So Long Until The Séance / SLUTS to Support Wednesday 13 in Dublin and Belfast


Belfast based  “So Long Until The Séance / SLUTS” have secured the perfect support slot! As a band heavily influenced by this man and his previous band Murderdolls, it’s the exact crowd they would work with and should really help them on their quest to the top! 

The lads recently reached the Bloodstock Metal To The Masses final and have really started getting out there over the past 18 months. 

Whatever happens next? This is very probably a dream come true for this band and hopefully Wednesday sees something in them and presents more touring opportunities for them. 

Check out their latest single “The Bride Of Frankenstein” here! 

Link to Their Facebook page for more details:


Wednesday 13’s latest video “Cruel To You”. 



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Pineal Gland Return With New Track Nowhere

Pineal Gland Return With New Track Nowhere



Pineal Gland have returned! What a fucking return it is too! They recently released their new track “Nowhere” from their forthcoming album “Brainwashed Societies. 

Pineal Gland are an extreme metal project formed in Dublin, Ireland, by guitarist Jan Cichos, in 2012. The band’s style is a mix of thrash, death and groove metal, constructed around irregular mathematical patterns, and progressively leant time signatures. The Lyrical inspiration for ‘Brainwashed Societies’ focuses on modern day culture, current and future social, and political issues, and various conspiracy theories. Adding to this, the overall inspiration for the project is formed around ancient geometry, forbidden psychoactive substances, global mind control, and their connection with human consciousness, and the pineal gland.

I’ve personally listened to this track numerous times now and if this track is anything to go by, “Brainwashed Societies” is easily going to be in my top 10 albums of 2017. I liked their previous works, but this is a huge step forward! 

Marcin Gąsiorowski of “Thy Worshiper” is a guest vocalist on this track and they’ve also brought in Carl King from “Two Tales Of Woe” for a track on the album and that collaboration has already stirred my interest. 

I was of the impression this band had called it a day, as I hadn’t heard anything about them for a couple of years now! Great to see them back with this absolute monster! 

Check it out here! Absolute blinder! 


‘Brainwashed Societies’ was recorded and produced by Pineal Gland, in Dublin, Ireland, in 2016 and then the album was then mixed and mastered at Heinrich House Studio, Legionowo, Poland. 

This long established studio is well known for their previous collaborations with, Decapitated, Vesania, Masachist, and Polish metal legends, Behemoth.


Link to Their Facebook page for more details:

Subscribe on YouTube:

Itunes link:

Stream via Spotify:



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Reverend JM’s Panic Worship Release New Video “The Unspeakable”



Dublin based Reverend JM’s Panic Worship are a band I’m familiar with since 2013. I caught them at a festival and was absolutely captivated by them. String Bass, a home made Tin can guitar, using a pitch fork and knife as instruments among many, many other aspects. To me, they were more metal than most metal bands out there. Haunting lyrics, genuine layer upon layer to their sound and Jim stalked the stage like a crazed murderer. 

I’ve gone on to see the band on three more occasions and they still had the same effect on me… While some that follow this site may not appreciate this particular form of Gothabilly or however you choose to describe it? Those that do appreciate this will have found a truly amazing new band that quite frankly, aren’t well known at all for whatever reason… 

This the Reverend at his most demented and finest! Probably my favourite release by them as of now. It’s just what they’re all about! 

Check out “The Unspeakable” here and make your own mind about them… 


If you enjoyed that? Then here’s a link to their Facebook page for more details.

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Bloodstock Metal To The Masses Belfast Final Feature



The final of Belfast’s Metal To The Masses final has arrived! Six bands go into battle this Friday for a slot on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock 2017. 

We had planned to fully cover this years Belfast based competition, but a health issue on my behalf left me in a way I could have only started covering this over half way through. Taking that into consideration, I decided it would be bad form to start at that point… 

Overdrive, Planetmosh and Jetrocker cover and promote the Dublin based event, so we decided to focus on the NI competition instead as it doesn’t really get any coverage down south. 

To make up for this, I’m going to be starting a running feature “Northern Rampage” to hopefully open a few eyes and ears to the utterly excellent scene in Belfast at present. Then cover Metal To The Masses properly in 2018. 

Now, that’s that out of the way and nobody probably gave a fuck… We now focus on the bands performing at this years final. I’ll keep the descriptions very brief and let you check out their music here and if you like them? Links will be there for you to follow… 


Elder Druid 

Elder Druid are a 5-piece sludge/doom band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Link to their Facebook page for more details:


Lock Horns 

Lock Horns are a progressive metal band from Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Link to their Facebook page for more details:



Neamhní are a Black Metal band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Link to their Facebook page for more details:



Oracle are a five piece groove metal band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Link to Their Facebook page for more details:




Shrouded are a Melodic Death metal band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Link to their Facebook page for more details:


So Long Until The Séance / SLUTS

So Long Until The Séance / SLUTS are a Glam/Thrash/Horror band in the vein of Wednesday 13/Murderdolls from Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Link to their Facebook page for more details:


There we have it! The band performing in this years final. I wouldn’t like to be Simon Hall on Friday night! Every band is very different which will make his choice even harder… Every band on this bill is a potential winner! 











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Sixth Extinction Off To Denmark To Record Their Debut LP With Tue Madsen



Clonmel based Groove metal monsters Sixth Extinction are taking things up a notch! I’ve documented the band here on the site since last year when they were still finding their sound with their new line up and direction. I gave their previous EP 8/10 as I saw serious potential in this band! There were a few things to iron out at that point, but I was right to trust my instincts on this band. Another unnamed site here slammed their debut, but I saw the full picture on the canvas…

Now, they head off to Denmark to Antfarm Studios in Aarhus, Denmark with acclaimed producer Tue Madsen, His credits include Meshuggah, Mnemic, The Haunted, Ektomorf among others. He also worked with Baby Metal, but we’ll let that one slide as he obviously done that for financial reasons… 

This is a huge opportunity for the lads and a real statement of intent on their part! I for one am really looking forward to the finished product. They keep improving, so with such a knowledgeable producer and their willingness to always improve. I can see a real blinder of an album upon arrival.

For now, check out their previous Single “Vivid Black”.



Follow them on Facebook:

Subscibe on YouTube:

Check out their previous self titled EP on Bandcamp:

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Black Svan Call It A Day

Black Svan Call It A Day



Drogheda based Black Svan have very sadly decided to call it a day on their eight anniversary as a band! 

The band released this statement today. 

On the eight anniversary of the formation of Black Svan we have come to the end.

We will be ending it as we started it as best mates.

We have achieved so much in our eight years together, an album we’re forever proud of, European tours with Fozzy and Stuck Mojo. We have supported the likes of Diamond Head and Kerbdog and have played shoulder to shoulder with all of the best metal bands in Ireland of which there are too many to single out!!

We played hard and always drew strength from the love and support of our partners, family, friends and fans.

To all of you THANK YOU, it was a blast…….

This is a massive shame as this band had all the tools and an amazing album to back them up! For whatever reason, it just never happened for the lads.

We wish them well and hope they remain involved in music. 

Check out their amazing song “Sickness” here and if you like it? I’d suggest checking out their full album as it’s excellent! 



Their entire album “16 Minutes” can be streamed here at this link!


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