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God Alone. Release New Single ‘Dagda’

God Alone. Release New Single ‘Dagda’


GOD ALONE are a five piece Post/Black Metal band from Cork, Ireland. They combine the huge atmosphere of post metal and wretched black metal vocals with elements of drone​​, hardcore, math rock, electronic music and other genres. They released their debut EP “INTIVIM” on 19/8/17.

A year passed passed and their new single Dagba has been unleashed. It’s without doubt a definite evolution of their sound and moving in a new direction as such. When considering the bands average age is 18 there were always going to be changes as they grew as a both a band and musicians. 

This track only backs up why we gave them the best new band award last year on our end of year round ups that nobody gives a fuck about. They’re only going to get better too so if you haven’t gotten onboard with this band as of now, maybe it’s time to remedy that! 

They released this brief statement. 

D A G D A.



The lads are also set to appear at the next instalment of Mammothfest. 





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Grey Stag – The Guide EP Review

Grey Stag – The Guide EP Review


Dublin based progressive sludge band Grey Stag are about to unleash their debut EP ‘The Guide’ upon the masses. The lads formed in 2017 and over a very short period of time have built a solid name for themselves within the Irish scene for their impressive live shows and obvious talent. 

Like any progressive sludge band there’s a clear early Mastodon influence to their sound, but that’s not a bad thing in my mind. If you’re going to have an obvious influence, make it one of the best the genre has to offer! 

Spanning over four tracks the listener is treated to an excellent collection of progressive sludge that at no point drags or had me considering skipping forward. If anything I wanted to go back over the tracks again to continue absorbing them as like any great release it’s a grower. The tracks all improve with repeat listens and by my third playthrough I was hooked! 

This is without doubt up there with the better releases I’ve heard this year. Absolutely without question! They’ve also done something most bands of this nature could not achieve and make this release a flowing body of work. It’s everything good about this particular genre of heavy music and then some! 

This EP will be in our best of lists come the years end. It’s an excellent release and one that should in a just and fair reality send this band to the next level. It really is that good!

I’ve already witnessed them live and thirty seconds in I knew this band where going to work for me. I was right! This EP has blown me away on a similar level to that live performance. The more I think about it, it’s maybe the best EP by an Irish act this year? There’s still time yet so we shall see… 

Grey Stag have arrived! 



Track listing: 

1: The Guide

2: House Of Wolves 

3: Labrynth

4: Those Of Stone


Artwork: Dabulga Design

Recording/Mastering: Trackmix Studios





EP Launch! 



Live video: The Boats (Not On The EP) 

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London Black Metallers HEX MORBIDITY Release Lyric Video For New Song DECREE OF THE NAZARENE



Rising gothic black metal talent HEX MORBIDITY have unveiled their latest release entitled “Decree of the Nazarene”, with a lyric video available to view now. The fast-paced melodic black metal track has been a regular in the band’s live sets, but can finally be enjoyed in full with lyrics.


The song was recently featured on the compilation album British Black Metal Vol 1 by underground metal label Marwolaeth Records, and is available to download for free and buy now here:



Frontman Jarod Lawley comments: “Decree of the Nazarene is about the fall of the church, and retaking of ruined chapels and burial grounds by nature as it overgrows and runs wild again. For me, it represents liberation from religion and a return to the power of natural forces.”


HEX MORBIDITY have been busy since their debut gig in September 2017, playing across the country and frequently in their hometown of London. They impressed in the London Metal 2 The Masses competition, making it to the semi-finals. Despite their increasing popularity, the band remains unsigned.


You can catch HEX MORBIDITY at Warhorns 2018 and supporting Vallenfyre at their final show on September 29th in London. For full gig listings, including further London and Birmingham dates, click here. The band will also appear alongside FinsterforstObscurity and Countless Skies at Nambucca in London in November.



Jarod Lawley – vocals and guitar

Torbjørn Jørstad – guitar

Demitri Levantis – drums

Arianna Mahsayeh – cello

Desirèe Catena – bass







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Australian Grindcore Band Maggot Cave Release Debut EP





After a previously released rehearsal set on Bandcamp aka ‘Raw Rehearsal’, they have now unleashed their debut EP titled ‘EP’ upon the world. 

It’s a pure filth driven grindcore attack. In the best possible way though!  In true grindcore style there’s even a six second long track ‘EARHOLE’. 

Only one track passes the minute mark in length. ‘Maggot Shit’ is technically 1:02, but at 3:36 in length ‘SUCKED ON THE PRICK’ is their future stadium anthem and track they sold out on… Keep listening to the end! 

