Tipperary barbarians zhOra to play Worlds biggest metal festival, Wacken Open Air.


Tipperary barbarians zhOra recently won the privilege of playing Wacken Open Air 2016 which commences on August 4th in Wacken, Germany. They were successful in the solitary heat of the Wacken Metal Battle competition that took place on June 26th in On The Rox, Dublin. They have decided to make the most of this opportunity and organised a last minute D.I.Y tour. The “Road to Wacken” tour will start with a free show on July 29th in Fozzy’s of Clonmel with local band, “Sixth Extinction” supporting and will continue with two shows in Belgian cities “Zulte” on August 31st and “Zwalm” on August 2nd.


This is a crowning achievement and it comes at the perfect time seeing as they are on the verge of releasing their much-anticipated second album, *“Ethos, Pathos, Logos”. *The writing and recording of the album took almost three years to complete and was helmed by Dave O’ Brien and tracked by Shardbornes Ciaran Culhane. *“Ethos, Pathos, Logos” *is the band’s first back-to-front concept album with a lush cover designed by renowned Visionary Artist *Jake Kobrin.* A tentative Autumn 2016 release is planned which will be followed by a country-wide tour and many more forays to Europe and beyond and to infinity….AND BEYOND!

A sprawling tale of a bloodthirsty despot, his feral minions, alien visitation and the illusion of choice. Set to the backdrop of frozen tundras, scorching deserts and panoptical imprisonment, *“Ethos, Pathos, Logos”* speaks to the hypocrite in all of us and shifts the gaze inward. An hour long retrospective through past lives, cannibalism and ritual sacrifice, this album is sure to draw comparisons to Mastodon’s “Crack the Skye”*, Tool’s “Lateralus” *and the eternal Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” *while standing proudly standing on its own, a firm and steadfast entry into the Prog movement pantheon.

*“Ethos, Pathos, Logos” *will be released Autumn 2016.

Up Tipp!

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/zhOramusic/
Bandcamp – http://zhora1.bandcamp.com/
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/zhOramusic

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Indominus – Legion Within EP Review

Indominus – Legion Within EP Review 

Legion Within

Belfast based Indominus are a newly formed band that are set to release their debut EP very soon. I am honoured to be asked to do this review and also be one of the first people outside the band to actually hear the finished product. 
Three members of this band were previously together and decided to form a new band, bringing in a new drummer and rhythm guitarist. Their previous band was evolving and moving in a new direction, so decided a full on reboot was the way to go!
The change has clearly breathed new life into them as this is without doubt their strongest material to date!

The EP opens with “Leeches”, a song clearly written lyrically about the current state of society. The song kicks off and almost instantly greeted with some fantastic lead guitar work which is a trademark of this EP. Simon really is a fantastic lead player! The song carries along in a solid fashion with some fantastic drumming and great time changes. There’s slower parts but it’s in the most part goes all out with a fantastic riff around the half way point. It then hits a great down beat slow head banging moment, speeds back up and finishes with some great lead work. A damn good way to start this EP!     

“Backbone” is next and has a very familiar old school Sepultura type opening which instantly hooked me! The song then continues on in old school death metal mentality and delivery. Full of riffs, great drumming and vocals. As is the norm throughout this EP more fantastic lead work and I can imagine this song will go down really well in a live environment. Possibly my favourite song on the EP, but that could change again tomorrow… 

We now reach the half way point of this EP and “Shadow” gets straight into it and pulls no punches. There’s a few time changes in this one, bit man do they work!! It’s haunting in delivery at times and vocals only add to it.! It then builds back up again with a great riff leading into more amazing lead guitar work. Follows along the changing path and finishes off in great style with some great lyrics. Can I change my mind on the favourite song on the EP? 

“Fragile Existence” then kicks in and is probably the most straight forward song on the EP and also the shortest at 2:07. It kicks off and keeps going at a steady pace throughout. The song concludes with more great lead work and finishes in fine style. Not a lot more I can say here other than it’s short, fast, steady and relentless.  Job done! 

Title track “Legion Within” concludes this EP and starts with again, more fantastic lead work leading into a great break down that gets the head banging automatically. Back into some more fantastic lead work and haunting vocals. It then shifts gears and starts a slow heavy build up that speeds up just nicely and drops up and down the gears with ease. Then song then concluded with some more amazing lead work leading into a great heavy double bass drum driven outro and vocals. 

In conclusion, I think it’s pretty obvious I really, really like this EP. I would say though upon hearing this EP at first you have to give it more than one listen. For no other reason than there’s so much going on it takes more than one play through to fully absorb. Always a good sign in my opinion as it really encourages repeat plays and every time you’ll hear something else and start to appreciate it more.
Also considering this is the bands first work it really bodes well for their next release and then can only get better as they grow as a band. I’m looking forward to seeing this material live and looking forward to their future.  
Indominus, I salute you! 


