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Anaal Nathrakh Release First Single ‘Forward’From Their Forthcoming LP ‘A New Kind Of Horror’



Annal Nathrakh have released a new video/single Forward from their forthcoming tenth album ‘A new Kind Of Horror’. Statements below!  

Our Tenth full length album ‘A New Kind Of Horror’ will be released through Metal Blade Records on 28th September.

When writing about A New Kind Of Horror in the record’s liner notes, Anaal Nathrakh vocalist Dave Hunt is succinct in his description: “This is not a happy album, it is bitter, vengeful, sarcastic, sardonic, violent, terrified and horrified, terrifying and horrifying in equal measure. Above all, it is human, and all that that entails. It’s as sincere as we could make it.” Those exposed to the ten tracks comprising the band’s tenth full-length will be unable to deny the truth to these words, for lyrically, musically and sonically it is a punishing listen mired in darkness and seething with raw emotion. With multi-instrumentalist Mick Kenney pushing their distinctive hybrid of symphonic black metal, death metal, industrial and grindcore ever forward, Hunt draws lyrical inspiration primarily from the horrors of the First World War, contemporary politics, and the letters of D.H. Lawrence, creating one of the most powerful, timely and unique releases of 2018. “There’s a lot that goes into our albums, of course, but it all comes about as a natural result of who we are, and for A New Kind of Horror we felt early on that it was clearly its own thing. It doesn’t have to stand in comparison with anything, because to us it’s in a class of its own.”

Metal Blade have opened preorders for our upcoming album, A New Kind of Horror, and have made a song from the new album available online. It is, as we would put it, a banger! Forward! All the details are here – https://www.metalblade.com/anaalnathrakh/





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The Black Dahlia Murder’s Seminal Album Unhallowed Turns 15 years Old



The Black Dahlia’s seminal album ‘Unhallowed’ turned 15 years old today. An album I look back on with great fondness. Nobody sounded like them at the time. It was a whole new sound… 

Track like What A Night To Have A Curse were always favourites. but this album set the standard and one I listened to relentlessly back in the day. 

Funeral Thirst, the track that started it all. 


The full album. 


Their latest album ‘Nightbringers’ which is also excellent! 


The Black Dahlia Murder album “Nightbringers” available now.

Buy Here: http://www.metalblade.com/tbdm |

Streaming/download options: http://smarturl.it/nightbringers


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The Agony Scene Drop New Song ‘Serpents Tongue’ New Album ‘Tormentor’ Out July 20th



THE AGONY SCENE have dropped another track from their new album Tormentor, out 20 Julyvia Outerloop Records/Cooking Vinyl. The album is available for pre-order here

Guitarist Chris Emmons comments: “Serpent’s Tongue was the first song we wrote after getting back together in 2014.  Lyrically the song is about individuals who give no f*cks about deceiving or trampling on others for personal gain. The track also features a guitar solo performed by the one and only Emil Werstler.” 



Tormentor is the band’s first album since 2007’s Get Damned (Century Media), which was preceded by 2005’s The Darkest Red (Roadrunner) and 2003’s self-titled release (Solid State).

The band have previously released two more tracks in the run up. Check them out here! This album is going to be excellent! 



For more information:



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Heavy Scotland Cancelled

Heavy Scotland Cancelled



More sad news in regards to festivals this Summer. We lost the outdoor version of ROLL yesterday and today we are reporting about this. The irony here is the fact I was going to replace the ROLL advert on our site with a Heavy Scotland one. Didn’t think this would be happening today… 

They released this statement. 

Heavy Scotland Guests –

It is with an enormous amount of regret that we will have to cancel Heavy Scotland 2018. We are incredibly grateful to all of our guests who have supported us and allowed us to grow past our first year.

We understand this will impact a lot of our guests and wish to extend our sincerest apologies. We have explored every possible alternative and worked our hearts out to ensure the festival can stay alive. We imagine everyone understands how tough it is to grow a festival and we were encouraged by the feedback and reviews from last year and a small growth in our second year. Unfortunately the growth was not substantial enough to encourage our investors to help us bring 2018 to fruition. We appreciate a lot of people will still buy tickets between now and the event, however despite lowering our costs and working harder to obtain sponsorship and funding, we are unable to sustain the festival any longer.

Our ticket partner will issue full refunds. We will have these details ASAP, please bear with us as we confirm the exact details. We will share this information with you as our first priority.

We will do our best to answer your emails in a timely manner, but with a small team please allow us some time to get back to you. We will answer emails but have chosen not to respond to comments on Facebook regarding this matter as we do not think our team will be able to cope with the demand.

We had a dream to help grow the Scottish metal scene and to give Scottish bands a platform in to the international scene whilst creating an epic weekend-long celebration of metal. We are overwhelmingly sad that we can not move forward and would like to extend a final thank you to everyone who supported us along the way. Despite having only run for one year this has been a seven year journey for us. Our hearts are heavy.


