Eternal Helcaraxe Release Second Track ‘The Healer And The Cross’ From Their Forthcoming Album ‘In Times Of Desperation’



Cavan based Black metal titan Eternal Helcaraxe have released a second track from their forthcoming album ‘In Times Of Desperation’. I don’t have the embed code for the previous track ‘The End Of All Things’ so hit up the link below if you enjoyed this track. 

This band are one of the best Black Metal acts in this country without debate or doubt. They also put on a brilliant live show! 

Two songs in and we are now of the opinion they may be about to unleash their finest work to date. A bold statement as they have always produced incredible music. From what I’ve heard to now, it sounds like they have created their own sound and vibe. The full album will tell the story of course, but it’s looking very positive! 

They said. 

‘Healer and The Cross’ is the second preview track from our upcoming album ‘In Times Of Desperation’! Available Dec 29th.

Track available and album pre order at the following links in 3 different formats: digital, CD and A5 formats.
Preorder here:…


The End Of All Things:



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Liam & Dave From Sixth Extinction List Their Favourite Pantera Songs As Darrell Lance ‘Dimebag’ Abbott’s Anniversary Nears



On December 8th the great Dimebag Darrell’s life was cut short by a crazed gunman who apparently blamed him for the split of legendary band Pantera. Those who know the real story are well aware the band came to an end due to Phil and his personal demons brought on by agonising pain and refusal to get back surgery. The man feel deeper and deeper and with no contact at this point, Darrell and his brother Vinnie went on to form Damage Plan as they just wanted to stay on the road playing heavy music. 

An interview with a mentally fragile Phil probably didn’t help by saying Darrell should be severely beaten. The last words he ever spoke about his longtime friend, and without doubt haunts the man to this day! 

On Saturday December 9th, Damage Inc. Galway are holding Galways first ever remembrance night and Sixth Extinction are the headline act. The band like many of their age group were of course heavily influenced by the great Pantera and today we bring you Liam and Dave’s personal choices of songs that resonated with them to the most. 



 5 Minutes Alone

One of the first songs that got under my skin from Pantera. I was in a band a ling time ago and we used to cover Pantera songs. This was the second one we did. And i couldn’t get enough of it. Loved it from day one and still do. Its a powerhouse!


A New level

The first song we covered!! The song caught hold with an epic riff and wouldn’t let go. A proper neck breaker! Really enjoyed playin this one!


Cemetery Gates

An amazing song. Nobody can deny that i think, a vocal display of pure mastery!! Just shows how diverse Pantera were, they were dialled in with each other and everything they touched was gold!


Suicide Note pt 1

Love this one. Diving deeper into Phils head after his problems, puts it on his sleeve and embraces it with this solid beauty of a song! A quality delivery all round. Atmospheric and potent.


Drag The Waters

This one got me with its grit. The song is just dirty with crunch! Never gets old! Too many huge songs to pick from but this is worthy of making the cut! For anyone that hasn’t heard it. Listen to it and you’ll understand!




Cowboys From Hell

What got me into Pantera was the home videos ,by the time this song comes on ,you are already a lifelong fan . The first thing that struck me about the band from this song / vid is that they didn’t take themselves too seriously ,which you don’t see a lot of bands doing . An absolute beast of a riff to introduce the band too. 



A pure example of less is more in the riff department . A couple of notes can become a signature song just like that. Its still an absolute belter!



I’m Broken 

When I was able to afford my first big stereo ,that was the song I tested it on .. and it survived , that’s quality control right there ! One of the many songs full of riffs to make anyone start Tim Allen grunting , a great simple video to go with it too , a band in its prime enjoying itself .



Immortally Insane 

This would be considered dark and atmospheric by Pantera standards , that’s awesome slow grooving riff really holds it together , you get an impression of where Pantera could have headed musically .




No Pantera list would be complete without this absolute belter on it ! A perfect mix of thrash and groove crammed with riffs and with a savage outro (on the same par as Sepultura’s Dead Embryonic Cells)


That concludes the lads list. I think you’ll agree they are excellent tracks and hard to argue with these choices. Even if another track was mentioned? There’d be many, many more to consider such was the quality of the bands output! 






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Swedish Extreme Metal Band ‘Bitch Hawk’ Unveil New Music Video For Single ‘Death!’



What do you get if you cross a hugely successful songwriter who has written hits such as Icona Pop’s “I Love It”, an internationally renowned jazz guitarist, a highly skilled drummer and the singer of from ‘Satan Takes A Holiday’? Bitch Hawk!, that’s what!

