18 And Life: Eighteen Years Of The Distortion Project



This year represents a remarkable milestone in the history of The Distortion Project​. 2018 sees the DP turn eighteen – old enough to vote, buy a bottle of Buckfast, and watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 

What started out as a club night in January 2000 has turned into something beyond anything I could have possibly imagined in those far off early days. From metal nights to local and then international touring bands, to managing bands, organising tours, the record label, the radio show and the involvement with the Bloodstock Festival family, it’s been a wonderful rollercoaster of highs and lows for James. 

James states: I’m proud of what I’ve achieved with the DP so far and I want to pay tribute to my oldest friends Elizabeth J Turtle​ and a Colin Murdy​. The 3 of us started this thing together all that time ago and the ethos and attitude of those early years remains with me today.

To celebrate this, I’m pleased to announce a series of special shows to commemorate this most special of birthdays. The first of these – “Eighteen and Life” will host 11 bands in the Limelight Belfast​ on Saturday 21st April, the first 6 of which are listed below. Doors will be at 1pm. Special early bird tickets will be on sale Friday 12th January for a one off price of £6.00. (£8.00 there after). These will be limited to 50 and will be available from www.thedistortionproject.bigcartel.com . 

There will also be a run of t-shirts to commemorate this occasion and I’ll post pre-order details on this shortly. I’ll also be posting something from the DP archives once a week, to include old posters pics, and other gems from the past 18 years. 

The full line-up is

By Any Means

Congenital Abnormalities

Conjuring Fate


Cursed Sun

Donum Dei




Rabid Bitch Of The North






Skypilot The-band


The Crawling


Saturday 21st April
Limelight 2, Belfast
Doors 12.30pm

Please note, The Limelight is in a residential area. Please respect our neighbours when you leave the venue by doing so as quickly and quietly as possible! Thanks! 🤫




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Scimitar Release New EP …Of Blood & Fire

Scimitar Release New EP …Of Blood & Fire



Belfast based what were once Thrashers Scimitar have just released a brand new three track EP …Of Blood & Fire. Quite a surprise considering they released their debut album’Behead The Beast’ was released late last year. 

They released this statement. 

WARRIORS! ‘Scimitar – …of Blood & Fire’, our new 3 Track E.P. has been released and is stream-able from Bandcamp & Youtube immediately.

1. Fireborne 03:55
2. Witching Hour 03:54
3. Usurper of the Throne 06:04


…of Blood & Fire is a 3 track E.P. recorded and mastered by JSR Audio & Scimitar’s own John Thompson.

Scimitar take influence from Thrash, Black and Melodic Death Metal on this E.P. The concept explores medieval battle, demons unleashed on the Witching Hour, black magic and the horrors of surviving a world engulfed in Blood & Fire.

Released: April 20, 2018 (420)

Recording, Mixing & Mastering: 
JSR Audio: Josh Sid Robinson 
Scimitar: John Thompson

Photography: Wayne Donaldson Photography & Video

It’s definitely a different path musically from their album and I’m really liking this EP. It’s still Scimitar, but better in my opinion. I like their previous releases but this is really good. The Black metal style guitar tone is excellent and all three tracks benefit from it in my humble opinion. There’s also some amazing lead guitar work in these songs with a few excellent solos thrown in. 

Without doubt their finest release to date in my opinion, and an EP I’ll be listening to again and again. 





