Behemoth Release New Video ‘O Father O Satan O Sun! Live DVD/Blu-ray ‘Messe Noire’ Out Now! 



Polish legends Behemoth recently released the excellent video for their track O Father O Satan O Sun! Likely to be the last promo from their critically acclaimed album ‘The Satanist’ and it’s now about their live offering ‘Messe Noire’

Polish black/death overlords BEHEMOTH! have released their new live DVD/Blu-ray, Messe Noire, today worldwide!

Messe Noire includes the band’s victorious shows in Warsaw, Poland on October 8, 2016 and Brutal Assault 2016, as well as The Satanist cinematic archive featuring all official videos associated with the band’s globally successful record of the same name. For a preview of Messe Noire, a new full production video for “O Father, O Satan, O Sun” (from The Satanist cinematic archive – the last clip to be released from this album!) can be viewed now at:

The band also previously released the following live cuts:
–”Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”:
–”The Satanist”:
–”Messe Noire”:

Purchase Messe Noire now in the USA via Metal Blade Records: – where the following formats are available:

–DVD/CD Hard Cover Digibook w/ 48-Page Booklet
–Blu-Ray/CD Hard Cover Digibook w/ 48-Page Booklet
–2xLP – Green Vinyl w/ 48-Page Booklet (limited to 750 copies – USA exclusive)

In stock NOW at IndieMerchstore:


01. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel

02. Furor Divinus

03. Messe Noire

04. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer

05. Amen
06. The Satanist
07. Ben Sahar
08. In the Absence ov Light

09. O Father O Satan O Sun!
10. Ov Fire and the Void
11. Conquer All
12. Pure Evil and Hate

13. At the Left Hand ov God
14. Slaves Shall Serve
15. Chant for Ezkaton 2000

Vinyl Features:
+ Messe Noire: Live Satanist
+ Recorded at Progresja in Warsaw, Poland (10.08.2016)
+ Green Vinyl
+ Hardcover Digibook with 48-Pages (12″ x 12″)
+ European Import (Limited to 750 Copies)

U-Turn Audio turn table:

The Satanist is without doubt one of the finest extreme albums ever made and I was lucky enough to see them play the album in its entirety at Bloodstock. 

All hail Behemoth!!  



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US Black Metal Supergroup TWILIGHT To Release Trident Death Rattle EP Featuring Unreleased Songs w/ Blake Judd, Thurston Moore



Influential American black metal supergroup TWILIGHT is proud to announce the impending release of its final recording, Trident Death Rattle, due out May 1 via Ascension Monuments Media. 

Featuring three unreleased tracks from the 2012 III:Beneath Trident’s Tomb LP sessions, the extended play is much more an experimental output than its predecessors. It’s a dark, uncomfortable listen – much like the history of the band during that particular time period. 


Recorded by Sanford Parker and mastered by Collin Jordan, Trident Death Rattle is the 18-and-a-half-minute heretic swan song from masterminds Jef “Wrest” Whitehead (Leviathan), Blake Judd (Nachtmystium) and Neill “N. Imperial” Jameson (Krieg). Indie rock legend Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) is also featured on this recording, as well as engineer/producer Sanford Parker (Buried At Sea, Corrections House, Minsk) on synths / electronics. Chicago bluegrass veteran Scott Judd performs as a guest, playing electric banjo on “No Consequence.”

In addition, look for further TWILIGHT news later this year via Prophecy Productions.

Says guitarist/vocalist Thurston Moore:

“When I got the call to play guitar with TWILIGHT, I knew right away that all other considerations were to be incinerated. Twilight is US Black Metal at its most impenetrable, corrosive core. Each member a visionary of lunacy and demented desire. I listened to the rough sketches and composed sinister-sonik six string blood cries. In the studio, I marveled at the work ethic and the satanic succubation of deliverance. Listening to these “lost tracks” brings me back to the sick head of trolling around Chicago, killing beers and smokes, and making wasted high energy noise pollution. We fucking nailed it, cross smashing to the grave.”