Check out their EP teaser here and subscribe to their YouTube channel. 

Indominus are: 

Pointy – Lead Vocals 
Simon – Lead Guitar 
Mark – Bass 
Logan – Guitar 
Nathan – Drums 

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Catch them live at Monsters of Rot VI


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Order Sixty Six, Alpheidae, Call To Arms, Theories Divide Live Review 16/07/16
DEath Row promotions

I was invited by Dublin based Death Row Promotions to review this showcase night, and very happily accepted their invitation. Always an honour to be invited to such a night as it included some amazing Irish talent.  
12 Gauge Outrage sadly had to pull out of the event. A band I hadn’t caught live yet, but I’m sure another opportunity shall arise at some point. Pull out and Arise in one sentence? That’s the mandatory childish humour out of the way now anyway! 

The night kicked off with Dublin based Order Sixty Six. A band I have followed online for about a year now as their demo track “Lifeless” suggested this band had a lot of potential. After catching them live for the first time. I’m very much convinced these lads are very much on the right track. They put on a fantastic live show despite been a man down on the night and one of their guitarists took on Bass duty for the night. The band are clearly influenced by bands such as Despised Icon among others, but they have enough style and substance in their music to not sound generic or wearing their influences on their sleave.  I spoke to the lads after their set and they told me they are constantly writing new material and hope to start work on a professional recording when they feel they have the material they are all happy with. 
If you can, I’d suggest checking this band out live. They put on a great show and have a quality vocalist who can switch around from guttural to screams and more. Great guitar tones and Bass. Nothing really spectacular happening in regards to drums but the man keeps a good solid beat and does exactly what a good drummer says on the tin.
Overall, I was very impressed by this band and they are heading in the right direction for sure. Very much one to watch! 

Check out their Demo for “Lifeless” here.  

Next up were Dublin based Alpheidae and for me personally, band of the night! Bit of a premature.. NO!!! The lads took no prisoners and launched straight into their latest single “Altruist” setting the bar so high James Cameroon was nowhere in sight! Next up “I in all” and followed by “Ultimate Thule” which starts in the vein of Faith No More and then goes all out in regards to heaviness. I have to compliment their drummer Zach Parkinson. The man is an absolute machine. He can go from slower in style to insanely fast in an instant.  Anyone that ever played drums knows that’s a real skill and very hard to perform. When you’ve got that as your backbone this band can really come to life. Solos, riffs, breakdowns, time changes, harmonics, dynamics, there’s so much going on in their music and it’s all excellent. They concluded their fantastic set with “New Beginning” and proved why this band are a force to be reckoned with.
Probably one of the best bands in the country in my opinion. Check them out live if you haven’t! Absolutely incredible! 

Check out Altruist here. 

Call To Arms were the penultimate band of the evening and proved why they are very highly regarded in the Irish scene and continue to grow in popularity. They all have a great stage presence for such a young band and frontman Dean Donnelly is a natural. Getting the crowd to chant “Fuck you Niall” after he broke a guitar string was very amusing as an example. They got pits going and really encourage the crowd to get involved. We got a new song “The Reaper Never Sleeps” among their live favourites such as “Mirrors”. To include the crowd participating lyrics, “You cannot control me!”, “You do not own me!” A band that really gets a night and crowd going, and have a big future ahead of them no doubt! 

Check out “Mirrors” here! 

The night concluded with Theories Divide. A band I’ve been a fan of for a long time now, but hadn’t caught them live in about two years. Older songs such as “Reborn” and “This is Revolution” quickly reminded me why I became a fan in the first place. We were also treated to a new song not on their current release “The Outcast” and all their new material sounded great live. In particular the title track “The Outcast”. 
The lads have played together for a long time now and it clearly shows as they are a very well rounded machine. They really excel in a live situation and  a great back catalogue at their disposal. Easily of the best bands in the Dublin scene!

Check out “The Outcast” Here!


In conclusion, a great night filled with amazing Irish talent. The night was very well run and the lads at Death Row Promotions done a very good job. I’d strongly suggest checking out all these bands in a live environment.We have some amazing talent on our small island! 

Follow Death Row Promotions on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/DeathRowPromotionsIRE/?fref=ts


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Dublin based Jenova are a band on the rise. In a few short months their reputation has shot up and their growth has been almost instantaneous. Over the past six months they have performed at The Templemore Metal Festival. Reached the semi final of the Bloodstock Metal To The Masses competition at their first attempt. Slots on the upcoming Siege of Limerick and The Unleashed Festival coming up too! 
Considering the band have only two demo tracks on Soundcloud and yet to record any studio quality recordings or videos. That’s a pretty big achievement and testament to their hard work in building their name the old fashioned way. By putting on a blinding live show! 
The bands members are all experienced and have learned from previous bands success and mistakes. They have all found a project they are behind and clearly enjoy playing their own brand of Death metal.  
All going well, these lads have a big future ahead of them. They’re kicking doors down left right and centre and going onstage and smashing it!

