THE WALKING DEAD ORCHESTRA: “Vengeful Flavors” Video From French Death Metal Legion; Resurrect Preorders Available


Resurrect is the forthcoming second full-length from French death metal legion THE WALKING DEAD ORCHESTRA. In advance of its release next month via Unique Leader, No Clean Singing is hosting the official premiere of the visual accompaniment to fourth cut, “Vengeful Flavors,” issuing, “Flames play a prominent role in the eye-catching video you’re about to see, along with vistas of smoke-belching factories and pine-shrouded mountainsides. But given the nature of the music, you might expect to see those factories battered into rubble, the mountains fragmented into gravel, and the timber scythed to the ground like stalks of wheat.”

Resurrect will see release on October 13th via Unique Leader Records. Preorder bundles are available at THIS LOCATION. For digital orders, go HERE where you can also hear previously released single “Dogmes Anxiogenesis.”

Said the band of the self-produced offering, “We conditioned ourselves to unleash our primal influences; it’s a back-to-the-roots process with old-school riffs tuned to a more modern sound. We are proud of this combination. Each song has its own identity. We recorded, mixed, and mastered the entire album by ourselves at our own studio, Spike Recording Studio, which allowed us to keep every step of the production process under control. This gave us the time and freedom to really develop our sound. This album imposes an ambience with many twists and surprises and the songs structures are more mature. This is a new chapter for the band but also for the Architect, the main character of THE WALKING DEAD ORCHESTRA‘s concept which takes place through a post-apocalyptic world. The artwork reflects THE WALKING DEAD ORCHESTRA‘s universe and illustrates each situation our main character goes through.”

Pre-order Links:


Unique Leader:


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HAEMORRHAGE Issues Video For Title Track To New Album; We Are The Gore LP Nears Early October Release Through Relapse Records


Spain’s long-running purveyors of gore, HAEMORRHAGE, present a new official video for “We Are The Gore,” the title track to their impending seventh LP, approaching release through Relapse Records in early October.


Founding HAEMORRHAGE guitarist/vocalist Luisma states of the new video, “How to capture the essence of the album in one video? A difficult challenge. We talked about this with the director and he managed to answer this question with images. Our best video so far. Sick and dark…”

We Are The Gore is set for release on October 6th on CD, LP, and Digital via Relapse Records. Physical packages and digital order are available via HERE and all streaming services AT THIS LOCATION.



HAEMORRHAGE is set tospew forth their most ferociously (de)composed album to date with their seventh studio album We Are The Gore. Embalmed at Mpire Studio in Madrid by Alfredo and Javi Ustara and mastered by Brad Boatright (Obituary, Nails, Skinless), We Are The Gore embodies fourteen tracks and thirty-five blood-soaked minutes of pathological gore, ideal for listening to in mortuaries and mausoleums. With numerous guest appearances from current and former members of Carcass, Impaled, Dead Infection, Ghoul, Gruesome Stuff Relish and others, HAEMORRHAGEtakes their nauseating blend of scalpel-sharp riffs, triple threat guttural vocals, and bone-scraping rhythms to a new extreme. One listen to We Are The Gore will leave you soaked in buckets of bile and feeling like a freshly made cadaver.

Link to their Facebook Page for all links and details:

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NEKRASOV: One-Man Black Metal Assault To Release The Mirror Void Via Prosthetic Records This November; New Track Streaming + Pre-orders Available


Australian one-man band NEKRASOV continues to orbit between the two poles of power electronics and black metal, but the singular focus on otherworldliness remains consistent, and while the experience is challenging to the utmost, it is also ultimately rewarding.

 For over twenty years, NEKRASOV has managed to produce a furious and manic sound while experimenting with a broad spectrum of avant-garde techniques beginning with his first release, Into The No-Man’s Sphere Of The Ancient Days, in 2007. With ambient and industrial elements colliding against his black metal roots along with abstract vocals that approach the noise of the guitar, NEKRASOV has carved out and created his own niche and cult following. His seventh full length, and first for Prosthetic Records, The Mirror Void, is set to be released on November 10th, 2017. 

Whatever pleases you, keeps you back to stream in full here: 


The Mirror Void will be available on CD, LP, and digital formats via Prosthetic Records. For preorders point your browser HERE.


