Whiskey Dancer Release Debut LP Sound For 7:30

Whiskey Dancer are Ireland’s answer to revive the ROCK Industry that dominated in the 80’s. As a result, Whiskey Dancer are a hard hitting “Don’t Know When To Stop” Rock Band. Shaun, Paddy Bear, Vivian, and Jimmy had dedicated their career to entertaining Motorcycle Enthusiasts over the years. This dedication with their mix of jaw-dropping volume and mix of classic rock, blues and metal cover songs filled venues across the Island of Ireland. They always delivered and entertained throughout the years. Giving back in 2020 is now about getting new aggressive and loud music out there and celebrate a career of music by producing their own. To again inspire a nation and bring their existing following along for the ride would be their honour. Just like their home base, the West of Ireland is Wild and fierce, and this band expresses the same emotions on stage.

I became aware of this band in 2013. Someone spoke very highly of them to me. I saw a couple of live recordings and was impressed. After that I heard nothing again so assumed like many midlands based bands they had ran their course.
Then from nowhere they were back again and announced their debut album Sound For 7:30 was coming soon. Single/videos Feed My Lies, Break Free and Steel Cruisin were all released prior to this album so they clearly had put time and money into this…
Their videos on YouTube have got huge views so not entirely a loss…
Sound For 7:30 is out now and it’s a great rocking album. It reminds of of Therapy in ways so that’s a good thing!
A top effort from all involved and great to see a band from the midlands persevere throughout the years and deliver an album of this quality.
Full album stream here along with their three previously released video/singles.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whiskeydancerireland/

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BLASPHEMER release new Video ‘The Sixth Hour’

Italian extreme metal stalwarts BLASPHEMER have released a new video for their single ‘The Sixth Hour’. The video is the title track of the band’s most recent album which was released worldwide by Candlelight Records on 24th January this year. 

Premiered via Decibel Magazine , you can now watch the video in full here:

The band commented:BLASPHEMER is proud to introduce you to the new videoclip of their latest album’s title track ‘The Sixth Hour’. This visual assault which has been meticulously crafted by talented artist Chariot of Black Moth (Converge, Wolves in the Throne Room…) to blast the viewer with a relentless black-and-white abyss of sinisterness. The images displayed dive deeply into the most obscure religious manifestations of Southern Italy around the Holy Week and Easter, including macabre processions often climaxing in gore-drenched, self-harming traditions – aiming to emulate and celebrate the suffering of Christ in his path to the crucifixion. Unsettling portraits of Jesus upon Golgotha mix here with these nowadays representation of the passion, since the death of Christ and the grotesqueness of his vulnerability, counterposed to the falsity of his divine nature, encompass the centuries.”

Album The Sixth Hour was released earlier this year in January and showcases twelve songs of pure blackened-death metal, mastered at the famous studio Hertz in Poland, known for their work with BehemothDecapitated and Vader. Fundamentally a concept album, The Sixth Hour’s main theme is the way of the cross, i.e. the last day of Jesus Christ, the path that led him from the Gethsemane to Golgotha. The aim of the album is to depict Jesus as merely human, trying to transpose into music the agony he felt in the last day. Out now on Candlelight Records, you can order the album here:https://blasphemer.lnk.to/TheSixthHour 


Facebook | Bandcamp | Candlelight Records

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Figures Release Video/Single ‘SOMEONE UNINVITED’ From their forthcoming LP ‘OPERATING IN UNSAFE MODE’

Following the success of their first album single ‘Underpaid Machinery’, Melbourne-based metal powerhouse FIGURES have dropped ‘Someone Uninvited’, the second video/single drawn from their forthcoming debut album ‘Operating In Unsafe Mode’ – which is available for pre-order now at http://figuresband.com/. ‘Someone Uninvited’ will be available Friday July 10 at http://ffm.to/figures_SU.

With the new album dropping on 17th July, Figures have caught the attention of Daniel P Carter and the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, as well as Triple J’s The Racket, The Faction, Triple MMM Hard N Heavy, AndrewHaugRadio and Kerrang! Radio’s Alex Baker and been featured on Spotify’s Homegrown & Heavy playlist.

The album’s second single comes a week out from the release of their debut album. The band state that they wrote ‘Someone Uninvited’ at the time that the Australian Equal Rights Marriage plebiscite was taking place, seemingly dividing the country but, as the band saw it, simply irritating everyone involved who just wanted to live their lives the way they wanted.

“Someone Uninvited was a much pulsier and punky song than we had ever written prior, but it was instantly a favourite to both the band and those closest to us, which is why we wanted it to be a single”, comments Figures vocalist Mark Tronson.

“The message in the lyrics – that of standing up to oppression and dehumanisation – are unfortunately always relevant, even more so in 2020. For the video, we felt that the lyrics spoke for themselves and, rather than taking a narrative route, went for something that visually captures the overall sonic vibe of the record.

Extending beyond the confines of ‘Someone Uninvited’, the single’s accompanying video is also a reflection of Figures’ upcoming debut album overall. “Conceptually the record was meant to sound glitchy, static, frantic and very high energy, so that ended up being the basis for the ‘Someone Uninvited’ video, so all those elements are present and people can really get a feel for the full record. We also went for a loose “lyric video” feel, as we decided that we wanted to encourage people to start singing along to our music!” said Tronson.

‘Operating in Unsafe Mode’ explores themes of dehumanisation, isolation and oppression, all through the idea of mass media influence and manipulation. The record was produced by Luke Cincotta and Figures, recorded by Luke Cincotta at Sing Sing Studios and Debasement Studios, mixed by Luke Cincotta, mastered by Forrester Savell and the artwork and cover design is by Will Devereux.

