Irish Progressive Sludge Metal Band Iona Death Cult Release Debut Album ‘Aid To Worship’




Presenting six meditations on a cold future now.


Formed from the ashes of local stoners Terminal Commuter and featuring Adam Cichocki , formerly a member of Polish doom legends Obiat,  Iona Death Cult seek to convey a future now, a dystopian cultural wasteland in which Ireland suffers under the yoke of an oppressive black clad cult that tells everyone what to do and where the extremes and evils of  of capitalism are making people miserable.

‘The Apathy of Ghosts’ details the new found/forged consciousness of an AI, as it swears revenge on a cruel world that has used its power for evil.

‘Slumlord’ is a callout to an old landlord,and a meditation on a few months spent living in a shared house with many people, some with serious mental issues, and the tragedy and strangeness I saw there, all so someone could make a profit.The chorus is a naked threat to the man presiding over and profiting from the chaos.

‘Whores And Thieves’ is a love letter to sci fi, and space movies, and a nod to the show Firefly and its universe.

‘Kafka’ is an instrumental interlude.

‘Mother Gaia’ details the terrible wrath of Mother Nature on the savage apes who have infected her, and is inspired by anthropocenic ideas.

‘Inverted World’ is a call for the Catholic Church to get out of Irish politics, and for Ireland to progress as a country past one still mired in the grip of religious fundamentalism.

Those are the bands own words and description of each song. It may seem like I’m taking the lazy way out here, but I wouldn’t have been able to describe the concept behind each song otherwise. Outside Kafka of course as it’s a 9:01 long instrumental track. While the production is solid on this album, it’s also very raw! I did find it quite difficult to interpret the lyrics as a result. The music shone through though so a minor gripe at best! The raw sound actually adds to the album in my opinion. Everything is so overproduced these days. Nice to hear something raw, heavy and direct!  

Start to finish this is a solid album that combines Progressive Sludge with stoner aspects and more. It’s a far from one dimensional album. All the tracks vary and really hold together well as a body of work. 

The album can be streamed here in full so you can come to your own conclusion! I personally liked this album and will be giving it a few more spins to fully digest it. Always a good sign if I want to divulge deeper into an album. 

The signs are good for this band as they progress and they’ve put out a very good album here. It’s never boring and kept me interested throughout. 

A band firmly headed in the right direction! 



Our fullest heartfelt thanks and love to: 

Moss and Carl from Solus Sound Studios in Bray, Guilherme Dourart(visual artist) for the amazing artwork and friendship,Anita Gabor(Sense of Wonder Photography) for the amazing photos for the promo Oisin McFarland Smith(visual artist) for the amazing photos and friendship, David Darcy, of High Voltage Radio, Philip Keaveney of Burning Metal Ireland,Jake and Elder Druid, Andy and Molarbear, Robert and Tuath for the advice, help and wise words, Zhora, Raum Kingdom, Vulpynes, Stitch Jones,  Quantum Crossroads,Megacone Sotos Dalgas of HeavyDalga RadioShow, Billy and the Doomed and Stoned Crew, Simone Schaccetti(Photographer), God Alone, Coroza, Weed Priest, Mount Soma, Chap Stallion, Leigh Michael, Luke B, Brian Barron, Slung From A Tree, Astralnaut, Marabou, Electric Taurus, Wild Rocket


released March 28, 2018 

Bass,Vocals:Stephen O’Connor 
Guitars:Edward Brophy 
Drums:Adam Cichocki 
Recorded by Iona Death Cult 
Produced by Edward Brophy 
Drum production by Edward Brophy and Adam Cichocki 
Mixed and mastered by Edward Brophy 
Album artwork by Guilherme Dourart



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Wintriness Release Debut Album ‘From Light To Absolute Darkness’ Stream In Full Within



Wintriness is the brain child of one man. All music and arrangements written, recorded and produced by Mr Jordy Thompson. Today he has unleashed his debut album on the world. 

He released this statement.  

Today is a very proud day, as I am able to share the debut Wintriness album with you all. Although this is only a digital release, CDs and merch will become available when we’re ready to return to the stage.

For anyone interested in purchasing ‘From Light To Absolute Darkness’ you will also receive a free digital download of the remastered ‘At One With The Cold’ EP and I could not be happier with the results I have achieved in recent months. Both releases are available in the highest quality via bandcamp.

Massive thanks to Kerri Clarke of Exposing Shadows Photography for promo photos and helping with the album artwork.

John Thompson for helping me achieve the sound I wanted for the album.