The Mirror Void Track Listing:

1. Whatever Pleases You, Keeps You Back

2. Fragmentation And The Rapid Quicksand Of Concept

3. And That You Think Yourself To Be! Such Deceit!

4. The Ignorance Of The 5 Elements

5. The Mirror Void

6. Boils And Fevers Clear The Body Of Impurities

7. To Be Bound Is Effortless, Feel The Ease Dear One And Wrap Your Arms Around Your Broken Realm With Heart Eternal


The Mirror Void is black metal reimagined. Not the tamed and domesticated sound possessed by so many bands today, not just another cool extreme metal subgenre, but instead, an alternative history where black metal dives deeper into its most challenging tendencies and embraces what philosopher Nick Land would term the Radical Outside. Here, misanthropy is not enough, seeing as how hating mankind would still be assigning it some sort of significance. This isn’t inhumanity, this is Unhumanity, the universe existing without us. Not unlike the negative metal NEKRASOV‘s other project, Rebel Wizard, this is just more disturbing and alarming. NEKRASOV is reminiscent of some unhallowed Lovecraftian vault, where the dreamer meets his dream: the abyss of mind and space alike, where he compositionally depicts the hinges in the deep recesses of the mind, that only a visionary can uncover. Once revealed, it’s up to the listener on whether he or she can handle the outcome.

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Dyscarnate – With All Their Might LP Review

Dyscarnate – With All Their Might LP Review



After five years, Dyscarnate have returned! Are ‘The New Kings Of UK Death Metal’ back to reclaim their throne? The short answer would be, yes! Yes they most certainly are! This album is very much an evolution of their sound though. It’s far from their traditional Death Metal foundations of the past, but still very much Dyscarnate and of course Death Metal.  

One of the first things I’ll point out about this release before going any further is the fact this album is truly a body of work. When played start to finish, it just flows and the band themselves set out to do this. While I love Dyscarnate’s previous works, I find myself putting on certain tracks over playing the full album. With this release I want to play it as a body of work every time! It’s almost a concept prog release in that regard. The band themselves have said this about the album “With All Their Might is the sound of us nailing our colours to the mast in no uncertain terms,” “We’ve always worked on each new album as its own entity, and feel the whole thing needs to flow as one cohesive piece. Every song has its place on the record, but the lyrics and feel of each one reflects a signature theme’. They’ve succeeded in a big way with this too! Absolutely nailed it!!

‘Of Mouse and Mountains’ kicks off proceedings and rather than an instant hit, it suitably fades in before exploding. That’ll make sense later… The first lyric on the song is ‘welcome’, aka ‘Welcome to the party pal’ I shouldn’t need to reference where that’s from… 🙂 It becomes apparent almost straight away the new dynamic Al Llewellyn brings to the band. His vocal style really compliments Tom Whitty. A match made in Death Metal heaven here! A solid and great opener to the album! 

‘This Is Fire!’ really takes things up a notch and comes at you hard! It shifts dynamics throughout the song and has some great ‘moody’ vocals in there that really add to the song. It then fades out suitably. Great song! 

Lead single ‘Iron Strengthens Iron’ follows. Which we shall link below. In my opinion, the best song the band have released. It’s just everything I love in Death Metal all packaged into one. Dynamics, amazing drumming and the co-vocals really work off each other to absolute perfection! Full of Riffs and quite simply awesome!

 We then are treated to their second single ‘Traitors In The Palace’ which we shall also link below. This song is a lot slower in regards to tempo and highlights this bands immense talent. The lyrics are amazing! ‘Break Bread With The Heretic’ as an example. Another example of Al and Tom’s vocal diversity working off each other to absolute perfection!  The lyrics near the end, ‘Make Way For The King’, indeed! 

‘To End All Flesh Before Me’ follows the same path of incredible lyrics and amazing co-vocals. It’s also in tune with the bands body of work ideology, and suitably yet subtlety takes things up a notch. This song just gets your head banging in a subtle way without even realising. Excellent track!

‘Backbreaker’ is again full of amazing lyrics, riffs and just hits on every level. Easily one of my favourite songs on the album. 

Penultimate track ‘All The Devil’s Are Here’ is a lot faster in tempo than the previous couple of songs, but again fits perfectly into the body of work they wanted. Yet again, amazing lyrics, guitar, drums and bass with perfection in co-vocals. 

