural. Getting the crowd to chant “Fuck you Niall” after he broke a guitar string was very amusing as an example. They got pits going and really encourage the crowd to get involved. We got a new song “The Reaper Never Sleeps” among their live favourites such as “Mirrors”. To include the crowd participating lyrics, “You cannot control me!”, “You do not own me!” A band that really gets a night and crowd going, and have a big future ahead of them no doubt! 

Check out “Mirrors” here! 

The night concluded with Theories Divide. A band I’ve been a fan of for a long time now, but hadn’t caught them live in about two years. Older songs such as “Reborn” and “This is Revolution” quickly reminded me why I became a fan in the first place. We were also treated to a new song not on their current release “The Outcast” and all their new material sounded great live. In particular the title track “The Outcast”. 
The lads have played together for a long time now and it clearly shows as they are a very well rounded machine. They really excel in a live situation and  a great back catalogue at their disposal. Easily of the best bands in the Dublin scene!

Check out “The Outcast” Here!


In conclusion, a great night filled with amazing Irish talent. The night was very well run and the lads at Death Row Promotions done a very good job. I’d strongly suggest checking out all these bands in a live environment.We have some amazing talent on our small island! 

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