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Hero In Error Release New EP ‘Obey’ Full Stream Within



Dublin based ‘Hero In Error’ were formed in 2007 and play their own brand of tech metal.  It’s been 7 years since released their album ‘The High Point of New Lows’ and ‘Obey’ is a clear progression in their sound as they’ve matured as both people and musicians in that time. 

We’ve included their previously released music video and title track ‘Obey’ and the full EP stream here so you have the full experience and a quick fix depending on which you would like…




Obey EP Stream


Facebook where all other links for the EP can be found: https://www.facebook.com/HEROINERROR/


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Belfast Based Strangle Wire Confirmed For Las Vegas Death Fest 2018



Belfast based Death Metal band ‘Strangle Wire’ who literally came from nowhere in 2017 dropping their debut video ‘The Games They Play’. They have played a few gigs around the country and today made this major announcement. Big things are in store for this band! 

“We are thrilled to announce that we have been added to the line-up of Las Vegas Death Fest 2018. We are honoured to be playing alongside the bands listed so far.

This will be our first time in the US and we can’t thank all the organisers enough. More details to follow.”

We congratulate the lads on this huge opportunity and wish them well as they take things up to the next level in 2018! 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stranglewireband/


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Disrated: Brutal Tech Death Metal from Sweden

Disrated: Brutal Tech Death Metal from Sweden



Disrated were founded in 2016 by guitarist johan Widegren & drummer Fredrik Romlin.  Kamal Söder then joined on bass, followed by Ken Romlin on vocals.

The band have released two EP’s as of now. A two track EP ‘Almighty Father’ released in May this year followed by their recently released four track EP ‘And Hell Follows With Me’. 

We have the full EP here to stream so you can check them out yourselves and form your own opinion. I was impressed by this band and very surprised they aren’t better known. They’re virtually unknown for some reason and I don’t know why! 

The EP contains four tracks as I previously mentioned. It kicks off with ‘Dead and Loving It’ which has a haunting start and really kicks up a gear. A great opener. 

The EP’s title track ‘And Hell Follows With Me’ is next and my personal favourite track on this EP. ‘Iris’ is the EP’s penultimate track and another solid track that follows the albums formula. 

The EP’s final track ‘The Passage’ caught me out a bit. It’s a pure instrumental track that reminds me of what ‘At The Gates’ used to do on earlier releases. It’s a great track, but an odd choice to conclude this EP. I enjoyed it personally, but a track like this in any classic Swedish release was always around the mid point. 

Saying that, I found enjoyment in this EP and will return to it again as there’s so many layers to their music I’ll discover something else next time. 

One to watch for sure and a band that should be a hell of a lot better known than they currently are! 







Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/disrated/

Download The EP on Bandcamp: https://disrated.bandcamp.com/album/and-hell-followed-with-me-ep


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Cursed Sun – Primordial Chaos

VIDEO PREMIERE: Cursed Sun – Primordial Chaos



We are very proud to be the chosen media source to Premier Cursed Sun’s new video ‘Primordial Chaos’ which is taken from their 2017 EP ‘The Amygdala’.

The band are close to celebrating their tenth anniversary so a true honour for us to have this opportunity for a now legendary band in regards to the scene in Northern Ireland. 

Video created by ‘Generation Alien Media’ who have done a great job here! 

The band are set to celebrate their tenth anniversary in the Limelight, Belfast on November 25th. A Cursed Decade! 

Now! Darkness Will Fall !!



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cursedsunmetal/


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Curse The Fall Release New Album ‘SYMBIOSIS’ Via Fine Legion Records On November 21st



Some bands can channel their anger and aggression into a devastating onslaught of metallic power. Some bands can entwine the scars that life has given them in melancholy melody and speak to the shared experiences of listeners. Some bands can impress with a sweetly crafted solo or finely structured songs. And some, rare bands, can bind all those things together into one sonic structure of power, emotion, melody and skill. On November 21st Oklahoma City’s Curse The Fall will release their new EP, Symbiosis and show the world that they are one of those bands that have it all…

Curse The Fall formed in 2013, a gathering together of musicians who had cut their teeth in numerous local bands and shared the drive and ambition to take things to the next level; the desire to create music that would speak to metal fans around the globe with its passion and honesty. The debut album, Aphelion, was released on Final Legion Records in the summer of 2016 and the word began to spread. Major magazines like Powerplay in the UK took notice and Curse The Fall were soon playing live with international acts like Soil, Dope, Drowning Pool and many more. Yet in truth Aphelion merely hinted at what the band could achieve.

