Why Metal Music Is On The Rise!

Why Metal Music Is On The Rise 


The Underground 

First and foremost has to be the rise of the underground in recent years. The spirit now seems to be stronger than ever! Look at the Bloodstock Metal To The Masses competition. That’s filling venues all over the UK and Ireland now and all the bands performing have to be Unsigned to enter! I follow Simon Hall online and if you believe the Underground is dead? Look at the pictures he posts. I’m talking 300+ venues packed to the rafters! 
Look at Siege Of Limerick here! All underground acts and getting massive crowds twice a year… 
The underground was always about it’s us versus the world and it’s grows daily! 
As of writing this, Irish band Words That Burn released their new album “Regret Is For The Dead” yesterday and it currently lies 1st in the Itunes rock chart and main chart. So if anyone says it’s dead? They’re wrong! As we say around here, “Dead Me Hole!”




Metal Is Now Getting Mainstream Promotion

This is really growing! Before anyone questions this. I work in a cinema, an avid video game fan (when I get time…) and of course a music fan. Metal music is now in many films, games and TV shows. It’s more common than you could believe! The new Angry Birds film was recently released and at the start of the film they’re showing why “Red” is so angry and the song playing over it all is Black Sabbath Paranoid! Yeah! The start of the film aimed at kids has a classic metal song played in almost entirety! 
We have a kids club in the morning with a reduced rate and as I pass the screens I can hear System Of A Down blasting! That’s at 1PM and part of the trailer for “Secret Life Of Pets”. Yeah! That’s introducing kids 10- to Metal music. 
So the next time someone says it’s not getting any coverage and kids aren’t hearing it? Tell them, “Shut Up! You’re out of touch and have no idea what you’re talking about!” 
Here’s an edited part of the actual trailer that MILLIONS of kids have now watched! 



This is without question! The whole scene has changed over the past few years in every regard. Once upon a time metal fans were easily spotted. We all had long hair, wore the patch jackets, band t-shirts etc. Not now! I have met many many young people over the past 18 months and you would never guess they were fans of heavy music. Just because someone doesn’t look a certain way, doesn’t mean they aren’t fans! 
The same can be said for the music itself. I could start listing Genres here but where would I stop and end? A lot of the newer stuff mightn’t sit well with older fans. But! Remember the Nu Metal era? That opened doors for kids to discover heavy music. More commercial bands planted the seed for them to go and start checking out the rest. That is now happening again and the kids are jumping onboard everywhere. 
They are not obvious, but a bunch of kids here in Roscommon gathered 74 names for me to bring to the local youth centre which holds all sorts of musical events to hopefully bring Metal bands to Roscommon after the Summer holidays. That’s in Roscommon Town! How many fans are in bigger towns? Not one of these kids looked like metal fans either! Things have changed… 

There’s also many other factors that don’t need a separate piece such as Easy Access to Music. Something that held bands back in the past! 
Bands such as Mastodon, Lamb Of God and Ghost have played huge American TV shows such as Kimmel in recent years. 
People within the scene are more active than ever! Look at what H at DME Promotions is doing now. It’s just getting bigger and better all the time. The Siege is constantly growing. Metal To The Masses is constantly expanding. I could go on… 

In closing! It’s now a very exciting time going forward for metal. Yes, we are still in transition in many regards but the rise has begun! I really feel the genre is on the cusp of becoming bigger than it ever has at any period throughout history. Kids films with metal music. Video games. Adult films. Sports shows (How many times have you heard “Drowning Pool – Bodies” played at such events?) and it continues to grow! 
The time is not now, but it is coming! 



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Theories Divide – The Outcast  


Dublin based Theories Divide have dropped the first video from their debut album “The Outcast” today. The album is also called The Outcast and is now available on Itunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. 

The lads have built up quite a following over the past three years with their relentless gigging and vicious live shows. Two final appearances in the Bloodstock Metal To The Masses Final also in there.
The lads didn’t compete this year as they were working on the album and getting ready to take things up a notch! Planetmosh gave the album a 4/5 review, so it looks like their hard work and persistence is going to pay off. 

