GESCHLECHT: Italian Industrial/Melodic Death Metallers Launch ‘An Infinite Nightmare’ Single

Italian Italian industrial/melodic death metal outfit GESCHLECHT release ‘New Load Continue their debut album tomorrow. On the eve of the album’s official release, we bring you ‘An Infinite Nightmare, the record’s closing track.

GESCHLECHT‘s upcoming debut album “New Load Continue” is due out on 29th November 2019 via Time To Kill Records.

The album narrates the story of a player trapped in a videogame. The band comments: “The protagonist gets swallowed up and has to complete the questline of the game by himself. His task will be to break the curse that plagues the 5 great warriors of the game world who will accompany him throughout his journey. The curse brings the warriors in a constant state of inebriation, depriving them of their powers as well and rendering them unable to perform their duty, or defeat the evil demons and gods. Only a gem imbued with the power of the blood moon can break the spell. The player will have to travel the game world to find the gem, in a race against a prophecy that announces the rise of a new god”.


Hailing from northern Italy, the band consists of Amedeo Finati (vocals), Amedeo Casale (guitar), Edoardo Volpato (bass), Fabio Speroni (drums): together they have been perfecting their musical skills since 2016, sharing the stage along the way with important Italian acts such as Cripple Bastards, Genus Ordinis Dei and Deathless Legacy.

Produced by Lacuna Coil’s Richard Meiz (also in Genus Ordinis Dei), courtesy of Eclipse Records, the upcoming follow-up to 2016’s self-titled debut EP displays the young band’s dazzling ambition and artistic vision. Not afraid to merge industrial vibes and extreme metal hardness, GESCHLECHT has chiseled out a modern metal album of undeniable impact.

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ANNIHILATOR: Canadian Heavy Metal/Thrash Legends Unveil ‘Psycho Ward’ Video New LP ‘Ballistic Sadistic’ Out January 24th Via Silver Lining Music

Canadian heavy metal/thrash legends ANNIHILATOR are pleased to unveil the official video for “Psycho Ward.” The thought-provoking track centered on domestic violence, comes by way of the band’s seventeenth studio album, Ballistic, Sadistic, set for release January 24th, 2020 via Silver Lining Music.

 “Psycho Ward” is yet another example of the band’s return to their roots with a contemporary twist. Issues founding guitarist, vocalist, producer and principal songwriter Jeff Waters of the track,”‘Psycho Ward’ takes us back to the musical vibe of Never, Neverland‘s ‘Stonewall’ but with a drastically-different lyrical theme: domestic violence and abuse. I’ve written quite a few songs on this subject since the ’90s. But this song is the perfect combination of ‘old-school’ metal meeting the right lyrical and vocal delivery to get the point across. Enjoy, ‘old-school’ metal fans. Welcome, the new!”

A name that should need no introduction in the metal world, ANNIHILATOR was forged in Canada in late 1984. Since then, the band has been touring and releasing records, selling millions of albums to date, nonstop, for over thirty years. Cited by bands like Megadeth, Pantera, Dream Theater, Children Of Bodom, Lamb of God, Opeth, Trivium, and so many more as having influence on their music, Jeff Waters and ANNIHILATOR have continued to tour the world, year after year, whilst consistently putting out high-quality true-metal music. It takes a long time to reach legendary status, and no one can dispute that ANNIHILATOR are inspirations, teachers, legends, and a force demonstrating what hard work and love of your craft can bring to the world. 

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Waters, Ballistic, Sadistic was recorded at the brand new, state of the art Watersound Studios UK, in Durham earlier this year with additional engineering and editing by bassist Rich Hinks and mastering by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering in California. 

Ballistic, Sadistic will be available in limited-edition digipak, vinyl, and digital formats. For preorders, go to THIS LOCATION.

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SCOUR Announce The ‘Black EP’ Bathory Cover Massacre Out Friday

SCOUR the extreme metal unit featuring Philip H. Anselmo (Pantera, Down, Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals, Superjoint etc.), John Jarvis (Agoraphobic Nosebleed), Derek Engemann (Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals, ex-Cattle Decapitation), Mark Kloeppel (Misery Index), and Adam Jarvis (Pig Destroyer, Misery Index) will release their long anticipated Black EP the third in a three-part series next year via Housecore Records. 

As a precursor to its release, the band is pleased to unveil a special Black Friday teaser with their scalding cover of Bathory classic, “Massacre.” A fan-filmed video clip of the track, captured at various shows through the years.  

Issues the band, “As we await the completion of SCOUR‘s next release, the Black EP, enjoy our cover of Bathory’s ‘Massacre!”

SCOUR‘s “Massacre” cover was mixed and mastered by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio and will be streaming on all platforms and available for FREE download Black Friday, November 29th at the SCOUR Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION

Additionally, SCOUR is commemorating the release with a limited edition “Massacre” tribute shirt through Indiemerchstore for $16.66 with special code: BARGAINBIN. Grab yours today at THIS LOCATION

Forged in 2015, SCOUR‘s debilitating fusion of black metal, grindcore, and thrash made its debut with the ferocious single “Dispatched.” The band’s debut EP, Grey, was released the following year via Anselmo’s own Housecore label. Just before a crushing performance at Hellfest Open Air, which featured a cover of the Pantera classic “Strength Beyond Strength,” the band recorded their Red EP at Nodferatu’s Lair with Steve Berrigan (Down, Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals, Eyehategod, Haarp, Classhole, etc.) at the helm. The record was mixed and mastered by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio and released in 2017. Reaping critical hails from fans and critics alike, the recording ranked among Revolver’s 20 Best Albums Of 2017, with the esteemed publication noting, “ex-Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo has dabbled in black metal intermittently for over two decades now with side projects like Christ Inversion, Viking Crown, Eibon, and now SCOUR, his gnarled crew of battle-tested players from Pig Destroyer, Cattle Decapitation, and others. A six-track romp through buzzing infernos and sludgy hellscapes, the supergroup’s second EP, Red, is Anselmo’s finest black-metal hour to date – no corpse paint necessary.” 

