Frenetic Hardcore Newcomers Chaos Reigns Launch ‘Swan’ Single

London hardcore quintet CHAOS REIGNS have released new single / video ‘Swan’, taken from their upcoming EP A Horrific Accident, out 16th August.

Featuring guest vocals from Paul Collins of MTXS, check out ‘Swan’ here:

Taking influence from Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die and The Ghost of a Thousand, CHAOS REIGNS breathe fresh frenetic energy into the UK hardcore scene.

Already making big waves on the London live circuit, the band have this year played shows with Sharptooth, The Armed, Incite, Attan, Cope and played at Downsurge Festival. Next they will support Torchbearer at The Old Blue Last on 26th July, and they will soon be announcing a very special EP release show in August.

Formed in early 2017 by bassist and songwriter Billy PadmoreCHAOS REIGNS was created as a way of performing chaotic music with a chaotic stage presence. 

The band recorded their debut EP No Struggles in the summer of 2017 (produced by Joe Edwards, ex-Shields vocalist) and quickly developed a following on the live circuit thanks to their reputation for their hectic and energetic stage performances. 

2019 saw the band enter Stakeout Studios to record their follow up EP, A Horrific Accident, with producer Jason Wilson (The Ghost of a Thousand, Reuben) and the result is one of the freshest and most energetic sounds of the year.

More information:

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New Scottish Metalcore Band BEARERS Release Single ‘Confessions’ And Announce Debut LP ‘Inhumation’ Due 13th September

Young Glaswegian metal band BEARERS have announced their first ever release, debut full-length Inhumation (due 13th September). An impressively powerful record, combining adept technicality and brutal melody, Inhumation is a no-holds-barred forty minutes, and the band have given their first taste of the release with their new single ‘Confessions’, featuring Jamie Mclees of Lotus Eater.

A young band whose instrumental members are only 20-23, BEARERS are already drawing the attention of the likes of Make Them Suffer and Lotus Eater

Unsurprisingly given such company, Inhumation is a relentless release from BEARERS, whose vocalist Jase played through a dislocated knee and torn tendons on the band’s second ever show. Modern metal at its finest, this is an album which combines the best of honest metalcore, groove metal and just a hint of post-hardcore, without letting up.

The album takes the brutality of the music into the lyrical themes, basing the release on the violence possible and inherent in real people and real killers, and showing the damage these monsters can cause with their actions and their repercussions. For example, lead track ‘Prey’ centres on this predator-prey interaction, and the randomness of survival. Safe to say, this is an album savage in noise and outlook.

Pre-order Inhumation here:

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Wither Drop Video For ‘Use Me’ Single

Wither Drop Video For ‘Use Me’ Single

The time has come, Wither have today unveiled pure demonic hell with their massive new single, ‘Use Me‘. The band have unleashed a whole new level of panic into the world with the brand new standalone follow-up to their acclaimed debut EP ‘Rot and I’. It’s out right now at

To all who thought Wither’s debut output was heavy, prepare to be buried under the weight of this all-out assault, aimed directly at social climbers. 

The track has been connecting heavily with triple j presenters and listeners all week, premiering on Monday night on Home & Hosed, then getting subsequent spins on The Racket and Short. Fast. Loud. all in the same week, and then added to rotation on The Faction radio on Thursday ahead of its release today.

Vocalist David De La Hoz says of the single “The longer your life is, the more people come and go from it. Some relationships we build are positively impactful, some are not. But then there are also relationships that, as they develop, feel as if they’re positively impactful but the relationship is merely a façade used to conceal an agenda. I learn more and more with each day that a lot of the people I have and will welcome into my life are users. Snakes. They will slide in under the guise of friendship, and they will drain me. Once they get what they want, they detach, and I become barely even worth a memory. Not everyone is your friend. Not everyone actually likes you like you hope they do.

‘Use Me’ comes accompanied by an equally hellish video created and directed by Colin Jeffs (Alpha WolfWindwakerDealer) and flaunts elements of glitch and static to portray a visually dark undertone. The clip features an actual snake that David harnesses around his neck whilst spitting his rage filled lyrics through a black substance that drips from his mouth to highlight the potency of his words. See for yourself below!

Witherʼs story started with conversations between friends in the downtime between tours and recording sessions – and the five members found time to explore their own sound together. Artists David De La Hoz (Belle Haven)Jamie MarinosLuke Weber (Dream On Dreamer)Liam Fowler (Pridelands) and Jeremy Hughes have played alongside, recorded or produced one anotherʼs music in different projects for years – and it became clear that it was time to pull their experience together to form Wither. 

After releasing ʻRot and Iʼ at the end of 2018, the band wasted no time living up to their media appointed title of “Super Group” by selling out their first show at The Workers Club in Melbourne. This single launch show is SURE to follow suit – so get your tickets for the ʻUse Meʼ single launch NOW!

Wither’s uncompromising new single ‘Use Me’ is out now – available at all streaming platforms and digital stores at

Wither on Facebook:
Wither on Instagram:
Wither on Twitter:

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This Place Hell Release Video/Single ‘Zero Point’

Dublin based This Place Hell have released a new single/video Zero Point.
They released this statement!

