Dutch Progressive Metal Machine Hibakusha Release Debut Album ‘Prophet of Numbers’



Today Holland’s heaviest metal band Hibakusha releases their debut album ‘Prophet of Numbers’. Also, the Haarlem-based quintet recently signed with Bon Fox Artists, the new alternative booking division of Full Spectrum Bookings. The release show will take place on Friday, April 20 in Patronaat Haarlem, The Netherlands. 

Hibakusha’s sound on ‘Prophet of Numbers’ is all about groove and pounding beats with screeching lead-parts. Today the long-awaited debut is finally released and is available on all popular services. The album is recorded, mixed and mastered by Jaap van der Kleijn at Shoelace Productions. The result is a more-than-heavy, but crystal clear sound, that will strike your senses.

Having listened to this album in full, it’s without doubt this band are heavily influenced by Swedish experimental legends Meshuggah. Potentially a bad thing, but not in this case! This is an incredible album from start to finish. At a running time of 53:19 in length it’s clearly not for those that like a quick fix. This is a progressive metal album done right! It’s also better when listened to as a body of work. 

When the album kicked off with their track ‘Kowloon’ I knew I was going to like this album! I wasn’t wrong either! It was a challenging listen at an almost hour running time, but at no point did I skip through it or even consider it. I’m on my second full play through now and it’s even better this time. I think I’ll have to listen to this album at least five times to fully grasp it all, and that to me is a great thing! If it’s growing on me, it’s going to be an album I’ll return to again and again. 

Considering this is the bands debut album, the potential here is scary! Just how good can they become? I don’t think I’ll hear a better debut album this year or any time soon for that matter! This is an incredible album and a band I’ll be keeping a firm on eye on going forward. They haven’t hit 1,500 likes on the Facebook machine as of now so at present not very well known at all. This album will change that in a just and fair world. These lads have everything needed to be huge!! 

One to watch!!! 



Stream In full here! 


2. Prophet of Numbers
3. Frequently Vile
4. Wanderers
5. Entropy
6. The Famous Negative
7. Fractals
8. Chasm
9. Infrequently Vile
10. Mundus Vult Decipi



Hibakusha was formed in 2013. Their debut EP ‘Incarnation’ was released in October 2015. After receiving positive reviews it gained the attention of Buma ROCKS!. Hibakusha was selected out of 120 acts to play at Fortarock 2016. 2016 and 2017 brought the band to FortaRockEuroblastAmsterdam MetalfestEurosonic, Complexity Fest and they were support act for Twelve Foot Ninja among others.


Purchase now at: http://hibakusha.nl/merch/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0yDpqv…

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/nl/album/pro…



Website: http://www.hibakusha.nl

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hibakushaband

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hibakushaband/


Hibakusha is:

Twan Driessen – Vocals

Ruben Leendertse – Guitars

Jochem Kok – Guitars

Sjoerd Folkeringa – Bass

Eddo van den Bos – Drums


Prophet Of Numbers 

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CRYPTIC ENSLAVEMENT: ‘Orgy of Atrocity’ Now Streaming



Vancouver Island Death Metal Outfit, Cryptic Enslavement, debuts “Orgy of Atrocity”; the latest track taken from the groups forthcoming debut album ‘Perverse Hallucinatory Descent’.

“We don’t want to sound like every other brutal/slamming death metal bands. We just want to make our own sound”, states guitarist Yue He. “We all draw influences from several styles of metal and music in general. We decided to try something out of the standard death metal comfort zone by including a technical and progressive atmosphere. We hope you enjoy it.”


‘Perverse Hallucinatory Descent’ offers eight new tracks of Groovy, Tech-Infused Brutal Death Metal for fans of Early-Decapitated, Internal Bleeding, Katalepsy, and more. Featuring album art by Guang Yang(Inanimate Existence, Putridity, Swine Overlord), ‘Perverse Hallucinatory Descent’ was recorded and mixed by Mark Mckitrick at Rain City Recorders and mastered by Stu Mckillop in Vancouver, B.C.