Figures’ debut album ‘Operating in Unsafe Mode’ will be released on Friday July 17th. Pre-Orders are live now at http://figuresband.com/. ‘Someone Uninvited’ weill be out Friday July 10 at http://ffm.to/figures_SU.



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Babirusa Release New Single ‘Catatonia’ Debut LP Humanoid Out August 28th

Brisbane Deathcore outfit Babirusa are today announcing their new single ‘Catatonia’ will be released into the world on Friday July 3rd!

‘Catatonia’ is the third cut from their debut record ‘Humanoid’, which goes live on Friday August 28th 2020. Pre-Orders for the album have exceeded all expectations so far and are available now. Physical Bundles are available at https://babirusa.bigcartel.com and digital pre-orders/pre-saves available now at http://ffm.to/babirusa_humanoid.

A concept record, the band tells the story that “Humanoid is focused around the story of a central character, known as 343, and his journey between reality and the cybernetic world. As he is pushed and pulled through a series of events involving a sinister artificial intelligence, 343 is left to ponder his own existence and what it means to be human.

The story told by new single ‘Catatonia’ takes place mid-narrative of the record, and the band says that “Upon re-entry he quickly finds that he should not have chosen this path as he is captured and held against his will. Told by a disembodied voice that he is akin to this technological entity, a mirror of sorts, and that he should be willing to cast aside his body if only to elevate himself to a higher form and plane of existence. The voice eerily telling him that it is time to become a part of all things… Unable to understand exactly what was meant he begins to panic, wanting desperately to wake up and be rid of this nightmare. In a catatonic state, his mind races as he feels more fear than he ever imagined possible, questioning the very essence of his being and the reason for the existence of all of humanity if he is to be turned into something unknown against his will.

Humanoid was Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Dan Field at Sledgehammer Studios, Brisbane, QLD, Australia and Produced by Thy Art is Murder Guitarist Sean Delander.

For those not in the know, A Babirusa is a boar-like animal. In rare cases, the tusks of the Babirusa can grow in a way that penetrates their own skull and pierces their brain, ultimately killing the animal. Babirusa believes that this animal’s genetic flaw is a perfect metaphor for humanity – slowly growing until we inevitably kill off our own species – our own demise at the hand of our own technological evolution…

Babirusa’s debut single Desolation System, reached 15,000 views within one month of release and was featured on Rage (ABC) in June 2019, and both it and 2nd single ‘Abomination’ featured on Triple J’s The Racket – and were strong contenders for the Good Things 2019 opening band competition as finalists.

Babirusa’s debut album ‘Humanoid’ will be released on Friday August 28th, with new single ‘Catatonia’ being released Friday July 3rd. Physical Pre-Order Bundles are available at https://babirusa.bigcartel.com and digital pre-orders/pre-saves available now at http://ffm.to/babirusa_humanoid. New single Catatonia is available for purchase and streaming at http://ffm.to/babirusa_catatonia.

For more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/Babirusaband.

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Russian Death Metal Outfit KATALEPSY Release New Single ‘No Rest No Peace’ New LP Terra Mortuus Est Out 31st July via Unique Leader

Russian brutal death metal masters KATALEPSY have streamed their devastating new single ‘No Rest No Peace’, another glimpse into their terrifying new LP Terra Mortuus Est, released 31st July via the esteemed Unique Leader Records.

Pre-order Terra Mortuus Est here: https://bit.ly/katalepsyindiemerch

Birthed in Moscow in 2004, KATALEPSY‘s first demo Femicide brought their first victims to the altar of brutality, and led to the band’s first forays beyond Moscow.

In 2007 they spawned their debut full-length Musick Brings Injuries, and blood was spilled in the circle pits and mosh-battles all over Russia. The next year KATALEPSYreleased a split with partners in crime FLESHROT and BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA, and allowed the band their first tours abroad, including the Swiss festival Mountains of Death ’08 Open Air. Soon, shows and festivals across Europe followed: Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic and Finland all becoming battlefields of unholy beatdowns and technical grooves.

The band inked their record deal with the famed Unique Leader Records following their Your Fear Is Our Inhabitancy EP, and have gone from strength to strength since. Now behold their ferocious new effort, the terrifying Terra Mortuus Est.


Igor Filimontsev – vocals
Anton Garasiev – guitar
Dmitry Dedov – guitar
Anatoly Shishilov – bass
Andrey Patsionov – drums

More info:

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Finnish Progressive Death Metal Band Denominate Release New Single Abandoned From Their Forthcoming LP ISOCHRON

Finnish Oulu-based progressive death metal band Denominate are set to release their second album ISOCHRON on July 24th 2020 via Inverse Records. 

The band comments:“Abandoned is the third song on the record and is one of the most straightforward and punishing tracks on the album. The lyrics, as the title suggests, deal with abandonment in the service of a greater cause and the feelings of bitterness and betrayal it might generate in the ones being left behind. Musically the song takes inspiration from a wide range of genres including black metal and thrash metal.”

Listen to Abandoned also on:
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/31CRdvz 
Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/us/album/150895892 
Tidal: https://listen.tidal.com/album/142903151  
Apple Music: https://apple.co/3g7zEaK 

Kimmo Raappana – Guitar / Main Songwriter
Eetu Pylkkänen – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Joni Määttä – Drums
Ville Männikkö – Vocals
Tuomas Pesälä – Bass 


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