Introducing: Peasant To A King. Hardcore/Metal From Athlone



The midlands used to be a real breeding ground for Metal/Heavy music bands and musicians. Over the years, we’ve had local lads going on to play in bands such as ‘Only Fumes And Corpses’, ‘Bacchus’, ‘Putrefaction’, ‘Deadly Circus Fire’, ‘Abaddon Incarnate’ as a few examples. There’s many more…. 

As far as I know, these lads are the only metal band now in this region. A complete lack of places to play is a massive factor also. Outside what the Amp Promotions lads in Mullingar put on in the past, there’s only been four metal events in Athlone/Roscommon in the last twenty years and I put them all on myself. I’m also 38 years old…

Peasant To A King are hopefully going to help change all that though. If they were to get a venue onboard as a local band, then maybe something could start happening again… 

For now, the lads have just recently dropped their debut release  ‘Requiem’, and I’m very impressed! The signs are clear this band have a lot of potential. It’s excellent by all regards as a debut release and a band I’ll be keeping an eye on as they progress. I shall also recommend them to promoters around the country when they’re ready… 

One to watch! 

Check out Requiem here! 




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Introducing: Crucifyce. Death Metal From Brazil.

Introducing: Crucifyce. Death Metal From Brazil

The band was founded in December of 2012, in Uberaba (MG), by the current guitarist Carlos Augusto and the old bass player Cristian Lionel, from that time we composed and played our own songs, with the intention of supporting the underground scene and its national bands and to express our ideas on various topics ranging from wars to religious influences. We have a varied musical style, ranging from Death Metal / Thrash Metal to Hardcore, Deathcore, adding various influences and characteristics of each member. The name Crucifyce does not exist in any current language, but it is a mixture and variation of Italian and Latin. A closer meaning would be “The marks of the crosses”, being fice: marks and crucci: cross (es). For reasons of appearance we adopted Crucifyce instead of cruccifice. We have several influences such as Carnifex, Suicide Silence, Ocean, Moana, Cowire, Infant Annhilator, Slayer, Arch Enemy, Death, Megadeth, Sepultura, Cripper, among others. Our songs are in English and Portuguese, with content and aggressive themes such as wars, poverty, deaths, violence, social problems, addictions, standardization, influence of religion and loss of freedom in general. When we founded the band, we had already started to write some songs like Souls Of My Death, Abyss, Dead Souls and Black Hearts which are in our first CD titled Freedom Is Gone. The album has 12 tracks and was released in July 2016. We are starting the production of the second album entitled Human Waste, which will cover topics such as hunger, poverty, suicide, disappointments and some questions about World War II. In 2017, we will release our second music video, also titled Human Waste, which will express about social problems, human suffering and the cruelty of the Nazis in World War II. The current constitution of the band counts on: Tayssa in the vocal, Carlos in the guitar, Henrique in the bass and Mayron in the battery. The band performed at many events in the city of Uberaba (MG), Uberlândia (MG), Araguari (MG), São José do Rio Preto (SP), Monte Azul Paulista (SP) and Ribeirão Preto (SP). In all events, the results were positive. However, we seek to publicise our work a lot and also look for opportunities and develop our sound in a way that contributes to the valorisation of National Metal.


I’ve checked out a few of their tracks tonight, and I’m a fan of what this band are doing. They have improved a lot as their newer material clearly suggests. A band with a future if they can get the right opportunities. 

One I’ll be keeping an eye on! 




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Judas Priest Announced As Final Bloodstock Headliner

Judas Priest Announced As Final Bloodstock Headliner


Judas Priest have just been announced as the final headline act for next years Bloodstock Festival. They headline on Friday night! 

This is massive for the festival and shall no doubt guarantee another sell out in 2018! 

Already confirmed headliners are, Nightwish and Gojira. 


Get your Bloodstock tickets at this link:



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Overoth Release New Album ‘The Forgotten Tome’ Via Hostile Media


Overoth have released their long awaited new album via Hostile Media. It has been seven years since ‘Kingdom of Shadows’ was released and while I appreciated that album and the band. This is a massive step up! To sum it up in a word, this album is phenomenal. 

Not only is it one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. In regards to Death Metal it’s as good as anything in my collection or heard. It’s that good in my humble opinion. 

Overoth have come of age with this album. As we have the full album available to stream here, my words shall be backed up! Everything about this album is perfect. A true all time great in regards to Death Metal. 