Check out “The Outcast” here and see why you should start paying a lot more attention to this band in 2016 and going forward! 


The Album launch takes place in On The Rox, Dublin on June 10th with support from Words That Burn, Snowblind and Donum Dei. 

Follow them on Facebook here! Theories Divide



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Wacken Metal Battle Ireland Feature

Wacken Metal Battle Ireland 


The Wacken Metal Battle Ireland finalists have being chosen! The final takes place in On The Rox, Dublin on Saturday June 25th.
One from these six bands shall go and play the biggest metal festival in the world! 
I’ve been to Wacken five times myself and can only say good things about it! Best of luck to all the bands competing, this really is the big one!
Here are the six bands. No words, just music! 


Axial Symmetry 


Raum Kingdom 




The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back 




Remember to Follow Wacken Metal Battle Ireland on Facebook for updates! 

Wacken Metal Battle Ireland

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Words That Burn Release New Video “Unalive”

Words That Burn – Unalive 


Words That Burn have dropped their lead single Unalive from their up coming album Regret Is For The Dead, which is released worldwide via Wormhole Death Records on June 6th!
I was lucky enough to be sent on an advance copy by the lads and it’s one of the best Irish releases I’ve heard full stop! I shall do a more detailed review in the coming days before it is released.

For now, check out Unalive and get ready for Regret Is For The Dead! 


Follow Words That Burn on Facebook via this link! Words That Burn


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Bull-Riff Stampede

Bull-Riff Stampede 

UK based Bull-Riff Stampede hail from Bristol, Weymouth and Nottingham. By their own description, they play a hybrid mix of old school influences that has been described as ‘a devastatingly heavy combination of Thrash and Death Metal’. I personally hear a huge Carcass vibe to their sound myself. I say that a massive compliment as Carcass are one of my all time favourite bands! 
The lads have been plugging away for a few years now with slots at Bloodstock, Wacken, Download and most recently HammerFest VIII. Their debut album ‘Scatter The Ground’ was Tracked in late 2010, Mixed at various intervals through 2011 and was released in November of that year.
They are now set to release their next and defining album “Enraging The Beast” this July after two tough years making this album a reality. I reckon it’s going to have been worth it if the title track is anything to go by! 
The album is now available to pre-order after a highly successful Pledge campaign. I got the £30 bundle myself. So if you like the sound of this? Head over and buy their stuff. You’ll be helping a top upcoming band here! I’ll put a link after the title track along with their Facebook page! 

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls of all ages! I present to you! Bull-Riff Stampedeeeee!!!! 

Link to their Pledge campaign page to pre-order! 
Pre-Order Enraging The Beast  

Link to their Facebook page for more details! 
Bull-Riff Stampede



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Templemore Metal Festival Feature

Templemore Metal Festival 


The Templemore Metal Festival takes place this weekend in The Old Malt House in Templemore. Doors at 12pm and a measly €5 admission! 
In this piece I shall link all the acts playing the festival. Outside Cobhboys From Hell as they’re a tribute band, but sure I’ll throw in a classic there to keep the momentum! The Slayer Tribute band Slayar have sadly had to pull out, so the Cobhboys lads are doing two sets on the day. Whooper! 
12 Gauge Outrage have also now joined the line up in place of Arjunas Eye. 
Enough talk! Here’s the amazing line up. I’ll just post links and their Facebook pages for further details. Keep it to the music here! 


Link to their Facebook page! Warpath


Unkindness Of Ravens 

Link to their Facebook page! Unkindness of Ravens



Link to their Facebook page! AeSect



Link to their Facebook page! ZhOra



Link to their Facebook page! Trayus


Cobhboys From Hell 

Link to their Facebook page! Cobhboys From Hell

Minus Ten Thousand Hours 

Link to their Facebook page! Minus Ten Thousand Hours



Link to their Facebook page! Jenova 

12 Gauge Outrage

Link To Their Facebook Page! 12 Gauge Outrage 


Link to their Facebook page!  Alpheidae 


Follow the Templemore Metal Festival here on Facebook! It goes from strength to strength! 
Templemore Metal Festival

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