Bringing together such diversity has created an explosive, aggressive and relentless musical landscape nestled somewhere in the extreme-metal sonic range while keeping it all distinctly punk.  Death! pulls no punches, being the second taster from the up-coming self-titled ‘Bitch Hawk’ full-length release (5th Jan 2018), this is 2 minutes and 11 seconds of pure frenetic energy.

For the video, the band tried to find a visual representation of the track, finally resting with a montage of Electroboom’s misadventures from Youtube, check out the video below.



Pre-Order the full length release ‘Bitch Hawk’ – Gatefold Vinyl version

About Bitch Hawk

Take one of Sweden’s most respected jazz guitarists, a billboard songwriter from the Swedish songwriting wonder, an established rock singer and a ska drummer, and you get, perhaps unexpectedly, the hardest rock you’ll hear this year. It’s like somebody had too much coffee. It’s tractor pulling fuzz guitars and stiff boned drums. It’s neo-thrash-, punk-, hardcore-, sludge-, speed-metal. It’s the perfect blend of Beastie Boys and Bathory.

Patrik Berger, the bass player, is a well-known songwriter to big stars like Lana Del Rey and Charli XCX. Among the numerous hits’ he’s written notable tracks include “I Love It” for Icona Pop and “Dancing on My Own” together with Robyn. Andreas Hourdakis, the guitarist, is a well known Swedish jazz guitarist that plays international shows in Magnus Öström’s (E.S.T) band and just released a well-received solo album as Andreas Hourdakis Trio. The singer Fred Burman also sings in the band ‘Satan Takes A Holiday’. On drum, we find Henrik Holmlund.

Find Bitch Hawk online:


Bitch Hawk are:

Fred Burman – Vocals
Andreas Hourdakis – Guitar
Patrik Berger – Bass
Henrik Holmlund – Drums

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MANGOO: Finnish Fuzz/Doom Rockers Release Video “Beyond The Sky” From Forthcoming Album ‘The Heat’ via Small Stone



Finnish fuzz rockers MANGOO (pronounced “man go”) will drop their forthcoming full-length, The Heat, via Small Stone next week. The Turku-based outfit’s third full-length boasts a wall of thick, fuzz-fueled guitars and hard-hitting drums with an added sprinkling of analog synth sounds. Combined they result in a sound truly the band’s own – someplace between grunge, classic heavy rock, and a progressive psychedelic spaciousness that refuses any and all boundaries of style between rock and metal and beyond.


“Beyond The Sky.” The captivating new clip was selected to be screened and compete in the Finnish Oulu Music Video Festival 2017. Offers the band of their latest Atte Heinonen-directed work, “Once again, director Atte Heinonen did an amazing job with the video. We are especially thankful for not having to appear in it at all. Atte and Juha [Koivisto] came up with an interesting and personal interpretation that gives the song a new dimension. We are also very grateful for Gidon Tannenbaum’s [Mother Kasabian] kick ass guest appearance on the track.”


Adds Atte Heinonen, “Tormenter is alluring. Tormenter is cunning. Tormenter is brutal. Tormenter is with us all. Can you find a key to your prison? The video to MANGOO‘s ‘Beyond The Sky’ is a grindhouse style story about three young women on a roadtrip that takes a strange turn. The soundtrack vibe of the song inspired me to make a cinematic video, actually more like a short film. We developed the idea during the summer of 2016, and the production started in the fall. All in all, we spent seven days shooting it. We built our own props and two sets of miniature models. Two of the locations where in an old clergy house dating from the 18th century. We got the whole thing done just in time for the Oulu Music Video Festival, where it was accepted into the domestic competition category. There it went up against 112 other videos selected from 402 entries. For a music video, this was quite a big chunk of work, but we got it packaged very nicely thanks to an amazing and dedicated team!”



And if you missed it, view the video clip for MANGOO’s first single, “Relief,” RIGHT HERE.


The Heat will see release via Small Stone on December 8th, 2017. Preorders are currently available at THIS LOCATION.


MANGOO has been busting out the fuzz since 2005 when they released their untitled debut EP. Countless beers, shows, and drummers later in 2009 the first full-length, Neolithic, was released on 7:45 Records. With a firm lineup of vocalist/guitarist Richard “Pickles” Dahllund, guitarist/backing vocalist Mathias “Mattarn” Åkerlund, bassist/backing vocalist Igor del Toro, drummer/backing vocalist Teemu Pulkkinen, and keyboardist/backing vocalist/noisemaker/engineer Niklas Björklund, they engage new expanses as they follow-up their 2012 Small Stone debut, Neverland, with the eleven songs of The Heat.