‘Nothing Seems Right’ concludes this absolute masterpiece of an album. It starts off really slow and full of atmosphere. It’s also the longest song on the album coming in at 7:44. It’s just full of atmosphere and clearly plays into the lyrical concept of this album. It holds the same slower pace throughout and fades out perfectly in unison of how the album starts.

I’m admittedly a big fan of this band, but I wasn’t prepared for this! This is absolute perfection! Not only is this one of the best albums of 2017, it’s also one of the best albums ever made! Dyscarnate have come of age with this release. 

‘The New Kings Of UK Death Metal’ are back! They have reclaimed their throne! 


Iron Strengthens Iron


Traitors In The Palace



Tom Whitty – Guitar, Vocals

Al Llewellyn – Bass, Vocals

Matt Unsworth – Drums


Available on Vinyl: UK/EU:



Unique Leader Records:


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SHADOW OF DOUBT: Texas Hardcore Outfit Releases Video For “No Mercy” Debut EP Out Now Through WAR Records



Texas hardcore powerhouse SHADOW OF DOUBT has issued a new visual accompaniment to the title track to their No Mercy debut EP, which was recently released via WAR Records.

 SHADOW OF DOUBT‘s”No Mercy” video has been premiered through Decibel Magazine, who issues, “Where can you find riffs reminiscent of the legendary New York sound while also retaining a modern hardcore sound? Texas hardcore quintet SHADOW OF DOUBT are a good place to start. Combining metallic riffs, melodic guitar solos and pit-worthy breakdowns, their first EP No Mercy made them an up-and-coming hardcore band to watch.”

No Mercy is out now through WAR Records as a four-song cassette, a ten-song CD which includes the band’s 2014 demo and the track “Deceive” which features Jose Gonzales from Mizery, and all digital platforms.

Find digital order options at iTunes HERE and Bandcamp HERE, and physical orders at the label HERE.

Featuring former members of Bitter End, Hardside, and more, SHADOW OF DOUBT combines their love for crossover, hardcore, punk, and metal, with powerful and memorable riffs reminiscent of the classic NYHC sound, resulting in the perfect soundtrack for this modern age of quarrel. No Mercycombines crushing riffs in the vein of Cro-Mags and Leeway while maintaining a modern sound reminiscent of Mizery, Take Offense, and Beautiful Ones. The four-song EP was recorded in November 2016 by Phillip Odom (Ivy League) at Bad Wolf Studios, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Integrity, Power Trip, Nails).


No Mercy 




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Introducing: State Of Anxiety

Introducing: State Of Anxiety

Formed in Kent, UK. State Of Anxiety play old school Thrash metal with a groove element. They clearly don’t take it seriously so to speak! From what I’ve heard, the musicianship displayed by these lads took years and years of practice and clearly very serious about their craft. They have that ‘not serious’ vibe throughout their music though if that makes any sense! It is Thrash metal afterall….

Back to the musicianship. For a band that just dropped their debut video a few months ago and working on a debut album, it’s far beyond what most new bands produce! Musically these lads are extremely tight and also extremely good! 

Before I speak about their debut video which shall be linked here for you to check out. The band sent me on a few demos from their forthcoming album, and I have to say it’s sounding excellent! There’s improvement in very regard that I may have had minor gripes with on their first single. Which is great as I don’t have to focus on those points now as they have already rectified them. 

That’s not to say the track I’m about to review is in any way bad! It’s far from it! I just noticed a few minor flaws here and there… 

The track itself is just over seven minutes long and at no point drags. Their influences are noticeable to see and there’s riffs etc in there you’ve heard before. None of which bothered me as it’s such a good song and a few familiar sounds only added to the song in my mind.

The Guitar and Bass are excellent, but I particularly liked the drumming in this release.  Why? It’s just solid drumming and doesn’t interfere with the overall sound. The guitar is the main sonic focus as it should be on such a song with the Bass filling in nicely with solid Thrash drumming holding it all together.  

Overall, a solid song start to finish and one I really enjoyed. Especially the cheesy lyrics. Love me some cheese!

This band are on the right track for certain and as I previously mentioned the demo stuff for the album is sounding amazing. I’ll be keeping a firm eye on this bands development.

One to watch!!



State Of Anxiety are: 

Warren Holmes – Vocals
Dio Fernandes – Lead/Rhythm
Luke Hutchinson – Rhythm/Lead 
Lukus Karslake – Bass 
Isaac Ambrose – Drums









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