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Outis: An Irish Black Metal Project Featuring Members Of Horrenda, Xeropulse And Argonath


Black metal outfit “Outis” features Darragh O’Connor (Horrenda), Shannon Bowman (Xeropulse) and Daithí Ó Mathúna (Argonath and Aponym) whose music tells a very passionate story about Irish history, politics, the modern world and mythology.

Their debut album, “The Sacred and the Profane”, tells a myriad of stories and folk legends from around the isle. “What’s so special about that?” you might ask. Fair enough. What makes Outis special amidst the very large amount of music out there? What makes Outis worth your time? Outis portrays that wonderful Irish quality I like to call wrathful sorrow. The music is angry yet there is a pride the music, a pride in the subject matter. 

The Sacred and the Profane is raw but it’s honest. Each song is different, both in tone and style but they are arranged in such a way that they make maximum impact. Some of the music is peaceful even though the style of the music is black metal, and some of the music is nerve wracking and intense even though the style of the music is ambient. Outis tries to make their music different from, they’ve made it intriguing and engaging. 

Lead single “The Guillotine” fused Black Metal with classical overtures and is a delight for all fans of unconventional metal and darkwave. This track was the first single from “The Sacred and the Profane” and was launched with an exclusive airing on Monday September the 11th on The Cranium Titanium Metal Show on Flirt Fm 101.3. And the entire album was launched live on the Monday, 25th September show.

The album boasts some 20 plus tracks with a wide and diverse range of music covering and incorporating all genres and musical styles from Metal, Dungeon Synth, Techno, Electro, classical, ambient and drone.

What the critics are saying: 

The sounds of Outis are incredibly eclectic. With three members whose background in music ranged wildly, I thought it was going to be tough for them to blend. But that wasn’t the case. Remarkably, the music sounded coherent and cohesive. Yet it sounded nothing like any of the three. They came together and created a piece of music that wasn’t black metal, dark ambient, noise, or dungeon synth yet at the same time it was all of those. The guitar riffs are crunchy, raw, and razor sharp, the drone is melodic but atonal, and the synth work is ethereal.

Highlights: Dead Butterflies, Sídhe, The Guillotine, The Black Gates
For Fans Of: From the Bogs of Aughiska, Horrenda, XeroPulse, Argonath, Ninhursag


The project of Darragh O’Connor (Horrenda),

Shannon Bowman (Xeropulse) and Daithí Ó Mathúna (Argonath).





1.Tír na nÓg 06:12           

2.Caislean Dubhe 04:07 

3.Ov 03:13         

4.Mortal Sin 02:18           

5.Sídhe 02:02     

6.Lessons in Blood 03:36              

7.The Restless Dead 04:42           

8.The Guillotine 03:20    

9.The Coffin Cure 01:55 

10.The Masquerade 02:11            

11.Black Mirror 03:34     

12.Liminal 02:25              

13.Dead Butterflies (feat.Colo Calin) 06:32            

14.Tuireann 02:56           

15.The Wailing of the Banshee 03:55       

16.Wrath of the Goddess 04:14  

17.Sacred Wells 01:42    

18.The Black Gates 04:14             

19.Sacred and the Profane 02:08

20.Brian Bóruma (feat. Harsh Discipline)




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Dublin Based Polish/Irish Death Metal Band Legion Of Wolves Launch New Album ‘Bringers Of The Dark Sleep’ On October 20th In Fibber Magees



Dublin based Polish/Irish Death metal band Legion Of Wolves launch their new album ‘Bringers Of The Dark Sleep’ in Fibber Magees. 

The album itself is set for international distribution in January and this night is to celebrate their album cycle concluding as they take it towards international waters/lands. 

They are supported on the night by Axial Symmetry, Skewered and DJ KPaul. 

Album teaser here! 




Axial Symmetry




Legion Of Wolves Bio. 

