Review: Magnetic Monopole Self-titled Debut is Groovy with Doomsday Atmosphere

Magnetic Monopole is a Mayo-based metal band playing slower and heavier metal, melodic yet inviting the doomsday feeling all the way through – groovy metal that sounds too good for gloomy days.

Magnetic Monopole released their debut, self-titled EP Magnetic Monopole, on Friday 6th November 2020, enlisting four tracks that sounds way too good for gloomy days. The EP is available on digital and CD from Magnetic Monopole Bandcamp page[1]

The EP is opened by the catchy riffs and melody of Flashback. Spite as the next track introduces a heavy bassline followed by pick scrapping guitar sound that welcomes a steady drum laying the ground for the guitar pair to fill a darker ambiance. While Spite is a personal favorite, the next two are just as good if not better.

The third track No Place To Go official video [2] premiered on the 3rd November, featuring vintage style video of nature, human and evolution clips. The song encapsulates a tamed aggression in a beautiful sounding doomsday atmosphere and a harmonious vocal towards the end. Lastly, the faster and tightly rhythmed Downpour closed with a shiny guitar solo and a midway slow down, that reminds you of the old school thrash breakdown. All the four tracks are equally heavy but uniquely stand out to their own premise.

Magnetic Monopole played their first gig in October 2019 after forming earlier the same year by Ismael (guitar/vocal), Sid (bass/backing vocal) and Conor (drum) situated near the border of Mayo and Sligo. Having spent years playing heavy music in Ireland with their other bands Ballina’s hard rock and punk Tension Head and Shithatt respectively, the three pieces found their new sound under the name Magnetic Monopole.

The recording and mixing of this EP was done by Conor Hickey and took place in Ballina Punx HQ between Ireland’s lockdown period in 2020. The mastering is done by Julian Lynagh. Ballina based label Wahshtuff Records released the EP and there are bonus live tracks available only on the CD that uses mostly recycled materials for its cover and sleeve and they are made by hand.

Magnetic Monopole offers melodic, doomsday groovy metal that is good for any day. Alongside Mayo’s metal bands like On Pain Of Death, Reborn and Tension Head, Magnetic Monopole adds to heavy noises for Irish metal scene. 

Contributor: Nadia Meuthia (@nadia.meuthia)


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