Fans can also listen to the track “Demented Deception” via SLAM WORLDWIDE, here:

‘Perverse Hallucinatory Descent’ is available March 30th. Pre Order here:



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Progressive doom merchants KING GOAT stream lyric video for ‘Doldrum Sentinels’ Second LP ‘Debt of Aeons’ out April 20 via Aural Music



Acclaimed progressive doom-merchants KING GOAT have streamed a new lyric video. ‘Doldrum Sentinels’ is the first listen from their much-anticipated new LP Debt of Aeons.

In the band’s own words, “the album is, in many ways, a reflection of the world in which it was conceived; the result of personal mental decline and the resultant pessimistic view of our species. This negativity permeates the record at an atomic level, seeping from between the riffs and spilling like bile from the lyrics themselves. Our sound further expands on the journey that Conduit began, exploring a multitude of paths to do justice to our vision. Debt of Aeons is upon us and we’re proud to release this record.”


Debt of Aeons will be released on April 20 via Aural Music, with artwork by acclaimed artist Travis Smith (OpethIced EarthKatatonia and many more).

Pre-order the album: https://kinggoat.bandcamp.com/

Debt of Aeons tracklisting:

1. Rapture
2. Eremite’s Rest
3. Debt Of Aeons
4. Psychasthenia
5. Doldrum Sentinels
6. –
7. On Dusty Avenues


This follows KING GOAT‘s steady rise as one of the most highly-regarded bands in British doom. Debut LP Conduit was critically acclaimed worldwide, including support from Metal Hammer, Kerrang!, Terrorizer, Angry Metal Guy (Album Of The Year) and many more. 

The band have previously played at Bloodstock Open AirMammothfestDoom Over London, HRH Doom vs Stoner; and alongside EnslavedGrand MagusSolstafir and others.

For more information:


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Terrorizer Magazine. What’s going on?

Terrorizer Magazine. What’s going on?



England. October 1993, Terrorizer was formed  which would celebrate and elevate some of the best acts in extreme metal. 24 years and 285 issues later, the future of the publication is in a very conflicting and frankly confused state. 

The last physical copy of Terrorizer, issue 285, was sent out in November of last year to UK subscribers. Many in the U.S. and Canada did not receive their copies. The publication hasn’t mentioned anything about it online. Their last blog post was December 18th, 2017. They last Tweeted on December 18th. Terrorizer‘s last Facebook post was published on November 15th. If you check any of the interactions on their dormant social media accounts, you’re bound to find a number of confused and angry readers.

Through a bit of research this morning I’ve discovered the magazine is not dead apparently and something was going on behind the scenes which very few knew about. I saw this from an employee of the company.  “It’s true the mag has been going through problems due to various major production problems and other reasons but is not dead yet…I’ve actually been speaking to the editor recently. An official announcement is due..” On the contrary other people are saying the magazines distributor say the magazine has folded. 

Apparently there’s been some serious issues behind the scenes, but again through a bit more digging I’ve found examples of dodgy dealing for years! One band paid a lot of money to have their EP distributed to their subscribers in 2014 and it wasn’t honoured. I saw more examples and none of it was good! The dirt really came out today…

Another employee said good news was on the way and fully transparency would be made regarding the situation. At this point, they have to say something! Their subscribers are still charged, auto renewals are in place and no magazine released since last November. Many also complaining about not getting their copies before the so called hiatus. 

Trust in the publication is at an all time low now, and while I genuinely hope it continues. They have really messed up here! If there was serious issues and something going on behind the scenes? Just tell people! It’s not a blog, it’s a business. A business that people give their hard earned money and then do not receive the product nor get any explanation as to why it was not delivered. 

There’s a lot of speculation online this morning about the magazine so saying it’s dead seem premature. They’ll have to move fast on this now either way and let people know what is actually going on. Otherwise, this could be among the final nails in the struggling publications history!  

