Finnish Progressive Death Metal Band Denominate Release New Single/Video ‘The Chain’ From their Forthcoming LP ‘ISOCHRON’

Finnish Oulu-based progressive death metal band Denominate are set to release their second album ISOCHRON on July 24th 2020 via Inverse Records.

The band comments:
“This is the opening song of the album and coincidentally, the first song that was written for the album. It lays the setting and groundwork for the story of the album’s concept which is left for the listener to piece together. The song also eases the listener musically into the album, offering a balance between the straightforward and the complex. The song is also the shortest track on the album. The Chain was written in 2016, when the composing for ISOCHRON began.”

Listen to The Chain on:
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Neon Empire Release Debut EP Distorted Reality

Irish metalcore band Neon Empire have released their debut EP Distorted Reality.
This band were really starting to make waves over the past nine months until our current situation halted all of course. They have just released their debut EP which has lived up to all the hype surrounding the band.
One to watch when gigs return and with a debut this solid behind them the only way is up!
They had this to say on Distorted Reality.

With this EP, we want to take you on a journey. This desire to deliver an immersive experience pushed us to experiment with multiple layers of electronic sounds. By using elements of Traditional Metalcore songwriting as a foundation, we have created a unique, dynamic sound with soaring melodies and gut-punching riffs at its core.

Our goal was to pair futuristic instrumentation with human lyrics, creating music that is both modern and deeply personal. The EP deals with themes of perseverance, self-doubt and human connection. With the current state that the world is in, we hope that people can find some solace in what we’ve created and that it allows them to escape their own Distorted Reality, even if just for a little while“.

Artist Bio:

Neon Empire are a 4-piece electronic Metalcore band, based in Dublin. The band was formed by guitarist/clean-vocalist Hassan Ali, originally intended to be a Solo Project. Over time, the addition of John Collard (Screams), Veronika Švecová (Drums) and Tom Ambrose (Bass) brought new song writing elements to the table and perfected the sound.

Since reaching their full lineup in August 2019, Neon Empire have released two singles, and have performed extensively in Dublin.

Most recently, they secured the Judge’s Vote in Heat 2 of “Bloodstock Metal to the Masses”, moving on to the semi-finals.

Check out a review of the gig HERE

EP Credits:

Production, Mixing and Mastering: JSR Studios (Facebook)

Artwork: Rob Walden Design (Website)

Video by Olga Kuzmenko –

Facebook –…
Instagram –…
Twitter –

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Lune Drop Single/Video ‘Misery Dialogue’ New EP ‘Ghost’ Out June 12th

LUNE – are releasing their debut EP ‘Ghost’ Friday, June 12th. Today they are dropping the last taste of the record before its release – ‘Misery Dialogue’. Pre-Orders for their debut 5-track EP ‘Ghost’ are live NOW at

A band already touted to be ones to watch, triple j unearthed‘s Tommy Faith said this — “LUNE] might just be the next heavy act we see coming through on a national level because this new record is a battering ram that’ll heed no obstacles and brook no defiance“,

New single Misery Dialogue is the second piece in the story of the Ghost EP. Vocalist Nathaniel Smith says that “The lyrics are an internal monologue of someone critically questioning their every action and purpose in an emotionally extreme way, letting their darkest and most self deprecating thoughts consume them. We all have thoughts of self doubt and self criticism from time to time but this song represents those feelings, pushed to the extreme. Set against a crushing and frantic instrumental, the song’s maddening tone paints the scene for the rest of the story to unfold.” The track premiered on Tuesday night on triple j’s The Racket with Lochlan Watt.

Formed in 2019 by former I, VALIANCE guitarist Krys Smith and brother Nathaniel Smith on Vocals – the group also features bassist Tyler Hendley, guitarist David Freeland (I, Valiance) and drummer Harrison Mills (Blind Oracle). Having already left their mark, with three singles already released – ‘GHOST’, ‘MANIPULATOR’ and ‘MIRROR IMAGE’, LUNE have amassed hundreds of thousands of plays and thousands of followers in the few months since their launch.

LUNE’s new single ‘Misery Dialogue’ will be available on all streaming and digital outlets with their GHOST EP on Friday June 12th. Pre-orders are live now at

For More Information, please go to

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PATRÓN Release Studio Session Video ‘Very Bad Boy’ Self-Titled Album Out Now Featuring Members Of Danzig, Kyuss, QOTSA

Desert groove rockers PATRÓN have released a studio session video for the track ‘Very Bad Boy’, featuring Barrett Martin on drums, Alain Johannes on bass and guitar, and Aurélien Barbolosi on guitar.