-Team HS

Another sign of how tough it’s getting now. There’s many factors, Sponsorship is hard to find as companies are either struggling and can’t spare any capital or global juggernauts that don’t need to sponsor anyone. There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground now…

The world is still in a recession. People are living week to week in the higher case and anything from a cinema night to a music festival becomes a luxury. Disposable income is limited and people are saving it now rather than spend as they once would.

The crowd also wants the finished article immediately.  A festival is instantly compared to Bloodstock, Wacken, Donnington or any of the long established big boys. They all started small and grew organically. People won’t buy into that now though in the higher case. You have to give them the names or they won’t attend. Which straight away puts you in shark infested waters and at high risk of financial ruin. 

Music events are struggling for attendance in the UK and Ireland. Fact I hate to say, but attendances are dropping. For all the reasons I mentioned above and the fact people in cities are spoilt for choice. That’s where the events take place, and people outside cities can’t afford travel, accommodation etc etc.  It’s all adding up…. 

No sense in pointing fingers though. The world is changing and the way people access films/music have changed. The money isn’t there and things are getting harder. We face another fucking car insurance hike here again and things keep sneaking up. How could the common man or woman have any disposable income? 

We wish the team behind Heavy Scotland well and hope they stay involved in music on some level. There’s always ways to stay involved and live outside the high risk zone. Best of luck to them all regardless! 

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Hadal Maw Release New Single ‘White Elephant’ From Their Forthcoming EP ‘Charlatan’



Hadal Maw are today unleashing “White Elephant” – their brand new cut from forthcoming EP Charlatan. The crushing new single is the second cut from the EP, following the release of Idolatry a few weeks ago. The EP is available for pre-order now at www.hadalmaw.com and will be released into the world on Friday August 3. They will be out on tour alongside Psycroptic and Archspire from August 16.

Since their inception in 2010, Hadal Maw have fast procured a stature as a benchmark for creating new perspectives on heavy music. Metal Hammer described them as “…very much the contemporary and forward-thinking metal force”.

Moving forward with their overwhelming, wall of sound approach, the band has imported elements from black metal, sludge and noise to engineer a considerably darker and denser approach than previously known. Teaming up this time with Troy McCosker (Ne Obliviscaris, Vipassi) the production is a swift departure from the tight, clean cut veneer of “Olm”, opting for a raw, livelier, unforgiving and sludgy morass, designed to pull the unwilling participant into an abyss. 

Guitarist for the decimatingly heavy outfit, Ben Boyle said that 
“This release represents a breath of new life in the band – we approached Charlatan with a no holds barred passion and a new found aggression. In doing so, we captured an intensity that was almost cathartic in how it differed from the previous albums – in the process and in the aspired outcome. It’s raw, chaotic, and showcases the strongest points of the band and our individual styles. Each piece of the puzzle came together this time to form a unified and consistent vision, which demonstrates the strength of the current line-up. It is the purest representation of the band to date, and we couldn’t be more proud of what we accomplished.”



Hadal Maw have shared the stage with the likes of Decapitated, Suffocation, Ne Obliviscaris,Psycroptic, Beyond Creation, King Parrot, Aborted and many more. 

Hadal Maw’s EP Charlatan will be released on Friday August 3 at all good online outlets and available now for physical pre-order at www.hadalmaw.com

For more information, go to facebook.com/hadalmaw.


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Dublin Veterans Senzar Reveal New Music Video ‘CI’ Untitled EP Out Friday Via Hostile Media



Dublin veterans Seznar, formed from the ashes of Coldwar recently unveiled details for the release of their debut non-titled record, out 20th July via Hostile Media, a potent marriage of philosophy and the raw energy of extreme metal.

Today the band released the second single ‘CI’ and a video accompaniment. Vocalist Trevor McLave explains, “As finite beings we search for, and find, meaning in the universe and within our interpretation of the observable patterns and structures of the natural world. We do this ‘symbolically’; the symbol lies between us and the cosmos and orientates us towards meaning and reality. The attempt to understand the ‘natural poetry’ of the universe is a root source of art, music, and culture, and it is through symbolic mediation that, within the human being, the finite can grasp the infinite.”

McLave speaks further on the debut EP and the cessation of Coldwar, “We wanted to take our musical ideas a lot further than we were able to with Coldwar, elements of which were hinted at on Pantheist. Creating atmosphere and soundscapes which hold measureless potency, correlating with the lyrics and retaining raw energy and heaviness was our goal. Regarding the lyrics, I guess there are rudiments of consideration regarding mankind’s position in the greater scheme of the cosmos. Beyond that, it really is something purposely devised as being unfixed, thus open to beholders interpretation.”

Characteristically esoteric, Senzar are inspired by the relation of the human condition to the complexity and mystery of the cosmos. Motivated by the obscure yet intelligible patterns of order from chaos and our natural creative impulse, and being influenced by the darker, more challenging cultural output of modernity, they articulate a metaphysical engagement between the self and the natural world.

“The music is an endeavour to explore the unity and multiplicity of Being,” states vocalist Trevor McLave. “Both interpretive and descriptive, it explores beyond the scope of the rational gaze to disclose the world, which, understood as a totality of all things, we are embedded in, and fundamentally related to in ways which are mystical.”



Pre-Order The Senzar EP HERE!




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