Easily one of the best albums released this year! 


Stream ‘The Forgotten Tome’ here in its entirety. 


Link to their Facebook page where purchase links, spotify etc can be found:


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The Crawling Release New Video ‘Acid On My Skin’, The Third Video From Their Critically Acclaimed Album ‘Anatomy Of Loss’


The Crawling yesterday released their latest and third video from their album ‘Anatomy Of Loss’, Acid On My Skin. 

Yet again showing the bands excellent D.I.Y ethic! Rather than pumping absurd money into making a music video as many do, the right location and proper filming/editing is just as effective as this excellent video clearly proves! 

This bands progress show’s no sign of slowing down any time soon, and another massive statement of intent from this truly excellent band. 

Don’t take my word for it though, check it out here and see why I rate this band so highly! 


Facebook link:

Buy/Stream ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ at this location:


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KING PARROT: Australian Grind Practitioners Unveil Hilarious ‘Piss Wreck’ Video; New Album ‘Ugly Produce’ Released Today Worldwide


As of today, Australian grind practitioners KING PARROT will unleash the maniacal fruit of their ‘Ugly Produce’ full-length. Slated for release on September 22nd in North America via Housecore Records, in Europe via Agonia Records, and in Australia via EVP Recordings, Ugly Produce is a ten-track feast of distinctively punishing and powerful anthems. Recorded at the infamous Goatsound Studios in Melbourne, Australia and produced by Blood Duster’s Jason Fuller, this is no walk in the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Ugly Produce is a twisted, cantankerous ride through an outback graveyard, high on PCP, wreaking of animal feculence.

In advance of this week’s release, the band has unsheathed a hilarious new video clip for “Piss Wreck”. Which can be viewed here

Ugly Produce will see release on CD, digital, and vinyl formats. Preorders are currently available at the official KING PARROT website HERE. Digital preorders — which come with an instant download of “Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag” — are available via Apple Music HERE and iTunes HERE.

Ugly Produce fuses the raw fury of KING PARROT’s critically-lauded debut album Bite Your Head Off and mashes it with the twisted sophistication of their ARIA-nominated follow-up Dead Set. A repugnant harvest of gnarled and nasty grind, death metal, thrash, and punk rockthe band’s unique, over-the-top sound is ever prevalent and honed further on Ugly Produce while remaining true to the fundamental ideals the band started with: angst, aggression, absurdity, and antics.

Issues New Noise Magazine of the release, “Ugly Produce is one of those works of music that gives off a physical feeling. In the case of KING PARROT, that feeling is a layer of clammy, salty, dirty sweat that gets one’s skin to stick together. That description might not sell a lot of things in life, but it sure as hell sells the work of KING PARROT, for their third LP is an utter blast of ridiculous. Taking elements of death, grind, thrash, and punk, there is no taking it easy when listening to each of the ten tracks that the band lays out.” Amnplify notes, “The album has attitude, and it’s attitude that doesn’t feel forced or contrived. Every one of Matt Young’s screamed lyrics feels sincere which certainly adds to the sense of legitimacy. Established fans will certainly lap this album up; it has everything you’d want from a KING PARROT release. On the flip side, people who have struggled to see what the fuss is about to date will find this album to be a more focused and compelling listen than anything the band has released previously.” Metal Wani writes, “This album is packed with ten tracks geared to terrorize. Each song bristles with intensity and an undercurrent of insanity. The total package reeks of the pungent stench of sweat soaked hardcore music.” While Skulls ‘N’ Bones concurs, “KING PARROT are here to show that extreme metal can be completely punishing while still retaining a sense of humor. Ugly Produce is nothing less than stellar.”

KING PARROT has evolved into a full-fledged touring and creative force barely stopping for a breath since their inception on the international metal scene in 2013. Following tour after tour with the likes of Soulfly, Obituary, Down, Cattle Decapitation, Exodus, Superjoint, Voivod, and their own headlining tours in Australia, KING PARROT has become hardened road warriors possessing a rare and deep hunger for the raucous and off-the-wall live shows they’ve become revered for. These outings fuel the creative drive within the band to compose only the most angst-driven and vile expressions to ensure maximum involvement from audiences that lap up every frantic beat, chainsaw riff, and psychotic scream. Ugly Produce is a testament to the blood, sweat, and tears poured into everything KING PARROT does.


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