Further details on the Black EP will be announced in the coming weeks. Stay alert.

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Rouen Release New Video/Single ninetysevenpercent.

Rouen Release New Video/Single ninetysevenpercent.

Dublin based Rouen have returned with their debut music video and new single ninetysevenpercent.

This band literally came from nowhere a couple of years back and almost instantly got the underground scene talking. Bigger things were expected and it looked like they were really on their way. They were high energy shows and intensity left an impression wherever they went…
Then, as soon as it all started it then seemed to end with the loss of their then vocalist Andy over a year ago who departed the band to move to Canada.

Now 16 months later they have returned and came back with an absolute bang! Their new vocalist Orlaith really adds a new dimension to their sound so while a very different vocalist in many regards, on this evidence it’s going to work and work big time!

Now most certainly one to watch yet again!

They released this statement today.

We’re all very proud to get this out.

Huge thanks to Lewis Johns of The Ranch production house for mixing and mastering this one for us, killer producer who’s worked with so many of our inspirations, everything he touches rips.

Big props to Dan for his work on the artwork for this single, insane visuals that helped us pull together this whole theme.
ig: @d.h.r_design web:

Last but not anywhere least, the one man army, Angel of CosmoPalace. he’s shot, directed and edited this whole video and helped us capture the intensity and the live energy we always wanna portray, thanks dude. x

Check the video out above by clicking the links, and check the sick art below.

ninetysevenpercent. is out now on all major streaming services. listen.


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Conform Release New Single/Video ‘LUXURY LETDOWN’ – A Scathing Attack On Social Media

Perth, Australia based Conform (or 生 Conform 死, which translates to Live. Conform. Die) are today reminding everyone that 2019 ain’t over yet – and that just because the year is beginning to wind down, it doesn’t mean that they can’t drop one of the heaviest and hardest-hitting singles of the year – Luxury Letdown, which will be released this Friday November 22 on all digital stores and streaming platforms at

The new track and its video are a scathing attack on social media and fashion brands and the lives and lifestyles portrayed there – and the supposed expectation that we can all live in that hyper-perfect world.

Conform state about the new single and video. “Luxury Letdown’s thematic direction is a parody of the largely disingenuous portrayal of top-shelf lifestyles in social media and the un-meetable standards of modern beauty pushed to the average Joe and Jane by high-end fashion brands. Inside the walls of this theme, we plan on scrutinising the questionable ethics of seemingly faceless and overpriced companies who use over-sexualisation and harmful market manipulation to sell their products, resulting in the development of numerous personal insecurities in young, malleable minds. In our honest opinion, these companies are a gleaming detriment to the growth of a healthy impressionable person. We wish to be part of a bigger community of individuals who relish in their freedom of thought, freedom of expression and pro self-love.

This new single confirms Conform as being one of Australia’s newest “Ones to Watch”, the sound, the attitude, the message – ‘Luxury Letdown’ continues the work that their previous singles and EP began and takes it next level.

Luxury Letdown was released on Friday November 22 on all digital stores and streaming platforms at Tickets are available now for their show with Thy Art is Murder/Gravemind/Daybreak at and for their supports with The Amity Affliction/Ocean Grove/Antagonist AD at

For More information, please go to

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ABBATH Enters Addiction Rehabilitation

ABBATH Enters Addiction Rehabilitation

In what can only be described as bittersweet news ABBATH has entered addiction rehabilitation. Good news of course that he is seeking help and hopefully on the road to recovery, but also sad to see anyone get to this condition in the first place.

He released this statement today.

Bergen, 25th of November 2019,


Throughout life you’re dealt different decks of cards. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to live my dream, which is writing music, putting out records and touring the world, playing to fans all over the globe. For the most part it has been a tremendous ride, but there’s also been moments where things have gone wrong. Most notably during the recent tour of South America, where we had to cancel shows in Argentina and Brazil.

It’s no secret that I’ve been battling addiction. I have now come to realize that it’s time to pick a fight with this demon. I’ve committed myself to a rehab program that’s going to help me get clean once and for all. I feel more motivated and determined than ever to win this battle.

Due to my program, we need to cancel the December shows that we have scheduled with my other band, Bömbers. We do apologize to our fans that was looking forward to these shows. We will make it up to all of you, and we’re currently working on rescheduling these shows.

Right now I’m very much looking forward to be coming back clean, stronger and more focused and fired up than ever.

Europe and USA, you have been warned, we’ll hunt you down like a thunderstorm next year. Nothing is going to stop us.

Horns up!

We wish ABBATH the very best in this and look forward to his triumphant return!
We didn’t touch any previous stories as it was apparent something was wrong. Let he without sin cast the first stone…

Outstrider (2019) can be streamed in full here.

Order here:

Download/stream here:

Mastered By Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering – Los Angeles

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