There’s many great samples on this EP and all in all it’s a fantastic if short listen. No complex song structures or anything of the like here. Just straight ahead grindcore and that’s just fine with me! 

One of my favourite releases this year without doubt and one I’ll return to many times in the future. 


Check out EP here! 


Recorded Dec 2017 by Jay Whalley 
Mastered by Rob Meyers 
Art By Glenno 

Dave – Vox 
Ben – Guitar 
Alex PC – Bass / Vox 
Muzz – Drums 

Thanks heaps to the labels who released this record: 
Grindhead Records 
Goodtimes Records 
NGM Records 
Flip To Presant Records 
Stocked Records 
Reheated Cabbage Records 
Pull Me Dick Mate Records


Released September 11, 2018





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Deicide Release New Music Video ‘Defying The Sacred’ From Their Album ‘Overtures of Blasphemy’ Which Is Out Now!



New Music Video For “Defying The Sacred”; ‘Overtures of Blasphemy’, Out Now! 

A new music video for “Defying The Sacred” can be viewed now at the link below and was directed by the renowned 
Film Director Scott B Hansen (Animals As Leaders, Whitechapel) Digital Thunderdome Studios . ‘Overtures Of Blasphemy’ was released today via Century Media Records.

***NOTE: Due to a manufacturing delay, all US physical purchase copies will be available next week on 9/21***

“Defying The Sacred” Official Music Video

Find it at digital retailers and streaming sites here –

“This is a fiery, bold and extremely diverse record full of brilliant nuance and merciless old-school pummeling!
— Decibel Magazine

“It’s old-school DEICIDE for a new generation!”
— REVOLVER Magazine

“Overtures of Blasphemy walks the line expertly between melodic and balls-out insanity for a focused and potent death metal record to solidify that Deicide are still the kings!”
— Metal Nexus

“Overtures of Blasphemy is definitely DEICIDE’s strongest release in quite some time. It puts everything into a pristine, pummeling form.”
— Dead

The big boys have had their say and we fully agree. Their best album in a long time. Many wrote this band off but I always felt they had another one in the tank. I was right! 

Easily one of my favourite death metal releases this year! 


Get the album now:

Full album stream! 



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Soulfly Release New Track ‘Dead Behind The Eyes’ Featuring Randy Blythe Of ‘Lamb Of God’



Metal icons Soulfly are set to release their devastating new album Ritual, on October 19 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. 

Pre-order SOULFLY’s eleventh studio album Ritual, in various physical and digital formats at

Comments guitarist/vocalist Max Cavalera:
“I am really stoked to be working again with two of my favorite artists, Eliran Kantor and Marcelo Vasco! The Ritual artwork is very mystic and captures the vibe of the album perfectly. For this one, we really tried to retain the groove of early SOULFLY as well as my love for the heavy, fast stuff I’m into: like death and black metal and some hardcore. Working with Josh Wilbur for SOULFLY this time around has been amazing. He’s a huge fan and added a lot to the record. I would fight for the fast songs and he would always push me to add more groove. I think in the end we created a really cool mix of songs that covers a lot of ground in my career. Let the Ritual begin!”

Producer Josh Wilbur adds:
Before I had ever recorded a record, in my formidable years, Max released the holy trinity that was (at least to me) Chaos A.D., Roots, and Soulfly 1. I wanted to make a record that captured what I loved about those when I was growing up! Those records inspired me and introduced me to heavy metal. Fast forward to now and I was given the opportunity to make the record I wanted as an fan! So I set up some mics, recorded some riffs, we banged on some galvanized metal, roto toms, djembes, and anything else we could get, then I told Max to ‘BRING DA SHIT’!”

Metal icons Soulfly are set to release their devastating new album, RITUAL, on October 19th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

Listen to “Dead Behind The Eyes” featuring guest vocals from Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe and pick up the album at



Ritual was produced, recorded and mixed by Josh Wilbur (KILLER BE KILLED, LAMB OF GOD, GOJIRA). Cover artwork was painted by artist Eliran Kantor (TESTAMENT, ICED EARTH, SODOM). Additional booklet art was handled by Marcelo Vasco Arts (SLAYER, HATEBREED, KREATOR), who also handled the package design. The album features multiple guests including Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) and Ross Dolan (Immolation).

Ritual track listing:
1. Ritual
2. Dead Behind The Eyes (feat. Randy Blythe)
3. The Summoning
4. Evil Empowered
5. Under Rapture (feat. Ross Dolan)
6. Demonized
7. Blood On The Street
8. Bite The Bullet
9. Feedback!
10. Soulfly XI






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