Peasant To A King Announce Galway Headline Show/New Single ‘Selfish’

Midlands/Galway based Peasant To A King have announced their first Galway headline show on November 22nd and that their new single ‘Selfish’ is set to drop on the same day via Slam Worldwide.

Having heard ‘Selfish’ myself, it’s a big departure in their sound. Gone is the Deathcore of old and now moving towards slamming brutal death metal. Without doubt this is their strongest track to date and they are now finding their own sound/vision for the band.

They released this statement.

“Everyone wants to help, but you can help yourself. Walked this path a thousand times, still you are the same.”

We’re so excited to show you guys this song. So here’s a clip of it, accompanied by some words from Ben about “Selfish”.

“Selfish is an accumulation of self hatred and arrogance. This song is self-criticism. Something we should all be doing is looking at our negative attributes and calling ourselves out. We are all capable of being bad people But we are also all capable being wonderful, healthy individuals. And if we don’t identify and work through our toxic traits then we will never be the best we can be.

This song is a callout. To myself. To you. To your teachers. Your parents. To your dealer. Your friends. Stop being a cunt and just crack on. Remind yourself to be more considerate of others💜”

“Selfish” to be released via SLAM WORLDWIDE on November 22. Available everywhere on the same day.

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Instagram – @peasanttoakingofficial
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Catch them at Iron Mountain Metal Festival 2020.

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