\\\OUT NOW///
Our new single Zero Point is out now across all platforms!
Back in March of 2018 we ventured over to the UK to record with Justin Hill who helped us more truly realize our sound on record.
The rest of 2018 was one of the most exciting and surprising years for us, from winning our @bloodstockfestival slot through the Bloodstock Festival Presents: Metal 2 The Masses – Ireland competition, playing our very first KnockanStockan, supporting DevilDriver, premiering our last single Filth through Kerrang! and then finally the departure of our founding guitarist Mick Hynes to join friends Dead Label
This video, put together by our good friend Angel Croitor is a recap of all we got up to last year and is a final send off for Mick.
This isn’t our return, but we hope it will tide yous over until we’re ready.
We owe you all so much for that amazing year, and if you want to support us more give it like, comment and share it with your friends 🤘🏻
Overdrive / polymath_pr / / Rhino RadioDown The Barrel Photography / Photography by Olga Kuzmenko

Facebook –

Instagram –

Twitter –

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PODRACER Release New Album ‘Maskenfreiheit’

Angry, noisy, trashy, punchy and irreverent as they possibly could be, Irish three-piece Podracer take the post-punk sounds of the 80’s, the subpop sounds of the 90’s and different elements of rock and punk to create a sound that defies the categorization of genre-tagging social media.

Their debut album “Parking Cars & Pumping Gas” was released on September 2012 and since then they have shared the stage with some of Ireland’s finest rockers including Kerbdog, Little Matador (Snow Patrol’s Nathan Connolly’s side project), Whipping Boy, LaFaro, Giveamanakick & Fighting With Wire.

2017 saw the lads on their first mini-tour of the UK and while busy with local gigs, 2018 was very much a focus on songwriting. Their new single ‘Honey’ was released on April 6th of this year as a forerunner for their second album ‘Maskenfreiheit’ which was engineered by Jason Varley at The Shop Recording Studio in Carlingford and mixed/mastered by Neal Calderwood at Manor Park Studio, scheduled to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting public on July 12th 2019.

With a thirteen-date Irish tour lined up for July and August, expect to see Podracer sharing stages with some of Ireland’s hottest new talent including Cherym, THVS, Magnapinna and Duellists, plus festival appearances at Disturbance Fest and Arcadian Field……

I personally absolutely love this album. It takes me back to the 90’s and has a real Wildhearts/Kerbdog feel. All good in my book!
Without doubt one of my favorite Irish releases this year. It’s an absolute banger from start to finish!


“Honey” is out now on all digital platforms and on YouTube here –
“Dead Head”  is out now on all digital platforms and on YouTube here –

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Devin Townsend has confirmed that the setlist for his 2020 tour will include material from STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, the seminal industrial metal outfit he fronted until 2007. Since the band’s dissolution, Townsend has been asked repeatedly whether he would reform STRAPPING, only to cite the mental and physical toll the group took on him, in addition to his desire for new musical pursuits.

In a brand new interview with Australia’s “Everblack” podcast, Townsend spoke about his upcoming touring activities in support of his recently released “Empath” album. He said (hear audio below): “I’m doing a tour in November that’s gonna be a very selfish tour for me — a ton of people onstage, playing a bunch of stuff that I’ve wanted to play for years, a lot of improv, a lot of really interesting things. But starting next year, I’m gonna be touring everything, and that includes the STRAPPING stuff. I’m gonna be doing what equates to… like, what’s a ‘best of’ what I’ve done over the past few years. Let’s make this live venture for me the best it can possibly be and learn from your past and come back out.”

Elaborating on his decision to perform STRAPPING material again, Devin said: “I think there’s a lot of musicians that fall away from metal. But I kind of fell back in love with it recently. But in no way does that mean that it’s taking over. It’s a big part of what I do and it’s a big part of who I am, and I think I’ve denied that for a certain amount of time. But it’s everything, man. It’s like ‘Empath’ was for me — the metal part of it is just as big a part of my trip as the mellow part of it. It’s not one over the other; it’s just who I am.

“I don’t wanna get rid of [the metal side of my music],” he added. “I love it. It has to play ball with the other stuff, and that stuff has to play ball with the other stuff. It’s healthy for me to recognize that it’s a part of my nature as opposed to denying it.”

After a brief stint singing with Steve Vai at the age of 19, Townsend formed STRAPPING YOUNG LAD as a way of venting his frustration with the music industry. His dark lyrical humor and insane stage antics, combined with the band’s use of polyrhythmic guitar riffing and drumming, blast beats and wall-of-sound production, catapulted STRAPPING YOUNG LAD into every ’90s high school metalhead’s dreams.

STRAPPING YOUNG LAD broke up in 2007, one year after releasing its final studio album, “The New Black”.

Back in 2013, Finnish label Blood Music released a STRAPPING YOUNG LAD vinyl box set containing all five of the band’s full-lengths, as well as extra vinyl dedicated to the group’s non-album material.

‘Empath’ was released on March 29 via InsideOut Music.

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