1. Fireborne

2. Witching Hour

3. Usurper of the Throne

ORDER: http://www.scimitar666.com


BIOGRAPHY: Scimitar are a Thrash Metal band from Belfast, Northern Ireland formed in May 2011. The band wrote music for around a year, before performing their live debut in June 2012 in The Warzone Centre, Belfast. Since then our fans’ reaction and support has been overwhelming; we received an amazing response from the local Belfast Metal scene and shared our music with local and touring bands with shows in Belfast & Dublin. Scimitar have been provided with unreal support slots with world touring bands thanks to The Distortion Project, DME Promotions & Shizznigh Productions including: Exhumed, Gama Bomb, Hatred, Evile, Arnocorps, Power Trip, Thrash Metal legends Onslaught & Teutonic Thrash master’s Sodom. Our first tour covering Belfast, Dublin & Galway took place in January 2016 with Helsinki Thrash giants Axegressor on the Annihilation of Mortals III Tour. Scimitar played Thrashersaurus Festival, Norwich, UK in April 2017 with Anihilated, Shrapnel & Onslaught. The band released it’s debut E.P ‘The Act Of War’ in March 2013 featuring 6 original tracks recorded by Start Together Studio sound engineer Niall Doran. A second E.P followed in October 2014 entitled ‘Plague In The Vatican’, featuring 3 original tracks recorded by Scimitar guitarist John Thompson. ‘Where Darkness Dwells’, Scimitar’s debut Album was released 27th August 2017 & their first official music video ‘Behead The Beast’ was released October 15th 2017. 




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There are a seemingly infinite number of bands out there releasing new music, but there is only one Windwaker – who are today releasing the first taste of their new music. An all-out assault of a single entitled ‘New Infinite’ that is accompanied by a filmclip – and it’s live to stream and purchase now. They are also heading out on a string of headline shows throughout NSW in April that takes in Wagga Wagga, Albury, Sydney and Central Coast alongside Our Anchored Hearts and Rumours.

Windwaker are an Australian metalcore band from Melbourne, VIC. The act, consisting of vocalist Will King, guitarist Liam Guinane, guitarist Jesse Crofts, bassist Indey Salvestro and drummer Chris Lalic, formed in Wagga Wagga, NSW. With a mutual passion for music, the group packed bags and moved
interstate in April 2015, later to drop their debut EP ‘Fade’ in May 2017. 

In their 3 short years, Windwaker have managed to play alongside a unique range of artists – from progressive acts Haken (UK), The Algorithm (FRA) and Voyager (AUS), to post-hardcore acts Slaves (USA), Miss Fortune (USA) and In Hearts Wake (AUS).

Vocalist Will King says of the new track – “We remember that flow of creativity in the room during the recording of our debut EP ‘Fade’ with Sonny & Evan back in September 2016. It was as if this massive door had opened right up in front of us, bringing vibrant feelings and energy. The process felt surreal. Leaving the studio, we knew we wanted to achieve that independently. 

The band took that flow of creativity and spun it into something that is uniquely and infinitely Windwaker. 

Having written 80% of ‘Fade’ before entering the studio, we felt we had the capacity to write our next release completely independently, but the big question between us all was whether we were able to tackle the technical aspects ourselves – the production, the engineering, mixing & mastering. For the past year and a half, we have all been working very hard to achieve that. Tracking ‘New Infinite’ in our band space, with the exception of recording drums with Declan White at his studio, this is a song that was written and produced by Windwaker, mixed and mastered by our drummer, Chris Lalic.

The new single “New Infinite” is out now in Spotify, iTunes and triple j Unearthed and tickets/info for the New Infinite NSW tour dates are available now at bit.ly/windwakernsw.

For more information, go to http://www.facebook.com/windwakerofficial.


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Gravemind are not a band who do things by the book. They are known for their off-kilter rollouts, their insanely detailed and perfectly-crafted videoclips and their ability to stand out in a niche-within-niche genre – deathcore. Having turned heads in media with their previous release, The Deathgate, Gravemind are today returning to the fray with a new track and filmclip, Lifelike. The single will be available on all digital outlets from this Friday, 6th April.

The lads in Gravemind, not ones to shy away from hard work/ideas outside the norm – are also putting this new single out on 7″ Vinyl, for order beginning Monday 9th April. As well as this, there is also an extremely limited run of 10 Lifelike test presses, on 7″ vinyl. Each test press comes with a laser cut wooden box and a lyric page typewritten by vocalist Dylan Gillies-Parsons. The page itself is made of plantable paper. When made wet, the page can be submerged in soil, and after a period of time, with care, forget-me-not flowers should grow. The owner can choose to create life, watch it flourish, and then die, or choose to hold onto the lyric page for as long as they can. Due to international quarantine, item will only be available for sale in Australia. Dylan said of the concept – “The song is about being born against your will, and some day having to die, so we thought it’d be fitting to give fans the option to literally create life, watch it flourish, and then die before their very eyes.”



