PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS: Irish Premiere ‘The Ignorant Point’, ‘Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue’ Preorders Available



Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue is the anticipated new full-length from PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS. In advance of its January 26th, 2018 release,  We have the Irish premier of “The Ignorant Point.”


Relays ANSELMO of the crushing tune, “‘The Ignorant Point’ is a tip of the hat to today’s top-notch, morally-sincere, trustworthy news agencies, websites, bloggers etc. that have kept the public in such great spirits with their dedication to truth and honesty. Burp. Keep up the good work, bullshit artists. We’ve got our collective eyes on you.”


Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue will see release on CD, vinyl, and digital formats in North America via Housecore Records. The record is being licensed in Europe by Season Of Mist. Physical preorder bundles are currently available via the Housecore Store at THIS LOCATION. For digital orders, point your browser HERE .


PHILIP H. ANSELMO hasn’t just paved his own path; he’s bulldozed it with his bare hands. His primal, powerful presence led Pantera to Grammy Award nominations, sales of 20 million albums worldwide, legions of diehard fans, and an indisputable heavy metal legacy. Simultaneously, Down carved out a distinct niche with a gold-selling debut and three more critically acclaimed releases. Superjoint made a triumphant return in 2016 and in the midst of everything, ANSELMO joined Scour alongside members of Pig Destroyer and Cattle Decapitation and teamed up with horror icon Bill Moseley for the Bill & Phil project. However, PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS speaks to a certain need for him.


Instead of treading the same ground, ANSELMO and his bandmates in THE ILLEGALS, open up another doorway altogether with their 2018 sophomore release, Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue, available through the vocalist’s own Housecore Records. It’s extreme, abrasive, aggressive, and anthemic. In other words, it’s purely ANSELMO.


Following up 2013’s Walk Through Exits Only, this new body of work hinges on no holds-barred lyrical misanthropy and insurgent instrumental intricacy as it sharpens any and all edges to guillotine precision. “It ain’t pretty,” ANSELMO exclaims. “It’s more straightforward and cohesive to a degree, but it still goes off the rails here and there. We went through it song after song cut and fucking dry. I was in a specific mindset. I wanted to further my endeavors into a genre of music that I adore. As all ten songs blow by, I wanted an unforgiving feel. This is what was on my mind. It’s a recorded capsule of time.”

Following a successful maiden touring cycle for THE ILLEGALS, the frontman hunkered down at his home studio in Louisiana to record what would become Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue in 2014 and 2015. The lineup shifted as Stephen Taylor (Superjoint) transitioned from bass to guitar, Mike DeLeon (Flesh Horder, Being Killed, ex-MOD et al) joined as a guitarist, and Walter Howard (Grieved, Oppressive Force) took over bass duties. Meanwhile, Jose Manuel “Blue” Gonzalez (Superjoint, Warbeast) held down the drums. Through rigorous rehearsals and writing sessions, a framework for the new music took shape as ANSELMO wholeheartedly welcomed the ideas of his cohorts.


“Their creative input is fucking fantastic,” beams ANSELMO. “This is something that was very different from the first record where I was very staunch. I wanted it to be ugly. I was very firm that I was writing every fucking note. The thought was, ‘This is my contribution to ugly music right this second in a heavy metal vein.’ That was great at the time. Walk Through Exits Only made its own little statement that I am a free agent and I belong to no single band. This time, I worked closely with everyone. We tried different ideas together. It made the spirit of this thing come alive even more because of the enthusiasm these guys bring. It enhanced the integrity of the project.”


“Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue is going to get hated. It’s going to get loved. Like every record I’ve ever done, I put zero expectations upon my peers, critics, or the general fucking public,” he continues. “If you take one thing away from it, let it be this: Do not bog yourself down to one brand, character, or whatever. Have the guts to spread your wings and fucking flourish. I can promise you this is a beginning. As my music trickles out over the next two years, it’s going to be quite the roller coaster ride. This new ILLEGALS is just the tip of the whole fucking avalanche.”




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Austrian Progressive Black Metal Band ‘HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY’ Unveil New Song “YOU ARE THE SCARS” New Album ‘Arson’ Out On February 16th Via AOP Records



Austrian post-black metal band Harakiri For The Sky has unveiled a new song called “You Are The Scars”today. The 10+ minute, epic metal-gaze masterpiece is the latest offering from the band’s highly-anticipated 4th studio album, Arson, which will debut on February, 16th via AOP Records with distribution from Plastichead Distribution (Europe/North America/World) and Edel(Germany/Austria/Switzerland). 