Shane Hughes for his dedication and willingness to help bring Wintriness live to the stage for the first time.

Anyone who purchases ‘From Light To Absolute Darkness’

And lastly, none of this could have been achieved without the support and belief Dani Kansanaho had in both myself and Wintriness since the projects inception. Wintriness has always been my outlet through both the good times and bad. It was an honour to have shared a creative input with Dani, so I’d like to dedicate this release to him. You are sorely missed, mate.

I’ve just listened to the album in full and it’s absolutely brilliant. Incredible when you consider this was the work of one man. Phenomenal in fact! A brilliant fusion of death/Black metal with his own individual touch. I heard a riff at one point you’d expect on a folk metal song. 

That’s ‘The Blessing Way’ and ‘Wintrness’ already this year that have put out incredible solo creations. The Vicious Head Society last year… 

I can safely say this album will be on our best of list come the years end. I’m also looking forward to seeing this live when the full band is assembled. A truly amazing feat that one man created this. 

A stunning Black/death metal release and one I’ll be returning to again and again. Truly magnificent! 


Stream it in full here! 





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Canadian Death Metal Band ‘Satanic’ Sign to Brutal Records



SATANIC is without a shadow of a doubt Architecture of Chaos’s darkest, most sinister and Brutal work to date,and in this case it comes to means that the band has gone from the utterly extreme to the genre-expanding and mind-boggling. Death Metal cannot, and will never be the same. Death Metal with Lyrical themes: War, Satanism, Conspiracies worldwide.

Satanic are a Canadian, death metal group about to drop their debut album, Architecture of Chaos. Release on October 30th, 2017 via Brutal Records, Architecture of Chaos promises to bring atmosphere, rawness and nerve shattering intensity.


Satanic are three guys from Trois-Rivieres in Quebec. We have Martin Carle on the drums, Guillame Petit on guitar and vocals and finally, Izaac Beaudoin on bass and vocals.

Architecture of Chaos has 8 tracks on it and is not much more than 40 minutes long. It deals with topics such as war, worldwide conspiracies and Satanism. Satanic are said to be obsessed with old school metal and their debut is claimed to be the most fervent death metal tunes in the history of the genre. 


Architecture of Chaos opens with Mephistophelian which loosely means wicked or fiendish. It is derived from Mephistopheles who was one of the seven chief demons in Medieval Demonology. It is a furiously heavy start with a fast chugging riff before a demonic growl introduces a really infectious riff. The vocals are roared intermittently but the guitars are the lead on this track. The drums lack a little power, production wise, which is a shame but not overly noticeable due to the leading guitar riffs.

Speed riffing is something Satanic do a lot of and do well. World of Chaos has a slower, descending guitar over some sickening, bile inducing growls before launching into a blisteringly fast riff. Armageddon is another good example of it with neck breaking riffage that just gets small interruptions from a bit of rhythm or a bass solo every now and then. Systematic Fear has a riff played so fast and loud, the picking almost blurs into one continuous note.


There is a lot of inventiveness and variation though too, especially with intros. Processing the Undead has a more rhythmic start and the drums sound meatier too which is welcome. It has a great riff at the end with horrific vocals that move in sync with the guitar line that I adore. Architecture of Apocalypse also has a slower start with a sweet bass line that is joined by a solid riff which turns into a nice solo. There is another great little solo near the end that turns into a properly infectious head banging riff. Try not to nod your head to this song. It’s impossible.

The whole album has a real old school death metal feel, even in the production and mastering. What there is though is a ton of little modern touches that elevate Architecture of Chaos. The excellent bass lines and solos, the brilliant riffing, the powerful, satanic vocals and the drumming which pounds along at rip roaring pace with immaculate timing. This is proper death metal – it’s hard hitting, eye opening and bloody good to listen to. There is so much aggression, so much speed but it is balanced off with the right amount of groove and rhythm like in the penultimate track, Biotech Warfare.

It sums up Satanic perfectly. The riffing goes from insanely fast to amazingly catchy. The drums pound out an infectious rhythm before going into overdrive. The bass bangs away creating the perfect foundation and the vocals are disturbingly strong. The album ends on a huge sub 9 minute long death metal orgasm called Tchernobyl 86. Like the rest of the album we move through excellent riff after excellent riff. Constantly heavy it moves through different levels of speed. The vocals sound so good here and the drums sound good too. It is such a strong way to finish the album, dropping all the slow downs and just blasting you with 9 minutes of brutality.