Check out “Nail in Eye (Live)” here!


Jenova are! 
Brian J Harrington – Vocals
David Mooney – Bass
Cormac Jordan – Guitar
Dylan Kennedy – Guitar
Marco Persechini – Drums

Link to their Soundcloud page:   https://soundcloud.com/jenovaeire/tracks
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JenovaIreland/

Jenova Logo

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AeSect / Broken Jaw Gig Swap Feature

AeSect, Broken Jaw Gig Swap 

AeSect Broken Jaw Dublin

Dublin/Kildare based Irish metal titans AeSect shall be working in collaboration with UK based Broken Jaw this year in a good old fashioned gig swap. Cork/Dublin in August, and then AeSect head over to the UK in October where they shall perform in Doncaster/Cheltenham.

It’s an interesting idea as they are two very different bands. AeSect are more metalcore in their sound and Broken Jaw are by their own description, Too Punk to be Metal, too Metal to be Punk. Fireball swigging loons! Which is pretty accurate! Don’t know about the fireballs thing now, but shhhh! Venues don’t like such things… 

Here’s links to both bands and they have solid line ups on both dates. I’ve included the event pages below so check them out also. 



Broken Jaw 

Broken Jaw

AeSect and Broken Jaw shall be performing in Cork and Dublin on August 5th/6th. Fred Zeppelins on the 5th and On The Rox on the 6th. 

Event page for Dublin here! https://www.facebook.com/events/1710804969171893/

Event Page for Cork here! https://www.facebook.com/events/940671562715694/

AeSect Broken Jaw Cork

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Prog Ireland Feature

Prog Ireland Feature

In This feature I shall be focusing on Irish Prog metal bands, and one I’m cheating with slightly as they’re UK based. Two of Four member’s are based in Ireland so I’m including them for that reason. I’m a big fan of prog music so this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. There’s many different styles included here but all are prog in their own right. It’s a large spectrum of musical styles which is something people forget. These bands consider themselves prog and so do I. 



Limerick based Shardborne play purely instrumental prog metal and are regarded as our best prog band here by many. The lads have been around for a few years now and really exceeded expectations with their album Living Bridges which was released in 2015.
Ciaran Culhane is also one of the heads of Bad Reputation. The people that bring us Siege of Limerick twice a year now.  
Check out their track “Room Within a Room” here! 


The Vicious Head Society 

Vicious Head Society

The Vicious Head Society is the brainchild of one man. Mr Graham Keane. He has assembled friends to aid him in this project which he has been working on for a few years now. As of this writing, it’s almost ready. Still a bit of work to be done by the man’s own admission but I’m really, really looking forward to hearing the finished products. The song I’ve linked here is possibly my favourite prog song by and Irish act. Love this song!
Check out “Abject Tomorrow” here and prepare to be amazed!





Hedfuzy are also the brainchild of one man. Mr Pat Byrne in this instance. He has released an album with the aid of friends which is getting fantastic reviews and I can see why. One example,  THE MIDLANDSROCKS .COM (UK) “A MASTERPIECE 9/10”. 
Check out “Snakes” here. Great song! 




Snowblind started off as a full on Thrash metal band and while they are still thrash at their core, they have recently gone in a very progressive direction with their output. I’ve been a fan of these lads for three years now and made sure to check them out at Bloodstock last year. Not straight ahead prog by any means here, but if you’re a fan of prog there’s lots of goodness to be found here! 
Check out “Past Lives” Here! 



MEGACONE are a band I’ve followed with great interest since 2014. I was running a two day indoor festival and by recommendation of a member of the last band on this list below I added them to the bill. They just about had a set at that point, but after that I knew this band were going to become something amazing! In that time since, they have grown and grown. Now highly regarded and constantly improving. They’re a great bunch too so their rise and continued success will always put a smile on my face! 
Check out “Absolute Magnitude” here! The title lives up to expectations..




Xerath are a band I’m cheating with slightly here, but half the band are based in Ireland so I’m including them. The English keep trying to nick all our best people so I reckon we are owed this one! 🙂 
While they are not exactly prog in regards to their previous material, the new material is definitely going in a prog direction. They recently released a demo video to showcase where their next album is going and it’s prog all day long to my ears.
I’ve been lucky enough to see this band four times in recent times. Three of which were in the UK so I’m clearly a fan of this band!
Check out their new song “Regret” here!


That’s been my first Irish prog feature. If there’s any bands I may have missed or not aware of? Please let me know as I’ll happily cover them here. 
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