This song is like a retrospective on broken relationships and the void that stays when people leave. To me it’s not the saying good-bye which is the greatest burden, it’s the never-ending silence, the rejection and the uncertainty. This song tributes the pain that’s left when beloved people disappear completely as if they’d have never crossed way.” – J.J. (vocals)



The lyric video for “You Are The Scars” was directed, filmed and edited by Andreas J. Borsodi with calligraphy and creative consulting by Albert Hupeka.


Arson is currently available for pre-order, and is available as a Deluxe LP on 4 different, limited edition vinyl colorways. Purchase now before they sell out.


AOP Records (gold vinyl lim.100) 

EMP (red vinyl lim.100) 

Napalm Records (white vinyl lim.150)  

Plastic Head (orange vinyl lim.150) 


Harakiri for the Sky will tour Europe this spring with support from Dutch dark-rock band Dool. The three week excursion will take place March 2nd through March 18th, with performances in 8 different countries. 


The band will perform one exclusive album release show on February 10, 2018 at Szene in Vienna, Austria.  Opening the show will be fellow Austrian atmospheric black-metal band Ellende. Tickets are available now at


Tour Dates:

Jan 17 – Turku, FI – Gong

Jan 18 – Tampere, FI – Klubi

Jan 19 – Jyväskylä, FI – JKL Metal Festival

Jan 20 – Helsinki, FI – Metal Crane Festival

Jan 21 – Tallinn, EE – Tapper

Jan 25 – Malmö, SE – Babel

Jan 26 – Göteborg, SE – Musikens hus

Jan 27 – Stockholm, SE – Klubben

Jan 28 – Karlstad, SE – Nöjesfabriken
Jan 29 – Oslo, NO – Revolver

Feb 10 – Vienna, AT – Szene Wien (Exclusive Release Arson Show)

Mar 2 – Essen, DE – Turock

Mar 3 – Vosselaar, BE – Biebob Concerts

Mar 5 – Nantes, FR – Le Ferrailleur – Café Concert

Mar 6 – Paris, FR – O’Sullivans Backstage

Mar 7 – Colmar, FR – Legrillen Grillen

Mar 8 – Aarau, CH – KIFF

Mar 9 – Pavia, IT – DAGDA Live Club

Mar 10 – San Donà di Piave, IT – Revolver Club

Mar 12 – Budapest, HU – A38 Hajó

Mar 13 – Kraków, PL – Klub Alchemia

Mar 14 – Magdeburg, DE – Factory

Mar 15 – Erfurt, DE – Club From Hell

Mar 16 – Berlin, DE – Roadrunners Rock & Motor Club

Mar 17 – Mannheim, DE _ MS Connexion Complex

Mar 18 – Tilburg, NL – Poppodium 013



For More Information:


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Interview: Lord Tim Of Australian Melodic Metal Legends ‘Lord’



We are today joined by Lord Tim of Australian legends ‘Lord’. Tim has been an active part of the Metal world for over 25 years now. He started with iconic Australian band ‘Dungeon’ and in late 2005 they became ‘Lord’. 

We are beyond happy to be able to do this and we thank Tim for taking time from his busy schedule to speak with us! 

Q: As we well know here, you are legends in regards to the Australian scene. For the benefit of our younger readers and those we are introducing you to. Can you please tell us the origins and history of the band ranging from the Dungeon days to the present Lord project.  

TIM: I’ll give you an abridged version or we’ll be here all week (in The Dungeon Era box set we released in 2014, we had band history in that which stretched over 200 pages for just the Dungeon years alone, so I’ll paraphrase here). Basically we started in late 1989 in Broken Hill, which is an isolated outback town in far western NSW. Eventually we relocated to Sydney and, after a few false starts, things solidified and we ended up being somewhat of a go-to band for playing with international touring acts. That led to a lot of international touring for ourselves and record deals and all of that kind of thing, but in the process we’d managed to pigeonhole ourselves into a certain idea of what we should sound like (based on the band name and the labels we were associated with) that made things frustrating to expand our style. So in late 2005 we reinvented Dungeon under the LORD banner and basically went out with everything we loved about the Dungeon era (songs included) but with a much more open mind and a better plan for how we wanted to move forward. We’ve just passed 28 years now and have a pretty hefty back-catalogue of music and videos, so it’s been quite a ride!