Says vocalist Neill Jameson:

TWILIGHT III was a strange transitional time in everyone involved’s lives, and unlike most people undergoing these things, we were all very aware of it. It was one of those moments where everything was falling apart and coming together, setting up our futures for us without stripping us out of the moment. There was nothing easy or fluid about it, nothing comfortable. It didn’t represent black metal as a scene or a genre, it didn’t represent anything that we had build with previous work or stand as a beacon for work to come. It was just one long scream into each of our own abyss, a shared yet solitary void. It was the last time I was truly nervous about creating anything.”

Says guitarist Blake Judd:

“I’m extremely excited for these three missing tracks to finally be seeing the light of day as an official cassette / vinyl / digital release!  After having a few rocky years with my ex-TWILIGHT co-conspirators, we’ve all patched up our differences and have a good relationship today.  After numerous conversations about the subject of these three tracks with Jef Whitehead (Wrest) and Neill Jameson (N. Imperial), we’ve all decided it’s time for the final existing TWILIGHT audio to be presented and released unto the world. 

“These songs are special to me also because they’re the three tracks which were authored by myself and Thurston Moore of SONIC YOUTH fame. To have had the chance to work with such a legendary musician was an amazing and very satisfying experience for me.  I grew up in the 90s when NIRVANA was king, so, like most people my age, I was a huge fan. Through NIRVANA, I discovered SONIC YOUTH and have been a massive fan ever since.  So, to have had the opportunity later to work alongside the most well-known member of that band, it was like a dream come true and truly brought things full circle, connecting the music I was making during the TWILIGHT era with the music that inspired me to pick up a guitar when I first started playing at 12-13 years old. With that being said, it is with great honor that I’m able to oversee the release and be a part of these missing TWILIGHT tracks, released by Ascension Monuments Media under the title Trident Death Rattle.”

TWILIGHT at the time of recording:

N. Imperial – Vocals
Blake Judd – Guitars
Wrest – Bass & Drums
Thurston Moore – Guitars
Sanford Parker – Synths / Electronics


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Xero Release Music Video ‘Savior’ Featuring Jeff Waters Of Annihilator New EP Spite Out Now



Limerick based Xero have recently released their debut music video Savior. The recording features Jeff Waters of Canadian legends Annihilator which was quite the coup on the lads behalf. Savior is the third track from their ‘Spite’ This is how they describe themselves. 

XERO play heavy metal as they imagine it should sound. Drawing influence from their favourite metal bands and moulding this inspiration into a new sound of their own, every track stands out as something different. They take so much influence from other sources that their music spans a huge variety of genres. Their first album consists of 12, each one different from the last. Southern rock, fuck, groove, classic rock, grunge, thrash metal, doom, hardcore soft rock, and prog are all drawn upon to compile a musical collection which gives a great variety yet still remains true to what is close to the band’s hearts. 

New EP Spite features three tracks. Spite, Callisto and Savior. All tracks are different but it’s quality over quantity on this release.  We have included both tracks along with the Savior video in this piece so you can check out the entire EP. I highly recommend you check them all out. Makes far more sense then trying to describe the tracks. Give them a couple of listens too. They take a few spins to fully digest as each track is so different and varied. Real growers too!  Always a good thing in my mind anyway! 

Xero have really made a statement with this EP. A band firmly on the rise. 





Zero are: 

Andrew Farrell (drums)
Mike Carroll (vocals)
Dave Bourke (guitar)
Conny O’Connor (guitar)
Nick Bromfield (bass)




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Seshtival Festival Feature

Seshtival Festival Feature



Seshtival was formed in 2017 and originally held in Clonmel, Co Tipperary. Now in 2018 the festival has now moved to Cork. Not a dig on Tipp by any means, but they will of course have a better chance of getting a bigger crowd in Cork. Higher population and all other obviousness! 

Maybe they could in time get it on in different places and bring it home again? Time shall tell on that of course and for now we are featuring the bands playing this edition of Seshtival. 

It’s a very varied line up and an event I’d happily attend if I could. I’m glad I went to gigs/festivals  constantly in my 20’s through to my mid 30’s, as I get to fuck all now…   

Here’s the line up. From bottom to top! 

Red Sun Alert 

Progressive rock/grunge from Cork. 



Metal from Dublin. 


God Alone 

Post Metal/Black Metal from Cork. 



Instrumental Progressive metal from Limerick. 



Death metal/Industrial/Dark Wave from Belfast. 


Chemical Sacrament 

Metal from Dublin. 