Now the hard work in the rehearsal room and on the stage has borne fruit; with the release of Symbiosis the world can really hear all that Curse The Fall have to offer. Mixed and mastered by Eric Greedy, who has previously worked with everyone from Fates Warning, Kingdom Come and Smashing Pumpkins to Body Count, Fu Manchu and Vince Neil, Symbiosis is the real deal in every respect. ‘Race’ is an explosion of rage and adrenalin, ‘Dirt Road’ is open wounds and candour, ‘Over Time’ a monumental, emotional journey…there is an incredible amount to explore and experience throughout this EP, into which the band have poured so much.

Symbiosis is a gigantic step forward for Curse The Fall, but more than that it is a record that captures the blood, sweat, tears and soul of a genuine, talented band – and that is what metal music is all about.


We were sent on the album by Imperative PR and after a few listens I’m a fan of this album. It’s a strange one at first as there’s so many styles on here. It starts off with an atmospheric electronic musical intro and then kicks off with quite a heavy song aka ‘Race’ which very much reminds me of 36 Crazyfists. The track is available online so we’ll post it here for you to check out. 

Track three ‘Seasons’ is also a previously released track so we’ll also link it here. ‘Over Time’ follows the albums sonic path and the albums penultimate track ‘Dirt Road’ is a full on acoustic track, but probably my favourite track on this release as it has a great haunting tone replicant  of Alice In Chains. The album then concludes with another atmospheric electronic instrumental track. 

Some may say a band that don’t quite know what they want to sound like, but I can see where they are going and what they are trying to do with this release. In the most case, they achieve their goal with this album. 

It won’t be for everyone, but that’s any band really. A challenging listen at first, but when digested a good album without doubt. 





Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/cursethefall/



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Acidwhore Release Debut Album ‘Midas Touch’

Acidwhore Release Debut Album ‘Midas Touch’



Acidwhore are based in Athboy, Co.Meath and all three members are seventeen years old. They requested we possibly listen to their album and sent us on their debut album for review. To be honest, I was of the thought I’ll find something good about this and highlight it as they’re so young and also their first release. 

I then received all tracks via email to be told they done this release on a budget of €70! What was I going to have to go through here… 

Less than a minute in this release I actually laughed. Not at the material. Far from it! It was basically a reaction to what I was hearing. This is phenomenal stuff! I was sent an album by three seventeen years olds on a budget of €70 and they produced this! Holy shit! 

I was listening through all the tracks and then realised from the email they only formed last March. Eight months together, got an album done, seventeen years old! How good can this band become!? The potential here is insane! 

Granted, they’re not the finished article and still growing as musicians. For where they are and their level of experience, this is mindblowing! They wear their influences on their sleeve and you’ll think Silverchair, Nirvana, Alice In Chains and I have no problem with this. This album actually brings me back to the mid 90’s when Silverchair appeared. How could lads the same age as me be signed and write something like this? These lads are of equal talent in my opinion. 

Their vocalist/bass player just has the grunge voice! You’d swear he was in his mid twenties at minimum. He’s also a good Bass player and I like his playing on this release. The guitar playing is also very good. The drumming is solid if unspectacular, but that’s fine. The greats keep it simple and hold a song together as the drumming here does. 

To say I’m impressed by these lads would be an understatement. I was completely blown away by this when all is considered. The potential for this band is outrageous and they’re still very much at the start of their musical journey. 

I’m going to rate this album on all factors and ignore little gripes here and there because I’d be an elitist dick to even go there! I see the bigger picture… 

Easily one of the most impressive releases we’ve been sent this year from an Irish band. A band to most certainly watch and one I’ll be following with great interest. They’re aren’t even a year old yet! It’s crazy…. 




Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/Aciderohw/



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