Watch the studio session video for ‘Very Bad Boy’ here:

‘Very Bad Boy’ is the third single taken from their debut self-titled album, Patrón, released via Klonosphere today, 29th May 2020.

PATRÓN is a new project fronted by Lo (aka Patrón) frontman of the band Loading Data. The self-titled debut album was produced by Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Eleven, Them Crooked Vultures, Chris Cornell Band) and also happens to be the last album ever recorded in his legendary studio 11AD, in Los Angeles.  

Lo had some well known friends record the album with him: Joey Castillo (Danzig, Queens of the Stone Age, The Bronx), Barrett Martin (Mad Season, Screaming Trees, Tuatara), Nick Oliveri (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Mondo Generator), Aurélien Barbolosi (Aston Villa) and Monique St Walker (Blackbird Days).

PATRÓN is a melting pot of influences, a new entity, a sort of Frankenstein creature, borrowing as much from stoner rock, 50s rock n roll, the Rat Pack as from 80s pop. It’s sexy, it’s groovy, it’s loud and heavy. Heady melodies that will stick to your skin like a thirsty alcoholic tick.

PATRÓN are: 
Lo aka Patrón : Lead Vocal / Guitar / Keyboard
Joey Castillo : Drums
Nick Oliveri : Bass
Aurélien Barbolosi : Guitars
Alain Johannes : Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Vocal
Barrett Martin : Drums
Monique St Walker : Vocals
Aurelia : Vocals

Purchase Patrón here:

Live plans for 2020 have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More news on this soon.

For more information:

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German Surf-Death Metallers STILLBIRTH Release New Single ‘Panem et Circenses’ New LP Revive The Throne Out 7th August via Unique Leader

German surf death metal sextet STILLBIRTH have released new single ‘Panem et Circenses’, the first taken from new LP Revive The Throne, set for release on 7th August via Unique Leader Records.

STILLBIRTH from Hagen / Germany were founded in 1999 by former guitarist (now vocalist) Lukas Swiaczny, and play a mix of Death Metal, Grindcore and Deathcore. 

Revive the Throne features 11 songs and is the heaviest material in the band’s history. You can expect razor sharp guitar riffs, pounding drums, a superb vocal arrangement and the first STILLBIRTH recording with 2 basses for maximum brutality. 

The band comment: “We are highly looking forward to release our new beast Revive the Throne on our favourite label Unique Leader Records on 7th August 2020. The album features 11 songs (36 minutes) and is the heaviest material we have written so far. Once again we had the pleasure to record and mix the album at DPK Studios and we have a banging master from our good friends over at Demigod Recordings. Our cover-designer Aghy Purakusuma did an amazing job as well and we think this is the best Stillbirth album in our history. We can’t wait to hear the opinions of our fans.”


Lukas Swiaczny – Vocals
Simon Stürmlinger – Guitar
Jens Strack – Guitar
Dominik König – Bass Guitar
Lukas Kaminski – Bass Guitar
Marin Grupe – Drums 

More info:

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Ward XVI are proud to announce their signing to Metal Rocker Recordings, a sister label to Off Yer Rocka Records by Hard Rock Hell, releasing the first album on the label that was revealed earlier this year

“We’ve been talking with the Label for several months about the next album and our vision, which we are very passionate about and absolutely want to surround ourselves with people who not only feel the same, but also how we can work together to push each other to another level. From early on we were encouraged by the passion and enthusiasm that John brought to the conversation, and his vision for where he wants to take Ward XVI.”

John Ellis, Director of Media, label, Chic Festival and Off Yer Rocka Recordings:

“It is with great pleasure that we can announce our first signing to Metal Rocka Recordings are the incredible Ward XVI. For the uninitiated, Ward XVI are a superb hard ’n’ heavy band from the north-west of England that expertly balance a perfect blend of rock with the theatrical beauty and intensity of your favourite classic metal bands.The band have a stellar reputation as one of the UK’s best live acts and their shows are a sensual and frightening treat for the eyes and ears. Ward XVI’s first release for Metal Rocka Recordings is the follow up to the eagerly awaited and critically acclaimed to 2017’s “The Art Of Manipulation’,

Metal Rocka Recordings and Ward XVI cannot wait for you to hear the next chapter of Psychoberrie’s strange and terrifying tale, the album will be available on September 25th 2020!”

WARD XVI can also reveal details for their next album…”We’re very excited to bring you the sequel to our debut with our second album, ‘Metamorphosis‘, which continues the story from ‘The Art of Manipulation’, following a central character.