Architecture of Chaos is a seriously good album. Satanic, and Brutal Records, are on to something big here. The production does feel very old school. While I like that, the drums do get a little lost sometimes so could do with a bit more volume. You can hear how amazing the drum patterns are, let’s just hear them a little louder. A minor issue but it doesn’t detract from what is one of the strongest and heaviest death metal albums you are likely to hear this year.

Check it out, you won’t regret it. Just be warned, you may damage your neck once you get into this.

You can ORDER NOW Architecture of Chaos from Plastichead in Europe or MVD in North America. 



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Dimmu Borgir Release New Video/Track ‘Council Of Wolves And Snakes’ From Forthcoming Album ‘Eonian’



Norwegian Black metal legends Dimmu Borgir have released a brand new track ‘Council Of Wolves and Snakes’ from their forthcoming album ‘Eonian’. The second preview track from the album. While ‘Interdimensional Summit’ was a more traditional release, this is very different. It takes a couple of listens, but I like it. 

They released this statement. 

With over 1.3 million YouTube-views on the first single “Interdimensional Summit,” Norwegian devils Dimmu Borgir have proved that they are back for good after over 7 years of silence. On May 4th, the symphonic black metal masters will deliver the new full-length album, EONIAN. Today, the band unveil the second single with a stunning music video.

The experimental, folkloristic “Council of Wolves And Snakes” is risking a look far beyond the horizon and proves that the band follows ‘no formula, no absolute’, as Silenoz (Official) vows, and shows that the path sometimes guides them to places they would have never expected to end up when they started their journey.

Vocalist Shagrath (Official) states: “It’s a song that sticks out from the rest of the album, it’s DIMMU BORGIR going into an experimental direction, but you can also find a lot of black metal inspiration in the middle section of the song. We are a band that has never been afraid of trying out new directions and artistically this is surely a very interesting and different track.”

Order the album at

Download and stream the single at

Their previously released track ‘Interdimensional Summit’ if you missed it! 


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Heart Of A Coward Announce Kaan Tasan As New Vocalist New Single ‘Collapse’ Available Now



UK metal heavyweights HEART OF A COWARD are excited to announce Kaan Tasan joining the band as vocalist. He replaces long-standing member Jamie Graham, who parted with the band in 2017.

The band have also announced a UK tour with tickets on sale on 29 March, check the dates below.

On Kaan joining, the band collectively comment:

“With over 200 submissions to consider, we all had something specific in mind. By no means did we want a carbon copy. We wanted someone that could give the band a new lease of life. As soon as we heard Kaan’s demos we all felt it was a no brainer. Already a good friend of the band, Kaan has been on the road with us and seen it all – so is no stranger to the way we do things. 

“We are all really excited to release our new single “Collapse”. This new chapter has rekindled our love for the band and writing music together.”

Kaan, who many will know from his work with UK Tech-metallers No Consequence, commented: “It’s been an exciting new path joining Heart of a Coward. I’ve always been a fan of the band so to be involved in writing the next record is an awesome experience to say the least! The transformation has felt completely natural and everything has clicked straight away. It’s an exciting year for the band and I’m looking forward to taking to the stage and leading our most ferocious live shows to date!”

Check the band out on one of the following dates:

30 May – London, Boston Music Room
31 May – Birmingham, Asylum 2
1 June – Manchester, Rebellion
2 June – Bournemouth, The Anvil

Having recently celebrated the 5th anniversary of their debut album Hope And Hindrance, HEART OF A COWARD have released 3 studio albums to date, toured with some of the biggest names in metal, played festival main stages, and affirmed themselves as one of this decade’s most vital heavy acts. Now with Kaan on vocals, are ready to build on their legacy and make this new chapter their most exciting yet.

‘Collapse’ is available now on all digital platforms.


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Sixth Extinction Release New Lyric Video ‘Sunken Axe’ Debut Album ‘X And Why?’ Available Now



Sixth Extinction have just released a brand new lyric video ‘Sunken Axe’ from their debut album ‘X And Why?’ which was also released today. It’s a fantastic album which we shall also link here. 

They released this statement today. 

 And here it is finally! The video was taking until the next extinction to load on fb so here is the youtube link! A huge thank you to everyone who helped us make this happen Tue Madsen for all his work and killer turtle productions for their always awesome video work. And you, the people reading this. If we were not having the craic playing gigs with ye this may have never happened! We hope you enjoy. And here is where X and Why? Is….


Buy “X ahd Why?”

Follow on Facebook…

Recorded, mixed and mastered by the god among men Tue Madsen of Antfarm Studios!…

Video produced by Killer Turtle Productions……




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