Jet Fuel Chemistry Release Debut Single ‘Phantom’



Hard Rock newcomers “Jet Fuel Chemistry” have burst onto the scene in their hometown of Dublin, Ireland where underground venues have been shaken to their foundations by hoarse-throated twenty-something rock and metal fans dancing their hearts out to uplifting riffs and grooves that pack a serious punch.

The five-piece ensemble met through session work on the Dublin scene, and bonded over their mutual affection for beastly riffs, leather jackets, whiskey and Ireland’s esteemed Heavy Rock and Metal culture.

Dan Cusack is the ever-moving, ever-grooving frontman of the outfit. The three part rhythm section is made up of heavy rhythm guitarist Lorcan Macken, prog-nut Martin Killeen on drums and Russia’s very own Danny Bochkov rumbling away on bass. Last but not least, David “Dog” O’Grady sprinkles all the thick bluesy goodness he can muster on top. Notoriously, this band plays hard, and bops like a Ryanair flight in a moderate breeze.


They released their debut single ‘Phantom’ yesterday and issued this statement. 


Happy New Year Jet-Heads! As promised, we brought the noise. Our first single “Phantom” is now available to buy and stream on ALL MUSIC SITES. Hope you’re ready for 2018 because there’s plenty left in the tank. Details of all upcoming shows are on the homepage, and if you like the taster attached go follow us on Spotify. See you at the gigs!







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Donum Dei Release First Single ‘Murder And Mayhem’ From Their Forthcoming Debut Album ‘Contribute To Chaos’



Belfast based Donum Dei have just released their first single ‘Murder and Mayhem’ from their forthcoming debut album ‘Contribute To Chaos’. 

They released this statement. 


Here it is! Our first single off our debut album, Contribute To Chaos!

We are incredibly proud of how this album has went. The experience was something we’ll never forget!

Thanks to Josh Sid Robinson at JSR Audio for all his hard work!

We hope you enjoy this! We can’t wait to play this live!

Let us know what you think!

I’ll let them know what I think. I saw them a few years ago in Dublin and thought they were a decent young band. This is a Massive step up though! I didn’t expect this! Already looking like it’ll be in my end of year lists if the album is of equal quality! 

This band are looking like the real deal now! 




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Pethrophile Promotions In Cooperation With ‘MammothFest’ Will Be Running A Competition In Which The Winner Goes Onto Play The Festival



Cork based Pethrophile Promotions have now announced their new partnership with MammothFest which is based in Brighton, UK. 

From March – May they shall have a battle of the bands competition where the winner goes onto play MammothFest. There shall be ten additional competitions in the UK as the festival starts moving towards major grassroots growth/promotion and taking it to the next level. 

The eleven bands shall then go into competition at the festival itself where the best band shall be chosen. 

Each event in Cork shall have a designated headline act each night along with the competition itself. 

There shall be four heats in which four bands go into competition. Two semi final nights and the final itself. 


They released this statement! 

Hello our fellow metalheads! Happy New Year, and we hope ye all had a great night!

We are starting 2018 with big news!

In cooperation with Mammothfest, we will be running a competition to find the best Irish metal band, who will then get to play the fest in October 2018!

10 promoters from UK will be doing the same, so we will have altogether 11 amazing bands sent off to play Mammothfest where the best band will be decided after they all play the festival!

First four heats, and semi finals will take place in An Spailpin Fanach, and the finals will be held at The Poor Relation.

In order to apply you will need to visit our website and let us know why you should win, and submit a copy of your EPK or links to your music online.
But be quick, the closing date is 13/01/2018!

We will be taking entries based on quality , so it is not a first come first served basis. We are limited to 16 spots however it may expand depending on the quality of the entries. So enter if you believe you can win!


Our sponsorship will be from
Holy Cow Tattoo Eire
They are an integral part of the irish and international tattoo scene and have been very supportive of our project , we would advise you to check them out right away !!

Diy music fanatic Jamie Coughlan has always been a massive support for us , both with guidance and exposure , you might even see him on the judges panel !

Irish Metal Archive:
The Irish Metal Archive is a non-profit, DIY operation started in 2010, set up to help promote and preserve the Irish Metal Scene. The aim is to catalog and preserve everything related to Irish rock and metal from it’s earliest roots to present day.

For more information on Mammothfest please visit:  


Heat 1 shall take place on 02/03  

Heat 2 shall take place on 16/03  

Heat 3 shall take place on 31/03 

Heat 4 shall take place on 14/04 

The first Semi Final shall take place on 28/04 which shall feature The winner and runner up from the first two heats. 

The second semi final shall take place on 12/05 which shall feature the winner and runner up from the third/fourth heat. 

All six events shall take place in An Spailpin Fanach. The first four heats are €7 admission. The two semi finals €10 admission. 

The final then takes place on 26/05  in The Poor Relation with the winners and runner up from both semi finals going into battle for a slot at MammothFest 2018. 