Gravemind are Damon Bredin (Guitarist, writer), Dylan Gillies-Parsons (Vocalist, video director + editor), Michael Petritsch (Guitar), Aden Young (Guitar), and unofficial member/fill-in, Boris The Blade drummer, Karl Stellar. 

Dylan Gillies-Parsons, vocalist for Gravemind, said that “Lifelike is about being alive, but not really being there at all. It’s about being born against your will, and the reality that some day soon, we all die. We wanted to drop the metaphors and narrative for this release, and really be honest with the listener. It was our intention to write a song that is intrinsically Gravemind, but also very unique from our previous releases. It has been the hardest song to write lyrically, and the whole creation process this time around has been exceptionally draining, but for good cause. This song is about us, all of us, because no one can escape from this.

Lifelike was produced by Scottie Simpson + Gravemind and Recorded by Scottie Simpson in December 2017. The track was Mixed + Mastered by Lance Prenc and features additional vocals by Joshua Renjen. 

Lifelike will be available on all digital outlets from this Friday, April 6 and the vinyl will be available to order from Monday 9th April. Tickets for Gravemind’s headline Lifelike single tour in May alongside Diamond Construct and 23/19 are on sale now at gravemindofficial.com.

For more information, go to http://www.facebook.com/gravemindau


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Behemoth Release New Video ‘O Father O Satan O Sun! Live DVD/Blu-ray ‘Messe Noire’ Out Now! 



Polish legends Behemoth recently released the excellent video for their track O Father O Satan O Sun! Likely to be the last promo from their critically acclaimed album ‘The Satanist’ and it’s now about their live offering ‘Messe Noire’

Polish black/death overlords BEHEMOTH! have released their new live DVD/Blu-ray, Messe Noire, today worldwide!

Messe Noire includes the band’s victorious shows in Warsaw, Poland on October 8, 2016 and Brutal Assault 2016, as well as The Satanist cinematic archive featuring all official videos associated with the band’s globally successful record of the same name. For a preview of Messe Noire, a new full production video for “O Father, O Satan, O Sun” (from The Satanist cinematic archive – the last clip to be released from this album!) can be viewed now at: metalblade.com/behemoth

The band also previously released the following live cuts:
–”Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”: youtube.com/watch?v=WEoR9CioWlg
–”The Satanist”: youtube.com/watch?v=bIiCCUlZNoM
–”Messe Noire”: youtube.com/watch?v=SD7XF74y8z0

Purchase Messe Noire now in the USA via Metal Blade Records: metalblade.com/behemoth – where the following formats are available:

–DVD/CD Hard Cover Digibook w/ 48-Page Booklet
–Blu-Ray/CD Hard Cover Digibook w/ 48-Page Booklet
–2xLP – Green Vinyl w/ 48-Page Booklet (limited to 750 copies – USA exclusive)

In stock NOW at IndieMerchstore:


01. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel

02. Furor Divinus

03. Messe Noire

04. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer

05. Amen
06. The Satanist
07. Ben Sahar
08. In the Absence ov Light

09. O Father O Satan O Sun!
10. Ov Fire and the Void
11. Conquer All
12. Pure Evil and Hate

13. At the Left Hand ov God
14. Slaves Shall Serve
15. Chant for Ezkaton 2000

Vinyl Features:
+ Messe Noire: Live Satanist
+ Recorded at Progresja in Warsaw, Poland (10.08.2016)
+ Green Vinyl
+ Hardcover Digibook with 48-Pages (12″ x 12″)
+ European Import (Limited to 750 Copies)

U-Turn Audio turn table:

The Satanist is without doubt one of the finest extreme albums ever made and I was lucky enough to see them play the album in its entirety at Bloodstock. 

