Foetal Juice Release New Singe/Video ‘Gluttony’ LP Out June 12th Via Gore House Productions

Four years on from their bulldozing debut album, Masters Of Absurdity, the ravenous dogs of Foetal Juice are back with a new full length record that redefines their own appetite for sickness and savagery. Gluttony is an unflinching exposé of the depths to which the human race has sunk, presented in the language of antagonistic, merciless riffs and raging mayhem. Vomiting on the altars of our icons and tearing apart the false facades of modern society, this is a violent assault on the greed-driven bullshit of modern life.

For fifteen years Foetal Juice have been carving their path through the underground, armed with black humour and sonic intensity, a death metal machine grinding the opposition into the mud, blood and bile. With Gluttony they have refined their song writing prowess while simultaneously ramping up the power to dangerous levels. The result – an album of death metal from the very top tier, more than capable of taking on the biggest names in the genre – and winning. Foetal Juice have never been heavier, faster, more aggressive or as staggeringly good as they are on Gluttony.

With the backing of that bastion of underground extremity, Gore House Productions, Foetal Juice will unleash Gluttony on an unsuspecting world on June 12th and no matter how prepared you might think you are, this album will knock you off your feet. Dig into the trenches and brace yourself for impact.

For more information on Foetal Juice click here
Visit Foetal Juice on Facebook
Visit Gore House Productions

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Introducing: Witchkicker

Introducing: Witchkicker

Witchkicker are a relatively new Irish band that were starting to build their name on the live circuit before our current situation halted that like it has for every band.

Witchkicker were formed in October 2019 by guitarist Mo Sheerin and drummer Cee Jenna.

Both musicians brought different inspirations and playing styles to the table. The blend of Mo’s intricate heavy metal riffs with Cee’s unique groove punk beats were the foundation that attracted bass player Deborah O’Brien. With experience in metal band Dark Lanes, her prog influenced bass lines brought a new layer to the band.

In November 2019 they were joined by Hutchy, who herself had been playing in punk and metal bands as a vocalist and guitarist over the years. Her experience as a front woman completed the line-up and Witchkicker was officially born.

Despite their short time together, they have released three singles to date with no doubt more on the way.
It’s clear this band have many influences in play and it’s refreshing as it’s something different.
They remind me of all female bands from the 90’s. Their music has an attitude to it that was prevalent in those days so it’s nice to see it returning again. It never went away of course but not as common…

On the strength of their first three releases this band are clearly onto a good thing and I heard a great report from someone that saw them live in Belfast earlier this year.

One to watch!


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The Enigma Division Release Debut Single/Video The Neon Mirage From Their Forthcoming Self Titled Debut LP

The Enigma Division are an Irish progressive band formed in 2019. Their music comprises of eclectic elements, most notably film score, synthwave & progressive metal.

“The Neon Mirage” is the first single from their upcoming self titled debut album “The Enigma Division”

The album will feature nine tracks that bring a new perspective on cinematic progressive music with a heartfelt futuristic vision

What we will say is that on the evidence of this track, an album of the year contender here! Absolutely no question about it.
This track is eight minutes of technical/progressive metal magic.
If the Bladrunner soundtrack had a metal track? It would be this one!
Which is a high praise!
Check it out here.

“The Neon Mirage” – (McGouran/Burns/Young)

Genre: Progressive/Tech Noir

Track Personnel:
Conor McGouran: Guitars/Keyboards
Ronan Burns: Bass/Programming
Ben Wanders:
Vocals/Drums Guest vocal appearance: William Alex Young

The album will also feature appearances by Derek Sherinian (Sons of Apollo, Planet X, Dream Theater), Richard Thomson (Pentakill, Xerath), Sam Bell (Mask Of Judas) and many more

All music by The Enigma Division (c) 2020

Mixed by Ben Wanders at Ben Wanders Productions Mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios, Denmark

Video by Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art

Produced by The Enigma Division “The Neon Mirage” will be available on iTunes and Spotify from 01/05/20

For news and updates, follow The Enigma Division on Social Media…

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PATRÓN Released Debut Video/Single ‘Room With A View’ Announce Self Titled Debut Album

Sleaze rockers PATRÓN have unveiled their single ‘Room With A View,’ the first taken from their debut self-titled album, which is set for release via Klonosphere on 29th May 2020.

Frontman Lo commented on ‘Room With A View’: “I imagine ‘Room With A View’ as the opening score to Roberto Rodriguez’s next feature film, if it were set in a post-apocalyptic and degenerative Las Vegas where the only chance of salvation is Barry White’s resurrection.”

PATRÓN is a new project fronted by Lo (aka Patrón) frontman of the band Loading Data. The self-titled debut album was produced by Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Eleven, Them Crooked Vultures, Chris Cornell Band) and also happens to be the last album ever recorded in his legendary studio 11AD, in Los Angeles.  

Lo had some well known friends record the album with him: Joey Castillo (Danzig, Queens of the Stone Age, The Bronx), Barrett Martin (Mad Season, Screaming Trees, Tuatara), Nick Oliveri (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Mondo Generator), Aurélien Barbolosi (Aston Villa) and Monique St Walker (Blackbird Days).

