Outis: An Irish Black Metal Project Featuring Members Of Horrenda, Xeropulse And Argonath


Black metal outfit “Outis” features Darragh O’Connor (Horrenda), Shannon Bowman (Xeropulse) and Daithí Ó Mathúna (Argonath and Aponym) whose music tells a very passionate story about Irish history, politics, the modern world and mythology.

Their debut album, “The Sacred and the Profane”, tells a myriad of stories and folk legends from around the isle. “What’s so special about that?” you might ask. Fair enough. What makes Outis special amidst the very large amount of music out there? What makes Outis worth your time? Outis portrays that wonderful Irish quality I like to call wrathful sorrow. The music is angry yet there is a pride the music, a pride in the subject matter. 

The Sacred and the Profane is raw but it’s honest. Each song is different, both in tone and style but they are arranged in such a way that they make maximum impact. Some of the music is peaceful even though the style of the music is black metal, and some of the music is nerve wracking and intense even though the style of the music is ambient. Outis tries to make their music different from, they’ve made it intriguing and engaging. 

Lead single “The Guillotine” fused Black Metal with classical overtures and is a delight for all fans of unconventional metal and darkwave. This track was the first single from “The Sacred and the Profane” and was launched with an exclusive airing on Monday September the 11th on The Cranium Titanium Metal Show on Flirt Fm 101.3. And the entire album was launched live on the Monday, 25th September show.

The album boasts some 20 plus tracks with a wide and diverse range of music covering and incorporating all genres and musical styles from Metal, Dungeon Synth, Techno, Electro, classical, ambient and drone.

What the critics are saying: 

The sounds of Outis are incredibly eclectic. With three members whose background in music ranged wildly, I thought it was going to be tough for them to blend. But that wasn’t the case. Remarkably, the music sounded coherent and cohesive. Yet it sounded nothing like any of the three. They came together and created a piece of music that wasn’t black metal, dark ambient, noise, or dungeon synth yet at the same time it was all of those. The guitar riffs are crunchy, raw, and razor sharp, the drone is melodic but atonal, and the synth work is ethereal.


Highlights: Dead Butterflies, Sídhe, The Guillotine, The Black Gates
For Fans Of: From the Bogs of Aughiska, Horrenda, XeroPulse, Argonath, Ninhursag


The project of Darragh O’Connor (Horrenda),

Shannon Bowman (Xeropulse) and Daithí Ó Mathúna (Argonath).





1.Tír na nÓg 06:12           

2.Caislean Dubhe 04:07 

3.Ov 03:13         

4.Mortal Sin 02:18           

5.Sídhe 02:02     

6.Lessons in Blood 03:36              

7.The Restless Dead 04:42           

8.The Guillotine 03:20    

9.The Coffin Cure 01:55 

10.The Masquerade 02:11            

11.Black Mirror 03:34     

12.Liminal 02:25              

13.Dead Butterflies (feat.Colo Calin) 06:32            

14.Tuireann 02:56           

15.The Wailing of the Banshee 03:55       

16.Wrath of the Goddess 04:14  

17.Sacred Wells 01:42    

18.The Black Gates 04:14             

19.Sacred and the Profane 02:08

20.Brian Bóruma (feat. Harsh Discipline)








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