Pavilion Light The Torch With New Video and Single ‘Hellfire’

Brisbane’s Hard Rock/Metal newcomer legends Pavilion are today announcing the imminent and explosive arrival of their brand new single ‘HELLFIRE’!  The four-piece outfit are unleashing the single into digital stores and streaming platforms this Friday July 12 and will be available on Friday at In the meantime, they are unveiling their filmclip for their debut track!

The videoclip was filmed in South-East Queensland’s hinterland and was shot and edited by Third Eye Visuals, who are also responsible for filmclips for tracks from Parkway Drive and In Hearts Wake, as well as promo videos for TapestryJustice for the Damned and more. The outfit perform the hard-out track surrounded and seemingly engulfed by fire.

At the end of 2018, Pavilion recorded this track among others yet to be released at Arcadia Recording Studios in Eaton’s Hill with engineer Gareth Hargreaves.

Vocalist Peter Muldoon mused on the meaning and themes of the fiery track. “This song explores the guilt and remorse associated with one’s actions through the adoption of heaven and hell. The ideology that sins must be paid for illustrates certain and familiar imagery for the listener.”

“The particular action in this song is left undetermined, allowing the listener to create their own version of sin and adapt the song to their own lives. Whether or not you are a believer of the afterlife, all actions have their consequences.”

Formed by vocalist and guitarist Peter Muldoon and guitarist Michael Fabricato, Pavilion take influence from heavy rock and alternative metal to create a sound of their own. Their structured combination of riffs, solos, melodies and drops creates a unique style that enables them to engage with a variety of audienc

Directed & Produced by Third Eye Visuals
Twitter: http://twitter/com/pavilionau

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