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Display Of Decay Release ‘Forced Frontal Lobotomy’ Lyric Video from Forthcoming Album ‘Art in Mutilation’



Gore House Productions confirms May 18th for Display of Decays highly anticipated “Art in Mutilation”. Official lyric video for the albums “Force Frontal Lobotomy” – Pre Orders now available

Celebrating 10 years since their inception, Display of Decay shows no signs of deceleration. ‘Art in Mutilation’ marks the bands latest chapter and their 5th studio offering. Widely noted for bringing a unique blend of old school death metal, the Edmonton based quartet delivers 8 new tracks of premium, punishing death metal for fans of Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity, Malevolent Creation, and more. ‘Art of Mutilation’ showcases the crews most vicious material to date

Metal Injection debuted the official lyric video for the track “Force Frontal Lobotomy” (made by none other than Scott Rudd Films), and notes “…an absolutely crushing ode to no-frills, old-school brutality”

We agree! 


Featuring album art by Toshihiro Egawa (Defeated Sanity, Devourment, Malignancy), ‘Art in Mutilation’ was Recorded by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) & Marc-o Fréchette and was Mixed/Mastered by Christian Donaldson at The Grid (Beyond Creation, Cryptopsy, Ingested), in Montreal, Quebec. Donaldson also guest appears on the album for a final touch of approval.

Track List:

1. Unable to Identify
2. Forced Frontal Lobotomy
3. Living Monolith
4. Art in Mutilation
5. Condemned to Ash (ft Christian Donaldson)
6. Mortuary of Decay
7. Decimate
8. Human Harvest

“Art in Mutilation” is set for release May 18th on Gore Houes Productions as CD/Digital. Pre orders can be found, here:







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REALMS OF VISION: Title Track For ‘Through All Unknown’ Streaming As LP Nears Release Through Creator-Destructor Records



As California-based REALMS OF VISION prepares for the release of their second album, Through All Unknown, through Creator-Destructor Records this month, the LP’s title track is now available to stream online.


Delivering a groove-drenched style of psychedelic metal, the members of REALMS OF VISION hail from an array of backgrounds, with Frank Costa (Animosity, Entheos) and Corey Largent on guitars and vocals, Mike Ambrose (Set Your Goals) on drums, and Brandon McCubbin on bass. With nine new tracks, Through All Unknown was recorded by Donald Scully, Mixed by Scott Goodrich, and mastered by Paul Miner, and reveals a combination of influences such as Alice in Chains, High On Fire, Type O Negative and Black Sabbath; an amalgamation of darkness, melody, and esoteric intensity, potently paired with modern slam/death metal tendencies.


Realms of Vision will be dropping their debut album, Through All Unknown, on March 30. Guitarist/vocalist Frank Costa states, “‘Through All Unknown’ is my favorite track on the album. We got to touch on a bunch of styles on this one, and it all melded well… The lyrics are about digging deep into who you are, into the society around you, and having the courage to kill your old ideas/old self, and to change things, fearlessly… To take a leap of faith into a new life, more aligned with a higher power and an informed purpose.”



Also hear the previously-released “Deception Mask” at THIS LOCATION.


REALMS OF VISION will release Through All Unknown through Creator-Destructor Records on CD, LP, and digital platforms on March 30th; find preorder options HERE.


Watch for additional audio previews, tour dates, and more to be issued.


From the eerie opening of the intro, “Invoke,” straight into the absolutely decimating sludge/stoner riffage of “State Of Silence,” the listener can tell immediately that these musicians know what they’re doing on Through All Unknown. While combining down-tuned, expertly-written riffs and song-structures is the band’s speciality, the powerful vocals of Costa harken back to the best and darkest aspects of ’90s grunge, with a clean-singing approach that adds crucial memorable hooks to the band’s sound, while not detracting from the sheer heaviness in the slightest. Creating such a unique sound is no easy feat, but REALMS OF VISION has here succeeded in spades.


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