Black metal from Dublin. 


Dirty Casuals. 

The lads are currently working on their debut EP. 

Big thanks to zhOra for having us last night also Sixth Extinction and Elder Druid for making the place shake with riffs.Here's a clip of The Unnamed and Jim destroys planet earth! Catchy titles i know.

Posted by Dirty Casuals on Sunday, 29 October 2017



Alt metal from Cork. 


12 Gauge Outrage 

Thrash metal from Wexford. 



Worn Out 

Metal/Hardcore from Cork. 


Zhi Ren 

Death metal with their own very unique twist from Cork. 



Words That Burn 

Alt metal from Louth/Monaghan. 



An Spailpin Fanach

27 – 29 South Main Street, Cork Cork city


Tickets €10 before 7pm and €15 after

Raffles on the day

Bring your friends, your nan and a big bag of cans

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Review: Jet Fuel Chemistry Release Self Titled Debut EP On April 7th



Hard Rock newcomers “Jet Fuel Chemistry” have burst onto the scene in their hometown of Dublin, Ireland where underground venues have been shaken to their foundations by hoarse twenty-something rock and metal fans pulling muscles to their uplifting heavy/hard/garage/groove-rock sound.

The five-piece ensemble met through session work on the Dublin scene, and bonded over their mutual affection for throaty riffs, mesmerising grooves and bottom-shelf whiskey. There’s nothing over the top here. The band writes as many rock songs as they can and then plays the ones they love most. So far, this method seems to be working.

**Available for hen-nights at a heavily discounted rate**

We were sent on this EP for review and I’m impressed. Very impressed! It’s a real groove laden affair with loads of great guitar leads, riffs and hooks everywhere! At times they remind me of Foo Fighters, Volbeat at others. To my ears they take all the best aspects of heavy rock and fuse it perfectly. They have enough heaviness in there though to also appeal to fans of heavier music. Which is good on their part as they can vary their gigs and spread their name in the process. 

They have structured all their songs perfectly on this release. There’s the heavier intros that hook you in, the inevitable riffs and solid drumming before it all goes back up again, shifting through the gears effortlessly. Not all the tracks follow that exact song structure, but they always fall together perfectly. An amazing achievement for such a young band releasing their debut EP. They have the whole hard rock song structure down better than bands around for years! 

This band have been described as the best young hard rock band in Ireland and it’s impossible to disagree with! These lads are the best of their kind I’ve came across in a while. Years in fact! The bands I would compare them to where in their late twenties/early thirties at the time and have since called it a day. 

Big things are potentially coming this bands way all going well. They have the material and clearly the talent. A band I’ll be keeping an eye on as they progress. 

I can imagine they’d go down very well at a hen night too! 

One to watch! 


Previously released first single ‘Phantom’ 


Band Members

Dan Cusack – Vocals
Lorcan Macken – Guitar
David O’Grady – Guitar
Danny Bochkov – Bass
Martin Killeen – Drums






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Worn Out Release Second Single ‘Circle The Drain’



Cork based Metal/Hardcore act Worn Out have really took the Irish scene by storm in 2018. They released their debut single ‘With False Hope’ in December last year and they really started getting traction around the Irish scene. It also really caught my attention and had a very strong feeling these lads were going to do something this year. I wasn’t wrong either! They’ve played everywhere they possibly could and really spreading their name the old fashioned way. 

They recently released their second single ‘Circle The Drain’ to the masses. If there were any thoughts this band were potentially a one trick pony?  This track firmly puts that notion to bed! It’s a full on audio assault from start to finish and another high energy track. 

At present it’s looking very much like they will be our best new band of 2018 at the end of the year? It’s going to take something really good to change my mind! 

Worn Out are easily one of the most exciting bands in Ireland at present. Along with fellow Cork natives Bailer they are ripping it up and constantly growing. A tend I can’t see slowing any time soon… 

This band are going places! 

They have also uploaded the track as a lyric video on YouTube.



Recorded, mixed and mastered by Aidan Cunningham

Xander Coughlan – Vocals
Brian Bowell – Bass
Evan Prendergast – Drums
Isaac Riordan – Guitar/Vocals

Connect with WORN OUT:







Their previously released debut single ‘With False Hope’ 



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