Formed in 2009 by Annatar (guitar) and Jason Connolly (drums), (both ex Abaddon Incarnate). They had played together and had long since spoke of starting a band that would embrace the old school vibe. That vibe was engraved in the memories of so many who had grown up in the 80’s and 90’s. They had grown up on bands like Slayer, Testament, Master,Death, Deicide, Pestilence, Unleashed, Bolt Thrower and Demolition Hammer who had stamped their mark by making their music extreme, dark and powerful. Annatar and Connolly wanted to recapture this effect and planned to do so on the basis that if something is not broken don’t fix it. The idea to base the band and their music around what it was forged from to take its original form: the riff. Metal in its pure form is about the vibe and atmosphere the music creates for the listener. This vibe is caused by the riff, which is driven by the drum pattern and complimented and decorated by the vocals. If a riff isn’t quality, don’t use it, no fillers, just quality. Be it fast, mid paced, heavy, powerful, aggressive or dark, this is old school, classic death metal, true metal.
So, when better to start an extreme metal band than in the depths of an Irish winter? Snow, ice, rain, cold winds and an atmosphere of bleakness that served to stimulate the creative minds of the aforementioned duo, who were chomping at the bit to begin writing and performing some classic death metal. Initial compositions were influenced by Slayer, Hail of Bullets, Napalm Death and Death. Already they had direction and focus. 
In Feb 2010, they were joined on second guitar by Arkadiusz Kupiszowski who had answered an ad on the internet. Arek brought a welcomed technical boost to the band and he too was an enthusiastic song writer, which he displayed right from the beginning.
Through Arek, Krzysztof Kostepski was drafted in on vocals. His deep growl was what Annatar was looking for and his knowledge of metal made him versatile in the character of his vocal style and the vocal patterns he would utilise. 
A bass player was needed to complete the line-up. Connolly suggested John McGhee (his Primal Dawn band mate) as a more than capable candidate. McGhee joined rehearsals on bass duties and would go on to act as a backing vocalist also. His ear splitting high pitched screams complimented Krzysz’s deeper growl perfectly.
In late 2011 the band called on the expertise of engineer Bryan “Barney” Turner. Turner would record, mix and master their debut 4 track demo. The result certainly did justice to the band’s writing and playing qualities and reflected their hard work thus far. The demo, Mark of the Legion, was greeted by an online audience with complimentary and encouraging feedback. The Legion played many gigs in support of this release and in the Autumn of 2013, the Legion headed Northwards to record the follow up to Mark of the Legion. 
Darren Hutton of Electrichead studios offered his services in the guise of Hephaestus, by helping us to forge our music into an aural soundtrack for a sonic Blitzkrieg. Darren had previously worked with Irish death metal acts Putrefy and Abaddon Incarnate and was more than capable of such a task in our dead eyes. 

So over a long and often arduous week in the North land we managed to lay down 5 slabs of bloody vengeance that shall make the walls of old Tartarus shake. Continuing our war of attrition against the trends. 
This was, always death metal in the old money, pure, golden and true. 

The Winter of 2013 also brought about a change in the rank and file of the Legion. John McGhee and was replaced later in 2014 by Grand Master Maciej Solarski, a brother from the dark and dank woods of the Polish hinterland. Maciej brought with him many years of experience in extreme music, knowledge of the darker aspects of life and of basscraft.

Legio Luporum XIV was released in March of 2014 and the Legion have been avid and relentless in the promotion of this, through internet/social media campaigns and also a host of gigs. April through to September is going to be a very busy with the Summer campaigns already set and planned. The golden crown weights heavy upon the weakened brow, yet the Legion has fought many battles and earned their crowns. Onwards, ever onwards. Vale!!!!


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Scimitar Release New Music Video ‘Behead The Beast’ From Their Album ‘Where Darkness Dwells’



Belfast based Thrashers Scimitar’ have released their first music video ‘Behead The Beast’ which is taken from their debut album ‘Where Darkness Dwells’. 

The video was made by Wayne Donaldson which is his first proper music video. He has many live recording uploaded, but this is the next step while we wait for his documentary on the scene in Belfast. 

They released this statement. 

With pleasure Warriors, we give you our first music video with the help from Wayne

It is for the song ‘Behead the beast’ which is off our debut album.


Major thanks to Wayne for this!




Wayne Donaldson:



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MORBID ANGEL To Release New Album Kingdoms Disdained This December Via Silver Lining Music; New Track Playing + Preorders Available



Legendary death metal unit MORBID ANGEL will unleash their ninth studio album on December 1st via Silver Lining Music and JVC in Japan. Titled Kingdoms Disdained, the record reunites founding guitarist Trey Azagthoth with bassist/vocalist Steve Tucker.


Just one play of MORBID ANGEL‘s searing Kingdoms Disdained, and you’ll realize that this is the only true current aural document of a world sinking into uncharted despair. “The album title says it all,” says Tucker, “everybody’s fed up and nobody can figure out how to fix it. We’ve got all these miniature wars in neighborhoods, cities, countries, and we’ve got people with varying opinions causing chaos, yet everyone is doing what they feel is right. Which all makes it feel like the world has reached a point of utter madness and confusion.”


As if fate constructed the moment, these forefathers of death metal found themselves witnessing the storm’s eye as they prepared to create Kingdoms Disdained, deciphering it with their ferocious music via long-held Sumerian-based beliefs. “It’s been written but nobody pays attention, because we erase our history,” furthers Tucker. “We don’t understand much about the Sumerian texts because things got erased, buried, and broken up. And for years, Trey and I talked a lot about the idea of those Gods waking up and coming back to show us that they’re angry.”


Recorded at Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida and produced by MORBID ANGEL with Erik Rutan (MORBID ANGEL, Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Six Feet Under, Belphegor), Azagthoth, Tucker and drummer Scotty Fuller (Annihilated; former Abysmal Dawn) created eleven pieces of devastatingly dynamic death metal. Compositions such as “Garden Of Disdain,” “Architect And Iconoclast,” and “The Pillars Crumbling” supremely illustrate Azagthoth’s incredible creative alchemy with Tucker as well as his own incomparable guitar work.