Q: Not to be negative, but do you feel being an Australian band prior to the internet and not having the advantages of a European/American based touring band may have prevented you from getting the recognition and glory the band deserved? 


TIM: Yes, to a degree, but a of it was just bad timing or poor decisions that stopped a lot of opportunities for us. The thing is, this industry is really built on luck, but you can increase your odds by either being present at places where things are likely to happen (as you said, being Europe or USA based and networking with other bands or industry people) or just working extra hard to make sure you’re around enough to grab hold of any opportunities when they arise. The biggest hurdles for us were really timing based. We weren’t ready when certain waves of interest came through, and while we were watching those boats sail away, we would make up some ground and get caught up in certain plans and ideas what prevented us from really taking advantage of any new offers that came past. This was a big reason we changed over to how LORD works currently, in fact. 


Q: On that note, do you think the freedom of the internet is harming the long term future of bands? You had a very long and successful career in the time where music was bought in the most case. With the Internet of course being a great tool for bands. Do you think that longevity in bands will be possible in an era where people stream music and don’t actually pay for it? 


TIM: There’s sadly never going to be another Iron Maiden. Labels are either running scared or just simply don’t have the resources to pour into an act that they would like to develop over 5 albums, and have the funds to do it correctly. I think we’re seeing bands like Avantasia being the very last of the hugely successful metal acts, and they came in just at the end of the CD era, which managed to have enough of a push to make them successful now in the age of streaming. If you didn’t already have a substantial fanbase during that time, it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s all more or less a level playing field now. And this is tough, especially if you’ve had a taste of what it could have been like but it just didn’t materialise. Back then, if things took off you could make a pretty OK kind of of living from music, and that would get you through all of the rough parts (of which there’s many in this industry), but now it really comes down to doing it because you want/need to do it, and that’s tough keeping a band going when there’s no big incentive anymore. That alone will stop a lot of the huge longevity we used to see back in the record/CD days. 


That said, as a band who started in a time when recording studios were crazy expensive, and in a place where we had to struggle to even find places to play or get any interest at all from magazines or whatever, these days getting your music recorded to a standard that can easily be world class and releasing it to a worldwide audience is easier than ever. Sure, there’s not the massive budgets that there used to be, but it makes you really think about why you’re really doing this in the first place. It’s got to be about the music at the end of the day.


Q: As musical legends who have surpassed 25 years in the business. What tips would you give to younger bands on how to survive and prosper in such a tough business? 


TIM: The number one thing is: do it because you want to make music. If you go into this to become rich or famous, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Not saying it can’t happen – there’s always a chance that anything can happen in this kind of industry – but the chances are so slim now that your priority has to be music that you want to make, and that has the added bonus of being something you can stand behind and be proud of what you’ve created. Fans can tell when you’re full of shit.  Don’t be scared to be you. If you’re the only melodic metal band on a bill full of death metal bands, you better believe you’ll be the band people will remember. And don’t be scared to proud of your influences too. Sometimes some wheels don’t need to be reinvented just because.


But other than that, I’d say networking is crucial – if you don’t have any contacts, talk to or hire people who do and make people aware of who you are. You could have the best band in the world but if no one knows about it, you won’t get anywhere. Again, this is perfectly fine if you’re just making music for yourself but if you want to make a go of it, you need to get the word out. 


Treat each thing you do as your best possible work. Don’t half-ass a product or you’ll spend just as much time trying to patch up your reputation later. Obviously money and experience plays a role in how good something can be, but the tools and learning resources out there to help you make a great product are plentiful now, and if you can’t do it yourself, find people who can. It’ll cost a bit of money, but it’s all worth it. As someone who has been on the wrong side of this advice, trust me on this – do it right the first time.


And finally, don’t be scared to embrace new ways of doing things. I love physical media. Records, CDs… it’s tangible and you can hold it in your hands and look at the art. But the world has mostly moved on from that, so rather than stamping your foot and hanging on to nostalgia exclusively, work out how you can use new technologies to your advantage. Sometimes wacky ideas pay off, so don’t be scared about experimenting with releases. There’s nothing wrong with doing both things – sure, release a CD, but also could you release something limited on a USB drive? Could you give your album away for free with the sale of a bit of merchandise? An open mind is crucial now that the industry is a free-for-all.


Q: You are set to release a new album next year. Any details at present? 


