Pethrophile Promotions In Cooperation With ‘MammothFest’ Will Be Running A Competition In Which The Winner Goes Onto Play The Festival



Cork based Pethrophile Promotions have now announced their new partnership with MammothFest which is based in Brighton, UK. 

From March – May they shall have a battle of the bands competition where the winner goes onto play MammothFest. There shall be ten additional competitions in the UK as the festival starts moving towards major grassroots growth/promotion and taking it to the next level. 

The eleven bands shall then go into competition at the festival itself where the best band shall be chosen. 

Each event in Cork shall have a designated headline act each night along with the competition itself. 

There shall be four heats in which four bands go into competition. Two semi final nights and the final itself. 


They released this statement! 

Hello our fellow metalheads! Happy New Year, and we hope ye all had a great night!

We are starting 2018 with big news!

In cooperation with Mammothfest, we will be running a competition to find the best Irish metal band, who will then get to play the fest in October 2018!

10 promoters from UK will be doing the same, so we will have altogether 11 amazing bands sent off to play Mammothfest where the best band will be decided after they all play the festival!

First four heats, and semi finals will take place in An Spailpin Fanach, and the finals will be held at The Poor Relation.

In order to apply you will need to visit our website and let us know why you should win, and submit a copy of your EPK or links to your music online.
But be quick, the closing date is 13/01/2018!

We will be taking entries based on quality , so it is not a first come first served basis. We are limited to 16 spots however it may expand depending on the quality of the entries. So enter if you believe you can win!


Our sponsorship will be from
Holy Cow Tattoo Eire
They are an integral part of the irish and international tattoo scene and have been very supportive of our project , we would advise you to check them out right away !!

Diy music fanatic Jamie Coughlan has always been a massive support for us , both with guidance and exposure , you might even see him on the judges panel !

Irish Metal Archive:
The Irish Metal Archive is a non-profit, DIY operation started in 2010, set up to help promote and preserve the Irish Metal Scene. The aim is to catalog and preserve everything related to Irish rock and metal from it’s earliest roots to present day.

For more information on Mammothfest please visit:  


Heat 1 shall take place on 02/03  

Heat 2 shall take place on 16/03  

Heat 3 shall take place on 31/03 

Heat 4 shall take place on 14/04 

The first Semi Final shall take place on 28/04 which shall feature The winner and runner up from the first two heats. 

The second semi final shall take place on 12/05 which shall feature the winner and runner up from the third/fourth heat. 

All six events shall take place in An Spailpin Fanach. The first four heats are €7 admission. The two semi finals €10 admission. 

The final then takes place on 26/05  in The Poor Relation with the winners and runner up from both semi finals going into battle for a slot at MammothFest 2018. 


Great news for the people of Cork and surrounding areas and of course the Irish scene. Another great opportunity for Irish bands to spread their name internationally! 




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