Irish Hardcore Band Rouen Release New Single Void



Dublin based hardcore upstarts Rouen have released their second single ‘Void’.  Like their previous track ‘Breed’ it only highlights the fact this band are heading firmly in the right direction! 

A band I’m following with great interest and like their hardcore attitude towards the whole industry. This was their statement upon release. 

 Newest single from Dublin-based band, Rouen. Riffs for days. If you like ’em, like it, share it, etc. You know the drill.

-New Single-


Have a listen if you’re up for a riff or two.

If you’re up for more, you can catch us supporting the amazing BAILERat their EP Launch in The Underground on the 9th March, alongside Animator.

Event Page:




Apple Music:







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At The Gates Release New Video ‘To Drink From The Night Itself’ Taken From Their Forthcoming Album ‘To Drink From The Night Itself’ Out May 18th Via Century Media



Swedish legends At The Gates have just released the lead single and title track to their forthcoming album ‘To Drink From The Night Itself’ which is set for release on May 18th via Century Media records. 

They released this statement. 

AT THE GATES frontman Tomas Lindberg checked in to comment about the track as follows: “So, for the first song to present to the public, we chose the title track of the album. Which is also the opening track of the record. To us, this gives a presentation of the attitude of the album: raw, hungry and desperate. It also gives an introduction to the whole concept of the record. We live through our art, and the whole album deals with the concept of art. Art as a tool either for revolution, or suppression. To drink from the night itself is just that, a metaphor for living and breathing through art. Of course the concept goes deeper than that, but this song is the heart of the concept, the fierce call to arms so to say. We are still at war, but this time we are fighting the abyss, the abyss of apathy and oppression. It is an aggressive song, but also contains a lot of the other elements of the band´s sound on this record. Melancholia, desperation and struggle. For the first video we chose to use Patric Ullaeus again, as he is good at capturing the raw energy of the band playing live. In the video you can also see glimpses of the art used for the cover, so it binds it all together nicely. Enjoy.”


“To Drink From The Night Itself”, which is due out May 18th, 2018 via Century Media Records is available for pre-order now here:



“To Drink From The Night Itself” track listing:

01. Der Widerstand
02. To Drink From The Night Itself
03. A Stare Bound In Stone
04. Palace Of Lepers
05. Daggers Of Black Haze
06. The Chasm
07. In Nameless Sleep
08. The Colours Of The Beast
09. A Labyrinth Of Tombs
10. Seas Of Starvation
11. In Death They Shall Burn
12. The Mirror Black

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Review: Strangle Wire – The Dark Triad

Review: Strangle Wire – The Dark Triad




Behind the locked doors that lie in the shadows, at the end of forgotten passageways, in the depths of every human mind…madness waits, scratching at the splintered wood with bleeding fingers. Insanity and depravity in all its many hues and colours – blood red to pitch black – kept concealed and restrained for the sake of our society; that thin wall of laws and empathy that saves us from ourselves. But sometimes those locks fail, or the keys are purposefully turned, unleashing the monsters from within. Strangle Wire’s The Dark Triad is the sound of the monsters set free, the sound of broken minds and twisted personalities, the sound of an insidious assault on the light that keeps the night at bay.

Summoned into existence in Belfast, Northern Ireland, barely a year ago, Strangle Wire’s ineffable darkness and intimidating power is the result of a fusion of talent and experience. Between them, the members of this most potent death machine can boast decades of experience in the catacombs of the metal underground but together they have created something greater than all their past endeavours; something so severe, so saturated in dire cruelty and undiluted poison as to be unstoppable.

The dungeon doors first creaked open in June of 2017, when Grindscene Records sent Strangle Wire’s first EP, Narcissism, out into the world. The two tracks from that limited edition release now form the first chapter of the colossal new album, The Dark Triad. Divided into three sections, entitled Narcissism, Psychopathy and Machiavellianism, The Dark Triad takes the listener into the dark heart of the human condition, propelling them ever onward with a musical force of savage intensity, death metal possessed of speed, groove and supreme heaviness. Produced by Chris Fielding (Hooded Menace, Primordial, Witchsorrow etc) this album hits with skull-splintering force.

Spanning six tracks, this album really divulges into the darker side of the human condition and does so to excellent effect. As of now the band have released three of the six tracks so rather than write a long drawn out review I’ll add them to this piece. If you enjoy them? You’re going to love this album as a body of work! 

Track 1: The Games They Play. The bands debut video/single and perfect starting point for this incredible album. It just grabs you and beats you senseless. In the best possible way of course! 


Track 2: The Narcissist. The second single/video from the band and the descent into the darker realms of the human mind within this album is now firmly underway! Excellent lyrical content and delivered in a slow menacing tone/tempo throughout. (The audio on this upload isn’t great for whatever reason. Not a reflection of the actual production) 


Track 3: Psychopathic Blue. The bands most recent video and a great track to set the tone for the album. Dark lyrical content delivered in a sinister way. A top class track and video to match! 


The fourth track on the album ‘The Failure Exhibit’ is possibly my favourite track on the album. It’s an absolute tour de force throughout and has a some amazing riffs. It’s slightly different from the previously released tracks, but an absolute belter! 

Penultimate track ‘Through A Black Lens’ has similarities to the albums opening track ‘The Games They Play’ so that means it’s also an excellent track. 

We concluded this Death metal masterpiece with  ‘Den Of Inequity’ and like the albums fourth track  ‘The Failure Exhibit’ is possibly my favourite track on the album. This is different from that track though. It’s truly dark and menacing. “What Do They Say?”, “What Do They Want?” in references to the voices within. Incredible lyrical content and sounds like the diary of a man that is losing their mind. It then fades out slowly and concludes the album perfectly. 

