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Belfast based Donum Dei who’s name name means ‘Gift From God’ in Latin were formed in November 2011 by brothers Thomas and Alastair Marshall. In 2014 they took it up a notch with their complete line up. Appearing in the Dublin based Metal To The Masses competition as an example. They were a very good band for their age at the time and showed signs of promise.

They then dropped their debut EP ‘Justice Fails’ in 2015. Which was heavily influenced by Metallica. It was a very good EP, but I just couldn’t get Metallica songs out of my head while listening to it. It had so many similar riffs etc. As a young band at the time I forgave them as they were still learning their trade and young bands generally wear their influences on their sleeve. 

They released their lead single for this album ‘Murder and Mayhem’ on December 31st last year to wet the palates of the public. It actually knocked me back at the time! Who was this? Clearly it was Donum Dei, but I didn’t expect this! I had heard people from Belfast hyping them, but I had no idea they had made such a jump. Gone were the Metallica inspired songs and Hetfield style vocals. In their place, we had now and an excellent song that sounded like its own entity while Thomas spat out rasping vocals with death metal style growls in there. I was interested! 

Now after listening to the full album I can say with all honesty, this band have came of age with this release. It’s just staggeringly good from start to finish. It’s still Thrash metal, but there’s other influences in there also that really add to the bands new direction. Like UK based Divine Chaos they have stuck to the Thrash formula but made slight adjustments here and there to keep it interesting. 

Musically this band were always good, but they’ve really stepped it up on this release. They took all that they had and took it up to ten! A phenomenal improvement form their last release.  

I’ve included their previously released  ‘Murder and Mayhem’ here for you to check out. If you like the sound of this? I’m fairly sure you will really like the album.  

I’m also very much looking forward to checking them out live next month in Galway. This material is so strong and anyone I know that has listened to this in advance speaks very highly of it. 

This is going to be on my best of Irish releases list next December. No doubt about it!! 








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