Our first album was released three years ago and we’ve been performing those songs for over five years, so we were desperate to get the next chapter written. We faced some challenges as a band due to touring and line-up changes and it became too difficult to sit and write and took longer than anticipated, so we removed ourselves from the normal gigging scene which felt a gamble at the time as it is easy to be forgotten, but it was a step that had to be taken to complete the writing.

We are a lot more confident about who we are with our sound and as a performing band compared to the first album, and as the line-up had changed somewhat, the decision-making process was much more straightforward, less forced and less stressful. The concept for a whole series of albums has been planned way before the release of our debut, and so writing and recording at home we were able to compose tracks that fit into the concept, and we were free to progress sonically without pressure – other than what we put on ourselves. We faced challenges head on and as a result we’re very excited to offer our inmates and new fans the next chapter.

Once the demos were complete, we again booked our time at Edge Recording Studios in Macclesfield to work with our producer-Mark Winterburn. This man is a genius and very much one of the band. He gets us, he’s not worried about  challenging each of us or developing tangents to songs that we had not thought of. We were far more prepared for the studio this time around so it was more controlled and less stressful. The ‘Metamorphosis’ sessions took ten continual days of recording from around twelve hours a day to get wrapped up. It all seemed very natural and didn’t feel like 4 years had passed since we were last there. Unlike the ‘Art of Manipulation’ sessions, we had the bonus of not having to camp in beer gardens and car park floors for two weeks, as we had the baby with us.”

‘Metamorphosis’ will be the darkest but probably the most important piece of the jigsaw detailing the making of the serial killer we came to both love and fear during the first album. We’ve challenged ourselves musically and theatrically with this next release

Psychoberrie, Lead vocals.

Metamorphosis synopsis:Deep inside the walls of Whittingham Asylum, a new inmate is tortured mercilessly at the hands of those who keep her. Consumed by a ferocious rage, she succumbs to the comfort of insanity. What emerges from the shadows is more evil and profane than any of her tormentors could have imagined…A mother’s love, formed in a haze of dolls and daisies, is blackened by merciless addiction. A little girl seeks protection from the broken and abandoned, anything to quell the monster that comes at night. Corrupted by unspeakable cruelty, pious innocence undergoes a malevolent transformation. Experience the elation of a first kill and the debauchery that ensues, culminating in a desperate run from the law.

‘Metamorphosis’ challenges everything you think you know about the notorious fiend, Psychoberrie. Travel back to the very beginning and ask yourself: is evil born, or made? 

Cry Of The Siren From Their Previous LP The Art of Manipulation

Continuing our ethos of a close family, we invited some very special guests to perform on the album from our celebrity phone book:

John Badger (ex Impavidus) provided full drums for the album.

Martin Crawley – keys and accordion, also contributed to the first album.

Anabelle Iratni – We are lucky to have Anabelle from 

Devilment provide amazing vocals to a couple of songs. She’s been a friend and fellow inmate since Bloodstock 2017, it was insane to finally have her perform with us.

Russ Custard – Our great friend from Footprints in the Custard also provided some insane vocals on this album. He and his band have been great friends of ours and again it was fantastic to share something special to us with people who are special to us.There are also other special guests but we have to keep that a secret for the time being. We have an amazing following of inmates who are as desperate to hear the next chapter, as are we to release and perform live on stage. The time is coming!

PRE-ORDER release info:We have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about our pre-orders and the merchandise for ‘Metamorphosis’. We have a commitment and responsibility for the production to be the best product possible, not just as a physical music release but also live, so along with funding the costs of making the album further proceeds will be re-invested into developing our new stage show. 

We are most excited with the bundles which offer inmates the option of new merchandise lines that not only match our show and theme. With another sneak peak at the concept of ‘Metamorphosis’, there will be tiered bundle options:



PupaThe painted lady

Bundle for the criminally insane

Within each there is an increase of the goodies included, of course, everyone will want the bundle for the criminally insane!

We also have on offer one (or two) off commissions of memorabilia that will be unique to the buyer. One such limited edition product is the opportunity to have your name scrawled onto the asylum wall within the booklet of the album, you’ll be  officially labelled and accepted as an official Ward XVI inmate! This will only be available from until 1st August as a pre-order only, so don’t delay!

Preorders of the album and merchandise will be available from

Inmates new and old, you are to thank for this release. You spurred us on to continue at a time when we could’ve given up so we dedicate this release to you and the immense support you have given and continue to give and when this lockdown is finally over we promise to bring a new and exciting show to accompany a new album which we’re incredibly proud of. 


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