Acidwhore Release Debut Album ‘Midas Touch’

Acidwhore Release Debut Album ‘Midas Touch’



Acidwhore are based in Athboy, Co.Meath and all three members are seventeen years old. They requested we possibly listen to their album and sent us on their debut album for review. To be honest, I was of the thought I’ll find something good about this and highlight it as they’re so young and also their first release. 

I then received all tracks via email to be told they done this release on a budget of €70! What was I going to have to go through here… 

Less than a minute in this release I actually laughed. Not at the material. Far from it! It was basically a reaction to what I was hearing. This is phenomenal stuff! I was sent an album by three seventeen years olds on a budget of €70 and they produced this! Holy shit! 

I was listening through all the tracks and then realised from the email they only formed last March. Eight months together, got an album done, seventeen years old! How good can this band become!? The potential here is insane! 

Granted, they’re not the finished article and still growing as musicians. For where they are and their level of experience, this is mindblowing! They wear their influences on their sleeve and you’ll think Silverchair, Nirvana, Alice In Chains and I have no problem with this. This album actually brings me back to the mid 90’s when Silverchair appeared. How could lads the same age as me be signed and write something like this? These lads are of equal talent in my opinion. 

Their vocalist/bass player just has the grunge voice! You’d swear he was in his mid twenties at minimum. He’s also a good Bass player and I like his playing on this release. The guitar playing is also very good. The drumming is solid if unspectacular, but that’s fine. The greats keep it simple and hold a song together as the drumming here does. 

To say I’m impressed by these lads would be an understatement. I was completely blown away by this when all is considered. The potential for this band is outrageous and they’re still very much at the start of their musical journey. 

I’m going to rate this album on all factors and ignore little gripes here and there because I’d be an elitist dick to even go there! I see the bigger picture… 

Easily one of the most impressive releases we’ve been sent this year from an Irish band. A band to most certainly watch and one I’ll be following with great interest. They’re aren’t even a year old yet! It’s crazy…. 




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Cattle Decapitation Release New Video ‘The Prophets Of Loss’ From Their Critically Acclaimed Album ‘The Anthropocene Extinction’



Cattle Decapitation “The Prophets of Loss” video is live! This past summer, Cattle Decapitation embarked on a European headlining trek, during which director Paul McGuire / Obscenery Films traveled with the band and captured behind-the-scenes and live footage.

Order at:…
Cattle Decapitation “The Prophets of Loss” from “The Anthropocene Extinction.” Direct by Paul McGuire for Obscenery Films.

Guitarist Josh Elmore comments: “For several years now, fans have been asking the band to release a video chronicle with live performance footage and enhanced or ‘behind the scenes’ documentation. 

During a recent European run, our friend Paul McGuire of Obscenery Films traveled with the band and captured glimpses of what day-to-day life on the road is like for Cattle Decapitation and spoke with the members as they reflected on years of touring and what their future holds. 

The result is an entertaining, humorous and informative documentary that shows the band as a live entity and also what goes on during their down time on tour; play-throughs, interviews, concert chaos, Euro-tourism and more. We hope you enjoy it!”





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Damage Inc. Galway To Launch On Friday, November 3rd In The Cellar Bar. Headlined By Jenova With Support From Zhi Ren And Humanity Check



Damage Inc Galway is the cities newest promotions company with all members heavily experienced in promotions, event organisation and general successful gig running. The project is headed by Brendan Murphy (Guitar/Vocals in Negativ Result), and joined by Philip Keaveney (Burning Metal Irl) and Trevor McCormack (Cranium Titanium Metal Radio Show & Metal Radio Ireland). 

We plan to make this a regular occurrence with further dates set to be announced! Our aim is simple. Give bands another option in Galway, build it and see where it goes. We are not looking at this as a business so to speak. We all have full time jobs and doing this as fans! 

We launch with the mighty Jenova, who are playing the city for a third time. Both ‘Zhi Ren’ and ‘Humanity Check’ are playing Galway for the first time. So something new for heavy music fans in Galway. 

I have linked all bands here so you can check them out. All are very highly rated within the Irish scene, so a great nights entertainment for €5.



Death Metal from Dublin.

Jenova play their third show in Glaway and first headline show. If you have not seen them before? You are in for a treat! An amazing live act!