PATRÓN is a melting pot of influences, a new entity, a sort of Frankenstein creature, borrowing as much from stoner rock, 50s rock n roll, the Rat Pack as from 80s pop. It’s sexy, it’s groovy, it’s loud and heavy.  Heady melodies that will stick to your skin like a thirsty alcoholic tick.

PATRÓN are: 
Lo aka Patrón : Lead Vocal / Guitar / Keyboard
Joey Castillo : Drums
Nick Oliveri : Bass
Aurélien Barbolosi : Guitar
Alain Johannes : Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Vocal
Barrett Martin : Drum
Monique St Walker : Vocal
Aurelia : Vocal

Pre-order Patrón here:

Live plans for 2020 have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More news on this soon.

For more information:

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Shatter Brain Release Single/Video Talk In Fear LP Pitchfork Justice Out May 1st Via Wormholedeath

Australian metal combo Shatter Brain are proud to announce that they have signed with Wormholedeath for the release of their album Pitchfork JusticePitchfork Justice will be out on 1 May 2020 via Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group worldwide. For the occasion, the band released their first single and video Talk in Fear.

Pitchfork Justice was recorded and mixed by Jimmy Balderston at Ghostnote Recording Studios (Scott Kelly, Sumeru, Space Bong) in Adelaide, and mastered by Dav Byrne at Iridium Audio (Witchskull, YLVA, Space Bong). All artwork and layouts were done by Adelaide local Steve Lehmann. Pitchfork Justice contains nine cohesive songs that are a unique blend of sludge metal, old-school thrash, and hardcore, with modern and diverse vocals. The production is lively and bombastic, as well as punchy and aggressive, and the lyrics make a strong statement about the current state of the world, particularly around social media and PC culture.

Shatter Brain state: “We are very excited to announce that we have partnered up with WormHoleDeath/Aural Music for the worldwide release of our debut album Pitchfork Justice on 1 May 2020! We’re stoked to be joining a diverse roster full of high-quality bands, including fellow Australians SUMERU and One Step Beyond. We have a lot of cool stuff to release and announce over the coming months, so watch this space!”

Shatter Brain are a metal/hardcore band comprised of members of some of South Australia’s most successful heavy bands. The band draws together an eclectic but coherent range of influences, seamlessly blending fast, razor-tight rhythms with laid back grooves, and boasting diverse vocals that move from ear-piercing highs to sewer-dwelling lows.

The band launched in January 2018, releasing a four-song demo that was mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust, Power Trip, avalera Conspiracy), before embarking tours of Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and playing shows in Thailand and Malaysia as main support for Brazilian crossover-thrash legends Ratos de Porão (RDP). Shatter Brain then released a split vinyl EP (The 12” Split) folowed by another Australian tour, and were local support act for Cavalera Conspiracy (BRA), Eyehategod (USA), and Power Trip (USA) on the South Australian shows of their respective Australian tours.

In mid-2019, Shatter Brain entered the studio to record their debut album “Pitchfork Justice”. Upon releasing this album, Shatter Brain aims to further expand their reach through national and international distribution and touring.

Shatter Brain are determined to bring their music and intense live show to the world.

Shatter Brain are:
Tom Santamaria – Vocals
Matt Disisto – Guitar
Jack Hartley – Guitar
Pat Callaghan – Bass
Ryan Quarrington – Drums……

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The Gloom In The Corner Drop New Video/Single Violence And Sign To Collision Course

Melbourne’s The Gloom in The Corner return today with their brand new single Violence, the first of a series of standalone singles. Violence, out Friday April 10th at, is the first track for 2020 for the band and is under their brand new agreement with Collision Course.

The Gloom In The Corner are a concept band exploring the depths of human melancholy through a vessel of their own creation. Their previous instalment in the saga of fictional government organisation known as the Sect, ‘Flesh & Bones’, depicted the band’s dark, heavy and operatic voyage through misery, woe and misanthropy.

Violence serves as a hymn for the demonic entity known as a ‘Gloom’; and entity focused solely on causing barbaric cruelty and destruction to those in it’s path with little remorse. Stepping away from the main story told throughout the band’s career, Violence focuses on giving the listener a view on what the Gloom entity is – on a base level.

Co-produced by The Gloom and the Corner and Jamie Marinos (who also engineered the track) and Mixed & Mastered by Jeff Dunne, Violence represents a Mantra/Chant for The Glooms (A soldier of hell/a member of a cult of violence – characters in an ongoing narrative that has pervaded their music releases to date). The full story to date can be found here.

The cover art for the single (the first of 3 parts) was unveiled this week on “Maundy Thursday”, the celebration of the day that the ‘Last Supper’ was meant to have happened. The cover art depicts the left-hand side of what will become a mural – depicting a ‘Last Supper’ for The Glooms. When the three song cycle in 2020 is complete, a twist ending will be revealed, leaving a cliffhanger for what will follow for the band and the narrative of The Glooms

The Gloom in The Corner’s new single Violence will be revealed to the world on all digital stores and streaming platforms on Friday April 10 through Collision Course. It will be available at

Spotify –
Apple Music –
Deezer –…


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