All hail Behemoth!!  



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US Black Metal Supergroup TWILIGHT To Release Trident Death Rattle EP Featuring Unreleased Songs w/ Blake Judd, Thurston Moore



Influential American black metal supergroup TWILIGHT is proud to announce the impending release of its final recording, Trident Death Rattle, due out May 1 via Ascension Monuments Media. 

Featuring three unreleased tracks from the 2012 III:Beneath Trident’s Tomb LP sessions, the extended play is much more an experimental output than its predecessors. It’s a dark, uncomfortable listen – much like the history of the band during that particular time period. 


Recorded by Sanford Parker and mastered by Collin Jordan, Trident Death Rattle is the 18-and-a-half-minute heretic swan song from masterminds Jef “Wrest” Whitehead (Leviathan), Blake Judd (Nachtmystium) and Neill “N. Imperial” Jameson (Krieg). Indie rock legend Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) is also featured on this recording, as well as engineer/producer Sanford Parker (Buried At Sea, Corrections House, Minsk) on synths / electronics. Chicago bluegrass veteran Scott Judd performs as a guest, playing electric banjo on “No Consequence.”

In addition, look for further TWILIGHT news later this year via Prophecy Productions.

Says guitarist/vocalist Thurston Moore:

“When I got the call to play guitar with TWILIGHT, I knew right away that all other considerations were to be incinerated. Twilight is US Black Metal at its most impenetrable, corrosive core. Each member a visionary of lunacy and demented desire. I listened to the rough sketches and composed sinister-sonik six string blood cries. In the studio, I marveled at the work ethic and the satanic succubation of deliverance. Listening to these “lost tracks” brings me back to the sick head of trolling around Chicago, killing beers and smokes, and making wasted high energy noise pollution. We fucking nailed it, cross smashing to the grave.”

Says vocalist Neill Jameson:

TWILIGHT III was a strange transitional time in everyone involved’s lives, and unlike most people undergoing these things, we were all very aware of it. It was one of those moments where everything was falling apart and coming together, setting up our futures for us without stripping us out of the moment. There was nothing easy or fluid about it, nothing comfortable. It didn’t represent black metal as a scene or a genre, it didn’t represent anything that we had build with previous work or stand as a beacon for work to come. It was just one long scream into each of our own abyss, a shared yet solitary void. It was the last time I was truly nervous about creating anything.”

Says guitarist Blake Judd:

“I’m extremely excited for these three missing tracks to finally be seeing the light of day as an official cassette / vinyl / digital release!  After having a few rocky years with my ex-TWILIGHT co-conspirators, we’ve all patched up our differences and have a good relationship today.  After numerous conversations about the subject of these three tracks with Jef Whitehead (Wrest) and Neill Jameson (N. Imperial), we’ve all decided it’s time for the final existing TWILIGHT audio to be presented and released unto the world. 

“These songs are special to me also because they’re the three tracks which were authored by myself and Thurston Moore of SONIC YOUTH fame. To have had the chance to work with such a legendary musician was an amazing and very satisfying experience for me.  I grew up in the 90s when NIRVANA was king, so, like most people my age, I was a huge fan. Through NIRVANA, I discovered SONIC YOUTH and have been a massive fan ever since.  So, to have had the opportunity later to work alongside the most well-known member of that band, it was like a dream come true and truly brought things full circle, connecting the music I was making during the TWILIGHT era with the music that inspired me to pick up a guitar when I first started playing at 12-13 years old. With that being said, it is with great honor that I’m able to oversee the release and be a part of these missing TWILIGHT tracks, released by Ascension Monuments Media under the title Trident Death Rattle.”

TWILIGHT at the time of recording:

N. Imperial – Vocals
Blake Judd – Guitars
Wrest – Bass & Drums
Thurston Moore – Guitars
Sanford Parker – Synths / Electronics


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