Mega-choruses like “Get Away” and “Grey Belly” provide landmarks while MANGOO brings psychedelic heft to “Beyond The Sky” and the title-track, which, at seven minutes, seems to draw together everything the album that shares its name has to offer – except perhaps in the closing cover of Eddie Murphy’s 1985 single “Party All The Time.” Not that they needed to remind listeners to stay on their toes because you never know what’s coming when MANGOO emerges from the studio, but suffice it to say the track remains an earworm for the ages.


All told, MANGOO‘s The Heat is fifty-three minutes of masterful heavy rock and roll of inimitable personality and unmistakable songcraft. It is a welcome return after half a decade from a band who have obviously not been wasting their time in terms of growth and forward progression, and a surefire highlight for any underground heads lucky enough to take it on.




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Australian Hardcore Band SANCTUM & SOLACE Release New Single & Lyric Video ‘SLAVE’



Sanctum & Solace, North Queensland’s most fire new heavy act, are today bringing their tropical heat to everyone. Today they are dropping their new track/lyric video Slave, a brand new taste of a forthcoming EP that will see the light of day in early 2018. Slave will be available for purchase and for streaming from this Friday December 1st on iTunes and Spotify. 

The band have been in operation since 2013 and have found themselves with a strong foothold in the Queensland heavy music scene due to an undeniably awesome work and tour ethic, playing a tonne of shows this year and last and have been packing out shows up and down the QLD coast. 

The outfit put out Taedium Vitae in October to an awaiting fanbase, which was the first taste of this new music. They even received some love from triple j’s Short. Fast. Loud. presenter, Josh Merriel, who has also got behind the band from the start – even playing Keeper, a track from their early Demos on SFL. They have played along side the likes of Aussie bands Deadlights, Vitals, Promethean, Stepson and She Cries Wolf, the band has received overwhelming responses from everywhere they’ve played. 

This new track ‘Slave’ is an absolute force of nature from go to whoa, with the song not letting up throughout it’s entirety. Soon to be releasing a newly recorded EP mixed and mastered by Gareth Hargreaves at Tall Tree Studios which has now sadly closed down. Gareth Hargreaves at Tall Tree Studios recorded the band’s energetic take on hardcore, using all live recordings. The band wanted to capture that live feeling and emotion captured on stage. 

James Levin, guitarist for the band, said that they were absolutely stoked to be getting this track out into the world. “We put everything we have into our music and these new tracks are 100% the best things we have created to date – so I couldn’t be more excited to get them out, to be honest.”

For more information, please go to Slave will be available for purchase and for streaming from this Friday December 1st on iTunes and Spotify.



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CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Unveils ‘Wolf Named Crow’ Video From Forthcoming ‘No Cross No Crown’ Full-Length



CORROSION OF CONFORMITY is pleased to unveil the official new music video for “Wolf Named Crow” from their forthcoming No Cross No Crown full-length.


Issues bassist Mike Dean of the tune, “‘Wolf Named Crow’ started with a couple of riffs Pepper was sitting on for a while. We learned those and collectively came up with a bridge on the spot and it fell together naturally. It reminds me of a new take on Wiseblood-era COC and Reed played some very original, yet very Bill Ward inspired fills. It’s easily my favorite track on this record.”



If you missed it, view CORROSION OF CONFORMITY‘s ongoing No Cross No Crown video blog series conducted by J. Bennett via the links below:


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Listen to CORROSION OF CONFORMITY‘s first single from No Cross No Crown, “Cast The First Stone,” here:


No Cross No Crown marks the band’s first recording with vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan in over a decade. The record will see worldwide release on January 12th, 2018 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment on CD, digital, vinyl, and cassette formats. Various preorder bundles are currently available at:


Recording in North Carolina with longtime producer John Custer, on No Cross No Crown beefy Southern stompers like “The Luddite,” “Little Man,” and “Forgive Me” are interspersed with melancholy guitar interludes like “No Cross,” “Matre’s Diem,” and “Sacred Isolation” – just like Sabbath used to do in the ’70s. In the end, the record serves as irrefutable proof of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY‘s ability to overcome. “CORROSION OF CONFORMITY and the prior records I’ve done with them didn’t just go away,” Keenan observes. “It’s an honor to be back out there and have an opportunity to do it again in a real way and not some washed-up reunion thing. Even before we wrote the record, we were out there for a year seeing there was a demand for it and that there was a void that we could fill. We’re not chasing anybody around. We’re not gonna worry about trends. CORROSION OF CONFORMITY is CORROSION OF CONFORMITY.”



Pepper Keenan – vocals, guitar
Woodroe Weatherman – guitar
Mike Dean – bass, vocals
Reed Mullin – drums, vocals






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