Great news for the people of Cork and surrounding areas and of course the Irish scene. Another great opportunity for Irish bands to spread their name internationally! 




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2018: Ones To Watch!

2018: Ones To Watch!



2018 is fast approaching and there’s without doubt many Irish bands that are set to unleash new material upon us during the year. Many of which we are currently unaware, but there’s some bands that we know have material coming in 2018. If not, working on it anyway… 

Here’s a few bands we recommend you keep a close eye on next year. 



Cork based Hardcore/Metal band WORN OUT released their debut video/single in mid December. This is a serious statement of intent! They very much remind me of early Cancer Bats, and that’s a massive compliment coming from me! I’m very much looking forward to what happens next in 2018! 


Call To Arms

Dublin based Call To Arms are set to release their debut album in 2018. A band that have steadily being on the rise for three years now and ready to take it up a notch in 2018. Bigger things await! 




Sixth Extinction 

Clonmel based Groove metal monsters Sixth Extinction went to Denmark in 2017 to work with acclaimed producer Tue Madsen. They are set to release their debut album in 2018. This is going to be good! 



Belfast based Oracle are set to release their debut full length in 2018. They have a five track EP coming first! Considering all the hype coming down, I reckon these lads have something serious in the bag! We are very much looking forward to it! 



Dublin based Death metal titans Jenova are working on new material and hopefully we shall see the next step in this amazing bands evolution in 2018! It’s going to be different, but it is also going to be really good! 


By Conquest Or Consent 

Belfast based By Conquest Or Consent were everywhere in 2015 and then suddenly vanished. They are back with a new single and a new EP to come in 2018. I’m looking forward to their future release as their previous album ‘Empires’ was among my favourite in 2015. 



Belfast based Erosion have just released a new track ‘Manic Smile’ from their self described forthcoming collection of songs “The Cyclopean passage”.  The lads are also confirmed for ‘Rally Of Lúgh Longarm’ so an eventful year awaits them! 


Iona Death Cult 

Dublin based Doom/Sludge/Progressive metal band Iona Death Cult are set to release a new EP early in 2018. The band are on the rise and getting better as time progresses. This could be one of the better releases of early 2018? 

Words That Burn 

After the massive success that was their 2016 release ‘Regret Is For The Dead’ the lads have a new single on the way. The bar was set very high with that album. We gave it our album of the year award last year, so I’m very much looking forward to this release! 



A newly formed black metal trio featuring Shane Hughes formerly of Shrouded. The lads are set to play their first gig supporting Bloodshot Dawn next month and it’s only up from there on. No links etc available as of now, but they are certainly one to keep an eye on in 2018! 


God Alone. 

Cork based Post Metal band God Alone. really made a splash in 2017. Coming from nowhere a band with members aged 16-18 released their debut EP and got the country talking. They are set to release their debut album in 2018 so I’m very much looking forward to hearing it. Incredible potential here!  


Dublin based Marabou are set to release a new EP in 2018. Two new members and now a four piece. A release I’m very interested to hear as the new members will definitely add a new dynamic to their sound. I expect this to be a great EP.  



Belfast based Death metal band Idominus are set to release a new album in 2018. The lads have played together for a while now and I expect this to be an improvement on their previous EP ‘Legion Within’. Another release I’m looking forward to hearing! 


Afterlife To Ashes

Dublin based Alt-metal band Afterlife To Ashes just released their new single ‘Park Benches’ and set to record their follow up release sometime in 2018. 


Black Shuck

Featuring 3/4 members of  Negativ Result. Galway based Black Shuck are set to release new material in 2018. No details as of yet. It’ll be different from their days of old… 


The Sluagh

Dublin based Death Metal band The Sluagh are set to release their self titled album this year. Still in production at present. From this track, it’s already an early album of the year contender! I’m very much looking forward to hearing the full album! 


That’s all the upcoming releases I’m aware of at present. There’s a lot more without doubt, but for now this is our list of bands to watch in 2018. 

Another great year for Irish metal beckons! 









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Our 10 Favourite Releases Of 2017

Our 10 Favourite Releases Of 2017


In this list I share my ten favourite releases of 2017. Some will say where’s this? Where’s that? Which is fine! That’s why I titled this my favourite releases. It would be a bit egotistical to say my own choices are the best…

There’s a lot of Irish releases in here. For no other reason than they deserve their spot. If I listened to it more than once, it’s probably on this list. Not to say other releases are bad. I get so much music sent to me on a daily basis and while the majority of it is very good. Some just don’t grab me like others.  

I had planned to do a bigger list but I don’t have a regular job and Christmas is among our busiest times so time restraints dictated I pick just ten.

In no particular order, here’s the releases I keep returning to!


The Vicious Head Society – Abject Tomorrow

It’s no secret at this point I considered this to be the best album of 2017. I’ve shouted about this since we got a review copy earlier this year. I love Prog metal, and this is everything about the genre done right! The only way it could be improved would be Mikel from Opeth on vocal duties. A true masterpiece that I will return to many times over the course of my life and always enjoy it. A true timeless classic! 


