Our Complete List Of Irish Releases In 2017


2017 was another great year for heavy music on this small island of ours! It’s remarkable how many great releases we get annually and 2017 was no different! 

We have compiled what I believe to be every Irish release. If we missed one? Please let us know and we can ad them to the list. It’s a big list!! 

Please note! After much work on this piece. They have to be album/EP release! We cannot include anything else sadly. 

Social media links etc will not work on a piece of this size so it’s a very basic description and the music itself. Be it a singular track, Bandcamp link, Album link. Whatever is available to us!

It’s not alphabetical or in genres etc. 

Here we go! 



Progressive Sludge. Released album ‘Ethos Pathos Logos’. 


The Vicious Head Society 

Progressive Metal. Released album ‘Abject Tomorrow’ 


The Crawling 

Death metal. Released album ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ 



Death Metal. Released album ‘The Forgotten Tombe’ 



Black/Death Metal. Released EP ‘Ominous Divinity’ 

This band are no longer together due to the sad passing of their frontman Dani Kansanaho. 


Strangle Wire 

Death metal. Released single ‘Narcissism’ 



Doom metal. Released album ‘The Wrath Of The Sea’


Pineal Gland 

Death/Groove Metal. Released album ‘Brainwashed Societies’. 


Zhi Ren 

Death/Alternative Metal. Released EP ‘Who Fucked The Monkey’. 



Death Metal. Released EP ‘The Less You Know The More You Sleep’. 


Cursed Sun 

Their own genre. Released EP ‘The Amygdala’ 



Black Metal. Released EP ‘The Great Miasma’ 


Weed Priest 

Doom metal. Released album ‘Consummate Darkness’.



Progressive rock/metal. Released self titled EP. 


Rabid Bitch Of The North 

Thrash metal. Released album ‘Nothing But A Bitter Taste’


Between The Lines

Grunge/Hard Rock. Released self titled album.  


Ten Ton Slug 

Sludge/Groove metal. Released EP ‘Blood and Slime’. 

Two Tales Of Woe 

Doom/Sludge metal. Released Live album ‘Woe Lives’.



Thrash metal. Released EP ‘The Venom Within’


Stereo Nasty 

Thrash/Melodic metal. Released album ‘Twisting The Blade’. 




Hardcore/Groove metal. Released EP ‘Rise’. 


Humanity Check

Thrash/Death/Groove metal. Released self titled EP. 


Scáth Na Déithe

Black metal. Released album ‘Pledge Nothing But Flesh’.


Death/Doom metal. Released self titled EP. 


Death metal. Released EP ‘Of Death and Delirium’. 

Apostate Viaticum

Death metal. Released album ‘Before the Gates of Gomorrah’. 

Eternal Helcaraxe 

Black Metal. Released album ‘In Times Of Desperation’. 


Iona Death Cult

Stoner/Sludge/Prog metal. Released EP ‘The Cult Is Real’. 

Death The Leveller

Doom metal. Released self titled EP. 


Hero In Error

Hardcore. Released EP ‘Obey’. 


Grindcore/Old school death metal. Released EP ‘Red Death (Flows Through My Veins)

This Place Hell

Hardcore/Metal. Released EP ‘Contempt’. 


Call To Arms

Modern metal. Released single ‘Vultures’. 


Dream Awake

Modern metal. Released EP ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’. 



Post metal/hardcore. Released EP ‘PTSD’. 



Death metal. Released EP ‘The Ambience Of War’. 


Following The Signs

Hardcore/Metal. Released self titled EP. 



Power/Symphonic metal. Released album ‘The Ravages Of Time’.  


Unkindness Of Ravens

Progressive metal. Released album ‘The Perfect Dark’. 


Sixth Extinction

Groove metal. Released single ‘Your Gallows Await’. 



Thrash metal. Released album ‘Where Darkness Dwells’.



Death metal. Released split EP.



Black metal. Released EP ‘Vermin’. 



Death metal. Released Album ‘Vomited Forth From The Earth’.




Death Metal. Promo single. 


Aeternum Vale

Black metal. Promo single from ‘Ashes Of Memory’. 


Legion Of Wolves

Death metal. Released album ‘Bringers Of The Dark Sleep’.



Progressive metal. Released album ‘Deus Incognitus’. 

Na Cruithne 

Celtic metal. Released album ‘Gáirm An Fháintais’.



Alt-Metal. Promo single. 


Reverend JM’s Panic Worship

Dark Wave Gothabilly. Released promo single. 



Hard rock/metal. Released debut album. 



Black metal. Released EP ‘Beast Of The Moor’.


Black metal. Released album ‘Sacred and Profane’.


Stoner metal. Released album ‘Sullen Sanctuary’.



Alt-metal. Released self titled EP. 

Conjuring Fate

Thrash metal. Released album ‘Valley Of Shadows’.



Black metal. Released demo EP ‘Blight’.


Strawberry Stew 

Grunge. Released album ‘Midas Touch’.



Metalcore. Promo single. 


Elder Druid 

Doom/Fuzz metal. Released album ‘Carmina Satanae’.


So Long Until The Séance

Horror metal. Promo single. 


Peasant To A King 

Deathcore. Promo single. 


God Alone. 

Post metal. Released EP ‘Intivim’. 

Old Season 

Classic Heavy metal . Released album ‘Beyond The Black’.


Baleful Creed

Classic heavy metal. Released album ‘Seismic Shifter’.




Thrash metal. Released EP ‘No Gods No Masters Part 3’.



Progressive metal. Released album ‘The Architect’. 


Arjuna’s Eye

Progressive metal. Released album ‘The Invisible Landscape’. 



Doom metal. Promo single. 



Progressive metal. Promo single. 


Wild Rocket

Doom metal. Released album ‘Dissociation Mechanics’.


Nomadic Rituals

Doom/Sludge Metal. Released album ‘Marking The Day’


The Magnapinna

Alt Metal. Released EP ‘#Hashtag’



Death Metal. Released self titled EP. 


Hollow Truth

Hardcore. Released self titled EP. 

Ghost Origin

Progressive rock. Released EP ‘This Anarchy Is Mine’


Melodic metal. Released EP ‘Prophecies Of Blood’ 


Alt metal. Released single ‘Beyond The Glass’



Death metal. Released EP ‘Storms Of War’.

Mirrors Of Obsidian

Progressive tech metal. Released album ‘Form One Form’.


Dread Sovereign

Doom metal. Released album ‘For Doom The Bell Tolls’

 The Dystopian Project

Progressive rock/metal. Released EP ‘Paradigm’


Ritual Drone Doom. Released Demo ‘Doom Gloom and Shrooms’



Punk/Crust. Released album ‘Witch Hunt’

Abaddon Incarnate

Released live album ‘Live At Monsters Of Rot 2015’. The last gig to feature their classic line up of Steve M/ Steve F/ Bill/ Johnny.



Third Island 

Doom metal. Released EP ‘Dusk’


Trucker Diablo

Melodic metal. Released album ‘Fighting For Everything’


Blackwater Conspiracy

Melodic metal/hard rock. Released album ‘Shootin The Breeze’



Hardcore/Post metal. Release debut single ‘With False Hope’


Serpents Eve

Instrumental Doom Metal. Released EP ‘MMXVII’


That’s our round up for 2017 in regards to Irish releases. We may have missed some so lets us know if we did. 

Next year we shall have them quarterly and post all again at the end of the year. 

Another amazing year for Irish metal/heavy music!  



















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