TIM: Not a lot that I can talk about, but we have a good chunk of it written now. We’d fallen into the trap of things getting more and more elaborate as we went along. Our What Tomorrow Brings EP title track was over 25 minutes long with actors and all kinds of stuff, for example. Now, I absolutely love that stuff mind you – doing really involved productions and layered songs is what I live for when I write, but we found that taking this out live was a real pain. It precluded some songs from ever being anything other than studio tracks, and others just weren’t enjoyable at all to play, as much as we did love the songs themselves. Going back and touring behind The Dungeon Era over the last few years really reminded me how much fun those early songs were to just go out and rip through live, so I think there’s probably a big element of that immediacy of the early material that’s been brought back into our sound. Production wise, we’re aiming for a bit of a fresh start with it all. We capped off a lot of the band history with the last album and as well as now this new live release, so we’re taking a fresh look at how we do everything, rather than having any kind of continuity just for the sake of it. It’ll all be your typical mixed bag of styles as people have come to expect from LORD but if I could say anything definitively, it sounds fresh and it definitely sounds heavier than anything we’ve done in a long while. No firm release dates as yet, but I’d be surprised if we don’t have something out before the end of 2018.


Q: As you have had such an extensive career in music. Is there any special moments you would like to share with our readers today? 


TIM: Shit, where to start? You know there’s always things like our first show in the corner of a small outback pub and us being a group of teenagers absolutely shitting ourselves, but walking away feeling like champions when the crowd went crazy at the end of the set, or our first trip overseas when we played Club Citta in Japan in front of a packed house, and of course there’s the obligatory mention of the tour through Europe with Megadeth, or our most recent trip to the USA where we did our ProgPower USA release. These are all big things, but I think more than anything there’s the feeling that what we’ve done has actually touched someone’s life in some way. We’ve had people come to us and say our music has helped them get through some tough times, and it’s made a substantial difference to them. As amazing as the tours and releases and all of that stuff is, hearing someone tell you sometime like this is magical and very special. You can never take that for granted.


Q: This has been without doubt a very special interview for us. We are very thankful for your time. Is there anything else you wish to add? 


TIM: There’s not really much more to say except THANK YOU. We’ve been doing this for a long time now, so for people to still be giving a shit what we have to say, and buying our music to keep us financial enough to tour and make more music, it’s a very cool thing indeed. So cheers, everyone! I really appreciate it!




In late 2016, LORD was invited to play the prestigious ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta, Georgia. This show was professionally filmed and recorded and now it’s available to download or stream.

The epic live performance will be released Digitally and available for physical pre-order date on Monday, 4 December 2017. The CD will be available/delivered on Monday, 5 February 2018. The downloads/pre-orders and all information will be available from and



LORD mainman LT explains: “It was a great honour being asked to be a part of the ProgPower USA show, and it’s fantastic that we had the opportunity to have it recorded so we could share this with our fans who were unable to make it there in person. We definitely live in a post-Netflix/Spotify streaming world where physical media and even downloads to a degree are becoming less common. With HD TVs being very much the norm now, and 4K TVs being more affordable than ever, putting a DVD quality show out when HD or 4K content is the expected content these days felt like a big rip-off to the fans, and anyone who has followed along with our career so far will know that we pride ourselves on always giving the best quality content we can.”

He continued: “We opted to take a leaf out of the Netflix book for the video and offer a full HD version of the show via Vimeo, both as a stream you can rent and as a download you can purchase, which includes a bonus tour documentary. Audio-wise, full lossless quality downloads are available from our store, along with iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and, of course, streaming via Spotify. As someone who grew up in the age of physical media, I absolutely get the fact that people would want to get a CD of the show, so we’re also offering a pre-order for a limited edition live album CD which includes several new and unreleased LORD tracks to sweeten the deal while you wait.”

Concluded LT: “We hope you enjoy the show as much as we did playing it. As you’ll see, we had a great time on stage and the crowd were loud and proud and the true stars of the video!”

LORD is essentially a continuation of DUNGEON, one of Australia’s longest running melodic metal acts. The band has a long history of international touring with the likes of QUEENSRYCHE, HELLOWEEN, SAXON, ICED EARTH and NIGHTWISH just to name a few, and a large back-catalogue of music both under the LORD and DUNGEON banners. A new LORD studio album is due to be released in 2018. 




1. The Dreaming

2. Freedom

3. Netherlife (Black Roses Die)

4. Set in Stone

5. Redemption

6. Tarranno del Mar

7. Resurrection

8. The Legend of Huma

9. Through the Fire

10. Footsteps in the Sand

11. Creeping Death (Metallica cover)







LORD Store:


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Irish Groove Metal Band ‘Sixth Extinction’ Release New Video/Track ‘Your Gallows Await’



Tipperary based Groove metal monsters have released a brand new track today. On the anniversary of Dimebag Darrell, who the band credit as one of their main sources of inspiration and one of the reasons they are a band today. 