Zhi Ren 

Cork based Zhi Ren are playing their debut Galway show.  

Elephantine riffs and stygian darkness, with a groove as deep as the abyss. Amidst the wailing guitars and guttural vocals you will be sheathed in a disturbing ambience that will linger with you in the darkest shadows. 



Humanity Check 

Dublin based Humanity Check are playing their debut Galway show. 

They play a unique blend of metal incorporating the best elements of thrash, groove, and melodic death metal. From searing solos to bone-crushing riffs! 




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OBLIVION: Californian Death Metal Band Release New Music Video ‘Mechanistic Hollow’ From Their Forthcoming Album ‘The Path Towards…’



Oblivion, the band featuring Nick Vasallo (ex-Antagony) on vocals and bass, Ben Orum (All Shall Perish, ex-Antagony) and Ted O’Neill ( ex-Alchemicon) on guitars, and drum virtuoso Luis Martinez (ex-Antagony, ex-The Zenith Passage), will release its first album in four years called ‘The Path Towards’… next month.



“Mechanistic Hollow”
The Path Towards…
Release date: November 17, 2017
Unique Leader Records
Directed by Matti Way

“Mechanistic Hollow” musical material by Nick Vasallo, Ben Orum, and Ted O’Neill. Lyrics by Victor Dods.

Nick Vasallo – vocals, guitar, bass
Ben Orum – guitar
ONeill Ted – guitar
Luis Enrique Martinez – drums

Produced by Nick Vasallo and Zack Ohren.
Composed by Nick Vasallo from March 22 to April 14, 2017.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, CA from July 23 to July 28, 2017.
Ben Orum is endorsed by Ibanez GuitarsErnie BallMesa BoogieFractal AudioInTune Guitar Picks, and ENGL. 
Ted O’Neill is endorsed by KxK Guitars.



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Irish Progressive Metal Band Sectile Release New Track ‘Invisible Threads’ From Their Forthcoming Self Titled Debut EP



Sectile were officially formed in November 2016 in Dublin, Ireland. Initial ideas were developed several months before when longtime friends, guitarist Mark O’Reilly and bassist Cormac Hennigan, collaborated on their shared interest in both the heaviest and lightest elements of metal. With a few demos in the bag they began recruitment of other bandmates, firstly finding singer Gabriel Gaba.

The project remained as an online collaboration for several months until the boys drafted drummer Zachary Newman. It was then that the band began to hone in on their common ground – a sound that explores punishing and groovy metal riffing, complemented with delicate, bluesy passages. It wasn’t long before they added talented guitarist Michael Sheridan to complete their ranks and add his signature skill to mix.

They have now released ‘Invisible Threads’ are a taste of what’s to come when their debut self titled EP is unleashed upon us all. Which points to a very positive release! 

I’ve already heard the full EP and it’s among my favourite releases of 2017 by an Irish band. It’s a fantastic EP! We’ll do a more detailed break down upon our review closer to release. 

For now, indulge yourself in this excellent track! Top drawer Prog metal. 






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Today you can experience the Death Of October just a bit early with a brand new track from Halloween-inspired Gothic metal band Autumns Eyes



At the crossroad between a hallowed holiday and the cusp of a dead cold winter is where you’ll find Autumns Eyes mastermind Daniel Mitchell. After many seasons of seclusion in the studio, the recording process has finally wrapped up for a new album titled Ending Life Slowly.


Death Of October serves as the first taste of that impending album, and Mitchell had this to say about the new song stream: 


“With Ending Life Slowly being inspired by death and decay that takes place during the latter part of Fall, starting the album with a song dedicated to Halloween was a natural first step. It marks an end to the most hallowed month of the year, and celebrates its macabre mayhem before we enter the cold void of November.”


Featuring artwork crafted by Indonesian artist Sorrow Grips (Gojira), the new album is due out on October 31st and serves as a reminder that sometimes life ends far too slowly. 


Pre-orders are now online at and the album’s track listing is as follows:


1. Death of October

2. Break the Skin

3. Your Last Day

4. Moments Into Memories

5. The Honest Liars

6. Couldn’t Hold On

7. Far Away From Fading

8. Internal Arson

9. Open Your Eyes, Not Your Wrists

10. Under the Skin of the Sun


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