Bailer Set To Record Debut Album

Bailer Set To Record Debut Album

Cork based Bailer have came a long way over the past couple of years. They gigged relentlessly and really got their name out there the old fashioned way since making their breakthrough in 2016.
As they are set to take things up another level they have decided it’s now time to record their debut LP after a few highly successful EP’s already under their belt.
They released this statement today.


We’ve been a little quieter on the live front this year, we’ve still done A LOT of cool shit but we tried to space out our shows and cluster things together a bit better to allow ourselves plenty of time to focus on writing new songs for an album.

Well after almost a year in the making we are thrilled to announce we will be stepping into the The Ranch production house in Southampton on December 2nd to record our debut full length with Lewis Johns. Lewis has worked on some of our favorite records over the last few years and we are excited to birth a disgusting child together. 🤘

As many of you know we have 3 Irish shows in Belfast, Dublin and Cork next weekend Nov 28th-30th. Would be sick to see everyone out for the shows and we could really use your support!

We reprinted our longsleeves for these shows and have a good few vests and tees leftover if you wanna help us eat while we’re away. 

Although we’ve written all the new songs for the album this year, it feels like a culmination of everything we’ve learned as a band over the last 5 years pumped into our music. We already have some awesome stuff lined up for 2020 and can’t wait to show you all what’s next!

For now, hopefully see you at a show next week! Let’s go mad 

Check out their previously released single ‘Crawl Back’.


Catch them at Iron Mountain Metal Festival 2020
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Blackened Metal/Sludge Band ‘Beggar’ Release New Single ‘Nine Atmospheres’ Debut LP ‘Compelled to Repeat’ Out April 2020 Via APF Records

Emerging from the nihilistic quagmire of London, four-piece BEGGAR propound a kind of sludge-meets-extreme-metal carnival of tar thick riffs, blasts, emotional discharge and anguish.

Today the band have released standalone track and video ‘Nine Atmospheres’ which showcases the band at their most raw and misanthropic point. Recorded with Wayne Adams (responsible for recent works by Green Lung, 11Paranoias and Terminal Cheesecake) at Bear Bites Horse, London and mastered by the master of noise himself, James Plotkin (Sunn O))), ISIS, Pelican and Earth), the track comes ahead of their debut album Compelled To Repeat which is scheduled for release in April 2020 via APF Records

Check out ‘Nine Atmospheres’ here

Stream/buy the single here: Spotify || iTunes

Commenting on the track vocalist Charlie Davis says: “The track ‘Nine Atmospheres’ is about pressure, anxiety, the corporate world and the environment. It’s about the banality and the aggression of the contemporary world and the struggle to reconcile yourself to social and economic norms and to the destruction of nature. However, in a larger way, it’s also about the moments in which you can see straight through that world to something a bit older and darker (‘liquid magma lakes’, blistering lava’, etc.) The title ‘Nine Atmospheres’ refers to the amount of pressure measured in atmospheres that the human body can withstand underwater before it begins to rupture (like the track begins to rupture towards the end).” 

BEGGAR will release their debut album, Compelled to Repeat, in April 2020 on APF Records with more information to follow in the new year. 
Find out more about the band 
Facebook || Bandcamp || Instagram || APF Records

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Swedish Melancholic Black Metal Trio OFDRYKKJA Debut New Song ‘SWALLOWED BY THE NIGHT’ New Album ‘GRYNINGSVISOR’ Out Nov 29th

Revered Swedish experimental black-metal band OFDRYKKJA will release their third full-length album, Gryningsvisor, on November 29th with AOP Records. The band has debuted the record’s latest offering, “Swallowed By The Night,” which premiered yesterday at, and can be streamed now at the link below

Commenting on the song, Pessimisten (vocals, horns) says, “The lyrics of ‘Swallowed by the Night’ is written in short sequences, like nightmares a sub conscience would create, based on the current state of mind. Stories made out of unprocessed emotions. It is truly a dark song, as dark as the night – but even the longest of nights will have its dawn, and while this song tells the stories of a long struggle, it is in fact about those first, warm sun rays piercing through the trees, after a very long and cold night.”

PRE-ORDER GRYNINGSVISOR:AOP Records (EU-Shop) https://shop.aoprecords.deAOP Records (US-Shop) 

In case it was missed, stream band’s previously released song “The Swan”  

Formed eight years ago out of necessity to cope with agonizing depression, debilitating addiction and endless pain, OFDRYKKJA has seen the light amongst the darkness for their latest record, which translates to “Ballads At Dawn.” After years of self-inflicted turmoil and suffering, the trio has found solace in healing and self-reflection which is heard on their latest evolution, Gryningsvisor.  

Eight years ago, three darkness consumed men seeked to ventilate their seemingly endless struggle through addiction and mental illness conjured their first album “A life worth losing“. Drabbad was gunned down by police and spent a three year prison sentence, with most of the songs on their second album written from within the prison walls. Having hit rock bottom, the band sought a way out of that dark wilderness, releasing “Irrfärd” (which translates to ‘Aimless journey’). Following the release the band went their separate ways to pursue personal journeys that eventually led them to find peace in sobriety and awakening purpose, and ultimately to their forthcoming record, Gryningsvisor.  