“We’re always trying to paint pictures; to create images,” notes Tucker, “and I think this album is a fair image of the world today, but taken from a different perspective; the perspective of those Gods who built this, who may be resting now but are starting to wake up.”


Kingdoms Disdained also features artwork courtesy of Irish mixed-media artist Ken Coleman, who created a series of pieces that further augment the stories being told. Don’t walk meekly around the edge of Kingdoms Disdained, go all-in on the journey and MORBID ANGEL‘s intense importance to these times will be crystal clear.


MORBID ANGEL’s Kingdoms Disdained will be available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. Preorders are currently available at THIS LOCATION where you can also hear opening track “Piles Of Little Arms.” A special-edition boxset will be available to order shortly. 


Kingdoms Disdained Track Listing:

1. Piles Of Little Arms  

2. D.E.A.D.  

3. Garden of Disdain  

4. The Righteous Voice  

5. Architect And Iconoclast  

6. Paradigms Warped  

7. The Pillars Crumbling  

8. For No Master

9. Declaring New Law (Secret Hell)*
10. From The Hand Of Kings

11. The Fall Of Idols  




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The Vicious Head Society Sign With Hostile Media ‘Abject Tomorrow’ Set To Be Reissued On December 15th



Earlier this year The Vicious Head Society, the brainchild of Irish guitar virtuoso Graham Keane released his debut album Abject Tomorrow, which gained applause the world over. Featuring guests such as keyboardist Derek Sherinan of Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kiss, Steve Vai, and Joe Bonamassa fame, fellow Irishman and bass player Pat Byrne, and drum machine Kevin Talley Abject Tomorrow tickled the ears of progressive metal fans and those with a taste for all things guitar.


Today Keane can reveal he has teamed up with Hostile Media to reissue his acclaimed debut which will also include a bonus track, ‘Xylematic Disembowelment’. Keane comments, “When Hostile Media offered me a contract which guarantees huge amounts of cash, fame and at least two limousine rides in exchange for my earthly soul, it was a no brainer! In seriousness, I’m delighted to sign with HM, it presents me with a chance to reach more people with my music. To celebrate, I recorded an out take from the Abject sessions and we just about managed to squeeze it on to the CD. ‘Xylematic Disembowelment’ is a zappa inspired instrumental combined with death metal. I don’t think I need to say any more than that!”


1. The Sycophants

2. Abject Tomorrow

3. Downfall

4. Agenda

5. The 11th Hour

6. Psychedelic Torture Trip

7. Gods Of The New Age

8. Analogue Spectre

9. Xylematic Disembowelment


Abject Tomorrow will be re-released 15th December 2017.






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IRON MONKEY Release Video For ‘Crown Of Electrodes’ Return Album ‘9-13’ Released October 20th Via Relapse Records



Cult UK doom/sludge outfit IRON MONKEY has shared the official visualiser video for “Crown Of Electrodes,” the opening track off 9-13, their first new full-length in almost two decades.



9-13 is set for release on October 20th on CD, LP, and digital formats via Relapse Records. Physical packages and digital orders are available via HERE and all retail outlets HERE.


After disbanding in 1999, IRON MONKEY has reformed for phase two of their mission. Recorded in their hometown of Nottingham in Spring 2017 A.D. with producer Johnny A. Carter, 9-13 is nine songs and forty-eight minutes of total nihilism. Now older, more cynical, and more isolationistIRON MONKEY are back to usurp the scene, then crush it’s skull. Without question, their most focused, aggressive and direct material to date, 9-13 is an all-out assault of violent hatred and nightmarish negativity. Recommended listening for fans of pain, suffering, and misanthropy.


IRON MONKEY was beaten to life in the year of your Lord, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-four, at the location of Nottingham, England. The original members were named: J.P.. Morrow, J. Rushby, S. Watson, D. Dalziel, and J. Greaves. Influences were primarily Eyehategod, Buzzov*en, Floor, Grief, and various hardcore punks and heavy metals.


IRON MONKEY shit out six disgusting tracks of raw sludge-core that were released on the Union Mill label then later on Earache Records. During this period, S. Watson was thrown out and replaced by God’s lonely man, Dean Berry. Nineteen ninety-eight saw the release of the album Our Problem, also on Earache Records, a masterpiece of negative rock that instigated peace on earth and goodwill to all men. This was succeeded by a split release on Man’s Ruin Records with Church Of Misery from Japan. J. Rushby soon abdicated and the band found a replacement in the manner of S. O’hara of Acrimony. IRON MONKEY was destroyed sometime in nineteen ninety-nine. Vocal terror J. P. Morrow died of a heart attack in June of two thousand and two. Rest in noise.


The band reformed for no reason in the winter of two thousand sixteen with original members J. Rushby and S. Watson, with the addition of current Chaos UK drummer Brigga, forming the shape of an inverted black triangle of vitriol and phase two of operations. IRON MONKEY do not care about your scene, bands, or opinions… ELECTROCUTION, DOOM, OMEGA OMEGA OMEGA. – J. Rushby, Two Thousand Seventeen




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