They said! 

And ladies and gents, here it is, as promised! Your first taste of our upcoming album. This song “Your Gallows Awaits” recorded, mixed and mastered with Tue Madsen of Antfarm Studios in Denmark. Huge thanks to him for his work. And thanks to Paddy at @KillerTurtleProductions for the video work. We hope you enjoy it. Share with your friends! Its on our YouTube aswell!! See some of ye tomorrow night in Galway.






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RELICS OF HUMANITY: ‘Decade Ov Desacralization’ Set To Be Released By Gore House Productions



Gore House Productions has teamed up with Death Metal Titans, Relics of Humanity, to release ‘Decade Ov Desacralization’


“2017 is the big year for Relics Of Humanity”, states guitarist and founding member Sergey Liakh. “We are celebrating the 10 year anniversary since our first demo was released, and we decided to celebrate in a special way. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are extremely happy to announce the cooperation with Gore House Productions for release “Decade Ov Desacralization”; demo-collection album which includes all demos, promos, and singles self-released over the last 10 years of activity.”


‘Ominously Reigning Upon The Intangible’ for those unfamiliar with the band. 


Featuring album art by Jon Zig (Disgorge, Severed Savior, Suffocation), ‘Decade Ov Desacralization’ includes 2 never released recordings and the latest single, “Stench Of Burning Heavens”. Additionally, it includes 2 bonus live tracks from Relics of Humanity’s forthcoming DVD. ‘Decade Ov Desacralization’ brings you into the belly of the Minsk-based Beast. Surrender and wish for eternal damnation…


Track List:

1. Desacralization
2. Stench of Burning Heavens
3. Legion of The Unbowed
4. There Is No Salvation in Divine Eyes
5. Progression of Suffering
6. Fusion of Parallel Forms
7. Pray for Obscurity
8. Channeling Dark Entities
9. Habitual Devourment
10. Mutilate…

11. Ominously Reigning Upon the Intangible (Live Bonus Track)
12. Dimensions of Hatred (Live Bonus Track)


‘Decade Ov Desacralization’ is set for release January 26th on Gore House Productions as CD/Digital.

Pre Order:




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The Dead XIII Return! New Album ‘Dark Days’ To Be Released In February 2018



All killer, no filler UK metallers The Dead XIII, have just announced that 2018 will see a brand new studio album release.  Entitled ‘Dark Days‘, the album continues the vicious onslaught found on the band’s debut album Catacombs (2015) and raises the bar in every way imaginable.

The Dead XIII interspersed life on the road with writing and recording the album throughout 2017, bringing a greater sense of maturity and experience to the song-writing. Thematically, Dark Days shifts the focus to more psychological horrors, where the real enemy is not seen, not just lurking in the shadows, but in the shadows of your mind.  February 2018 will see Dark Days for everyone, are you ready?

The band are also running an Indiegogo campaign to allow fans new and old to be part of the album’s release. With various cool perks on offer this will be the only platform to include pre-orders of ‘Dark Days’ in CD format. You can support the band and the release of ‘Dark Days’ at

Check out ‘Daemons’ from their previous album ‘Catacombs’. 


About The Dead XIII

Having exploded onto the North West UK’s music scene in 2013, The Dead XIII came to national attention in the Summer of 2015 with their debut full length album Catacombs being acclaimed by both fans and the UK rock music press. 

Since then, they have headlined or taken part in numerous highly successful tours with bands such as Doyle from The Misfits, Farewell, My Love, Ashestoangels and Griever just to name a few. The Summer of 2017 saw them invited to headline the Indomitus Stage at Scotland’s Wildfire Festival, as well as an appearance at Macmillan Festival in Nottingham. Most recently, The Dead XIII headlined The Bloodlines Tour with City Of Ashes across the UK, culminating in a traditional Halloween show in their hometown of Manchester.

2018 represents the start of the next chapter for The Dead XIII, and it promises to be a thrilling ride. 


The Dead XIII are:

Kurt Blackshard – Vocals
Ste Mahoney – Lead Guitar
Symon Strange – Guitar / Synth
Paul Ryan – Bass
Spike Owen – Drums


Find The Dead XIII online:

Official Website



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