Eternal Helcaraxe – In Times Of Desperation

If ‘Abject Tomorrow’ was not released, this would have been my album of the year! While at its core it’s a Black metal release, it also has real progressive elements to include an instrumental track which is also the title track. I’ve listened to this album on repeat on at least five occasions in the last week as the album only dropped on the 29th. The beauty of this site is the press releases… It’s a true masterpiece and I’ll return to it many more times in the future. The best black metal release this year for me anyway. I’m addicted to this album! 


Overoth – The Forgotten Tombe

This was my favourite Irish Death metal album this year without doubt. Another album I played constantly for about a week upon release. I still return to it now, but generally to listen to ‘God Of Delusion’ again as I absolutely love that track! It’s due another repeat play through so I might as well have it on while doing up this list! Another masterpiece that shall be returned to again and again as the years progress. Overoth came of age with this release!  


Nautilus – The Wrath Of The Sea

I’ve been a fan of this band for years now. I still remember the first time I saw them play live. Granted I’d had a few shandies and some lad gave me a funny cigarette. I think it may have contained ‘The Weed’. Thankfully I didn’t turn into a serial killer or that as a result… I was just standing there and they completely blew me away! The lads had line up issues and recorded this a long time before it finally saw the light of day. It did not disappoint upon release. Everything I saw coming had manifested. Another masterpiece I’ll be listening to years from now. Incredible album! 


The Crawling – Anatomy Of Loss

A band of heavily experienced musicians that all came together to form The Crawling in 2014. In that short time they’ve released an EP, their debut album ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ also playing festivals such as Bloodstock Festival and Metal Days. Their growth is no fluke and this album proved it! Another I’ve listened to numerous times over the year and will no doubt again in the future. A brilliant album start to finish and their D.I.Y videos are always excellent! 



Jenova – The Less You Know, The More You Sleep

Jenova were neck and neck with Drakonis for our EP award. The fact the lads didn’t have a promo picture just swung it. The day after they published one… I suppose let that be a lesson to any bands reading this. A promo picture is extremely important for media sources. A truly excellent Death metal release that I have listened to many times since release. They’re also one of the best live acts in this country and always blow me away when they play live. Brian is growing into an absolute beast as frontman. He has a scream that almost blows the PA! It’s a true sight to behold. A band that are really going places and I’m very much looking forward to their future releases. 

Drakonis – The Great Miasma

This was our EP of the year and a release I’m still listening to on a regular basis. This band showed real promise and fully delivered with this EP. It’s Black metal of course, but with more! So many dynamics and layers to their sound. A true masterpiece that has me more than enthused for their full album release which is coming next. A band I have to see live in 2018! One of the best black metal bands in this country and releases in the genre this year. Beyond brilliant! 

Oblivion – The Path Towards… 

Oblivion are a super band basically. Members of All Shall Perish, Nile, Suicide Silence as examples involved. The revolving door of musicians involved only make this album better as it never gets in any way boring or one dimensional. We awarded this the best international album of the year and that’s a big one I suppose considering the releases this year. I just keep returning to this album and I’m shocked it is not getting huge attention. It does absolutely everything right and when I play the album it is always start to finish! A true death metal masterpiece that should be so much bigger than it is. The worlds best kept secret, that should not be a secret!  


Dyscarnate – With All Their Might

Another album I listened to on repeat for days upon release. I’ve always been a massive fan of this band, but this was just perfect! Al Llewellyn was brought in on Bass/Vocals and was the perfect match for Tom and Matt. While I loved their previous releases, the dynamic on this album was another level. Dyscarnate really came of age with this album. An absolute masterpiece! 

Ne Obliviscaris – Urn

What can I say about this album? It’s just phenomenal. There’s so much going on start to finish and a true work of art! This band have created their own genre with this release and one I’ll be listening to in ten years time without doubt! Absolutely magical. Nothing else needs to be said! 


That’s my ten personal favourite releases this year. Some will disagree with my choices, but that’s the beauty of this world. We all have free speech and opinion. Well, in the western world anyway… 

I had planned to do a top 30, but I couldn’t find the time due to work etc sadly so releases you may rate highly could have missed out for that reason. I could name them all here, but it wouldn’t do them justice without a link. 




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Eternal Helcaraxe Release Long Awaited Second Album ‘In Times Of Desperation’



Cavan based black metal band Eternal Helcaraxe have released their long awaited second album ‘In Times Of Desperation’. 

We reviewed this album last week and gave it a perfect 10/10. As time has progressed and repeat listens, I rate it just as highly and easily one of my favourite releases of 2017. 

They released this brief statement.

“Its finally here!
Our new album “In Times Of Desperation” is available now!
You can listen to the full release stream and purchase on Digital, CD & Digipack here:…

Thank you to all who have preordered!” 

The album can be streamed in full here! 



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