Drabbad adds, “Ofdrykkja has always been an instrument of therapy for us, and therapy exists to help one evolve. It would serve us no purpose to walk in old footsteps, and neither would it be authentic to force it. We hope you appreciate our evolution, both personal and musical.”

For More Information:

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Conjuring Fate Release New Album ‘Curse Of The Fallen’

Hailing from the North coast of Northern Ireland, Conjuring Fate bring classic heavy metal in epic proportions!

This highly energetic heavy metal band from Co.Antrim Northern Ireland were originally formed in 2005 by guitarist Phil Horner and vocalist Tommy Daly. Born from the love of all things metal, guitarist Karl Gibson, bassist Steve Legear, and drummer Niall McGrotty joined forces to bring this metal machine to the stage once again! Their style of heavy metal has been compared to bands such as Iron Maiden, Elixir & Helloween.

They have now released their second album ‘Curse Of The Fallen’ and have delivered their best work to date. They have taken all their experience and delivered a top class classic heavy metal release.

The album is getting rave reviews and their fans are loving it, so check it out here in full and make up your own mind.
I personally think it’s an excellent album…
All the riffs and solos!!!

No Escape official music video


Album Launch show!

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Chinese Metal Compilation ‘Dead Emperor’ Released

Dead Emperor ( 逝帝 ) is the new compilation album presented by Scholomance Webzine, delivering a unique spotlight to China’s musical culture. The album encompasses the region’s heritage and traditions, but also its modernity, diaspora, and diversity. The album focuses not only on Chinese-sounding bands who would rely only on its recognizable folkloric heritage, but instead to highlight the breadth of metal music coming from China.

It is difficult to pin down the Chinese musical style and community to a single “scene” due to the vastness of the territory, but also because of the impressive variety of genres found in the region. From shoegaze to extreme black metal, Buddhist to Satanic lyrical content, Dead Emperor presents a panoramic experience of some of the greatest bands based in China.

Scholomance Webzine did not hesitate to cross or even ignore political borders in this compilation in order to offer this selection of talented bands, which also includes artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

A colossal release with 26 full-length tracks in HD quality, Dead Emperor provides a staggering collection of music from this mysterious region of the world. Best of all, the album is available for streaming and download completely for free.

Tracklist :

01. Enchanted Temple (迷魂殿) – 伊敏河畔 (Yimin River) – 06:24
02. Hate Ka (怨灵) – IV – 04:25
03. Acherozu (冥葬) – Gashan (殺生大道) – 04:45
04. Evocation (招魂) – Sky Burial ( 天葬) – 05:42
05. Bliss-Illusion ( 虚极) – Naraka (奈落) – 04:33
06. The Mortal World (浊世) – 中阴身 – 05:13
07. Laang (冷) – Eternal Rain (永恒的雨) – 08:46
08. GoatZack (山羊查克) – Black Goat – 04:05
09. Tyranny (帝辛) – 破阵 – 05:05
10. Hellfire (地狱火) – 双生情蠱 – 06:57
11. Hellward (向地狱) – Unleashing a Storm of War – 03:48
12. Mefitis (蛮蜚之魃) – Lotophagi – 06:05
13. Ritual Day (施教日) – Weak Light Of Silence – 05:59
14. Deep Mountains (深山) – The Chinese Nightmare (噩夢) – 07:49
15. Zuriaake (葬尸湖) – Evil Spirit (厉鬼) – 07:28
16. Holyarrow (禦矢) – The Path Of Immortal – 06:55
17. Ululate (哀嚎) – Anxiety of Mortality – 06:09
18. Rupture (决裂) – Pest Eviscerate – 05:11
19. Yn Gizarm (英吉沙) – Mountains (山川) – 05:41
20. Holokastrial – Altar of Death – 05:20
21. Ripped To Shreds – Bone Ritual (撿骨) – 05:25
22. Efflore (白華) – Reverberation of Nightmare (夜夢迴) – 04:49
23. Reverie Noire – Winter Requiem – 11:59
24. Dandelion Mound – The Days Has Come – 11:44
25. Dream Spirit (梦灵) – Warriors of Heaven’s Descend (神兵) – 03:26
26. Demogorgon – 祛魅世界 (Disenchantment of the World) – 14:04 

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Cursed Sun Release New EP Vendetta

Cursed Sun Release New EP Vendetta

Formed in 2007 Cursed Sun are one of the longest existing bands on the local Northern Irish metal scene. They have recorded an album and Five EP’s. Their sound is a mixture of thrash, death, groove with a strong sense of melody.

In their own words.

Like all bands starting up, back in 2007 Cursed Sun, set out to conquer the world…admittedly that is still a major fucking work in progress and it’s been over a decade of keeping the metal flame burning in Belfast Northern Ireland.

Thousands of hours of dedication both collectively and individually that we could have spent slumped on the sofa slumped watching TV, we’ve been worshipping at the altar of heavy fucking metal, come rain or shine (usually rain ). Investing our time and hard earned money with no expectation or care of return, pouring our souls into Cursed Sun has been something special and we’re immensely proud of this band and our music.

EP number five Vendetta is now upon us. It’s arguably their best to date and easily their most direct. Cursed Sun are/were/will be liable to do anything with their sound without apology and shouldn’t either. Fuck you! 🙂

Stream it in full here!

Cursed Sun – Vendetta Full Track Listing:
1. Replicant
2. Crawlspace
3. Fallen City
4. MDK 187


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