I honesty don’t think I’ll hear a better death metal album this year. Without doubt I’ll hear many great releases, but this will be on par with all the great death metal releases of 2018. It’s simply flawless, and an album I will listen to again and again. 

Album of the year contender! No doubt about it! 



With an imminent performance at Decimation Fest II in Madrid, with Haemorrhage and Disavowed, to be followed by a prestigious slot at the Las Vegas Deathfest in May, alongside Dying Fetus and Incantation Strangle Wire are set to deliver their message of madness to the world.

I vocals 
II Bass 
III Guitar
IV Drums 

Genre: Psychological Death Metal
For fans of: Dying Fetus | Cannibal Corpse | Sinister
Further Information: www.




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Display of Decay: Album Details Revealed

Display of Decay: Album Details Revealed



Edmonton-based Death Metal Force, Display Of Decay has revealed details for their highly anticipated studio offering ‘Art in Mutilation’

“Art in Mutilation is a statement by Display of Decay, staying true to their brand of death metal and not submitting to any trends”, states D.O.D collectively. “The team at The Grid has worked with veteran acts such as Beyond Creation, The Agonist, Ingested, and many others. We all felt this was the right move to capture the sound of our most technical material to date, at a standard of quality that has yet to be rivalled by any other producer in the Canadian metal scene.”


Featuring album art by Toshihiro Egawa Art (Defeated Sanity, Devourment, Malignancy), ‘Art in Mutilation’ was Recorded by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) & Marc-o Fréchette and was Mixed/Mastered by Christian Donaldson at The Grid (Beyond Creation, Cryptopsy, Ingested), in Montreal, Quebec. Donaldson also guest appears on the album for a final touch of approval.

Track List:
1. Unable to Identify
2. Forced Frontal Lobotomy
3. Living Monolith
4. Art in Mutilation
5. Condemned to Ash (ft Christian Donaldson)
6. Mortuary of Decay
7. Decimate
8. Human Harvest

‘Art in Mutilation’ is set for release May 18th on Gore House Productions as CD/Digital

Display of Decay is:
Sean Watson – Guitars
Avery Desmarais – Drums
Jacob Maisonneuve – Bass
Jessy Leduc – Vocals


Track 4 from Dust of Existence (2015)



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Marabou Release Debut EP ‘Spirit Lights’ 



Marabou was formed in early 2011 and hail from Wexford, Ireland. Originally setting out as a three-piece powerhouse with a sound that bastardises elements of metal, post-hardcore and alternative-infused power and went about creating a serious buzz within the Irish underground music scene. 
Garnishing a healthy following over the years, Marabou quickly liberated themselves from their local hometown and have since established themselves as one of Ireland’s fastest rising genre-heavy bands and having armed themselves with an extra guitar and vocal, their unquestionable live performances are jam-packed with raw visceral and sonically-charged compositions that have to be seen to truly understand their maximum potential.
Playing to their own unique groove, Marabou embrace their love from all aspects of heavy music – infusing their musical influences and personal experiences into an originally solid, hard and harsh sound that is truly their own.

Looking to capitalize on the success of the release of the video for their single ‘Pig killers’, the band have now released their debut EP Spirit Lights

They released this statement

***** ANNOUNCEMENT *****

We are proud to announce our debut ep Spirit Lights is now on sale on iTunes and can be purchased by following the link provided. If you have a more preferred online store our ep will have hit 200+ online stores by March 10th so there will be plenty of options for you to choose from. 
Free streaming is also available by following the soundcloud link. 
More to follow!!




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Review: Donum Dei – Contribute To Chaos

Review: Donum Dei – Contribute To Chaos



Belfast based Donum Dei who’s name name means ‘Gift From God’ in Latin were formed in November 2011 by brothers Thomas and Alastair Marshall. In 2014 they took it up a notch with their complete line up. Appearing in the Dublin based Metal To The Masses competition as an example. They were a very good band for their age at the time and showed signs of promise.

They then dropped their debut EP ‘Justice Fails’ in 2015. Which was heavily influenced by Metallica. It was a very good EP, but I just couldn’t get Metallica songs out of my head while listening to it. It had so many similar riffs etc. As a young band at the time I forgave them as they were still learning their trade and young bands generally wear their influences on their sleeve. 

They released their lead single for this album ‘Murder and Mayhem’ on December 31st last year to wet the palates of the public. It actually knocked me back at the time! Who was this? Clearly it was Donum Dei, but I didn’t expect this! I had heard people from Belfast hyping them, but I had no idea they had made such a jump. Gone were the Metallica inspired songs and Hetfield style vocals. In their place, we had now and an excellent song that sounded like its own entity while Thomas spat out rasping vocals with death metal style growls in there. I was interested! 

Now after listening to the full album I can say with all honesty, this band have came of age with this release. It’s just staggeringly good from start to finish. It’s still Thrash metal, but there’s other influences in there also that really add to the bands new direction. Like UK based Divine Chaos they have stuck to the Thrash formula but made slight adjustments here and there to keep it interesting. 

Musically this band were always good, but they’ve really stepped it up on this release. They took all that they had and took it up to ten! A phenomenal improvement form their last release.  

I’ve included their previously released  ‘Murder and Mayhem’ here for you to check out. If you like the sound of this? I’m fairly sure you will really like the album.  

I’m also very much looking forward to checking them out live next month in Galway. This material is so strong and anyone I know that has listened to this in advance speaks very highly of it. 

This is going to be on my best of Irish releases list next December. No doubt about it!! 








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